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  1. And you. I think it's gonna be close.
  2. Blilliant Idea, to use a bust and bury it in snow. Never seen anything like that. Now I am really excited to find out who of us can harvest the frozen banana. Since you are asking for critique, I recommend to fix the rubbed off black paint on the plinth. Aside from that, I dont know what could be improved.
  3. Could not get enough of water effects ? This Is brilliant. True Art
  4. The Snowpocalypse is ready to be come. The Arcane Effigy is just about to finish the Conjuration. What follows is too Intense to be displayed...
  5. Even if you are NOT eliminated, you can post anything that you want. You have to live with the consequences, though.
  6. But a pirate flag in the middle of a snow storm !
  7. Joe Cool


    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting ! But really, no one likes drooling monsters
  8. Damn. No matter what mini I take for the next project, you would recognize it as a pirate .
  9. You think, using a Space Marine would have improved the diorama ? Yes, I was using a Miniature from a pirate game. But what makes him a pirate in your eyes ? The hat ? The wooden leg ? The cutlass ? The eye patch ? The monkey on his shoulder ?
  10. Glad you noticed. I was not sure if the van Gogh reference was clear enough. That poor guy suffered from Murphy a lot.
  11. Incredible, what you can do in just one day !
  12. Very nice. I see you returned to round 1 for OSL. Good Idea to have a wall between him and the TNT. Was wondering bout this in your WIP. The sack now explains what this guy is doing on the surface. Let's see, how the Judges vote our duel. Good Luck to ... well ... both of us ! And no matter what the result will be, it was a pleasure dueling with you.
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