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  1. A pirate is never afraid ... oops ... i accidently revealed his true nature
  2. Seems, I was successful with my 'Summoning the Storm' diorama. Currently there is a Storm raging over central Europe. But the Snow somehow got lost over North America.
  3. Here's my compilation. Sorry it's blurry. But it is just meant for an overview anyway.
  4. Blilliant Idea, to use a bust and bury it in snow. Never seen anything like that. Now I am really excited to find out who of us can harvest the frozen banana. Since you are asking for critique, I recommend to fix the rubbed off black paint on the plinth. Aside from that, I dont know what could be improved.
  5. Could not get enough of water effects ? This Is brilliant. True Art
  6. All right ... it's on the air ... Conjuring the Storm ... Now I am going to relax and have a drink. 5 rounds of Iron Painter finished ... phew
  7. The Snowpocalypse is ready to be come. The Arcane Effigy is just about to finish the Conjuration. What follows is too Intense to be displayed...
  8. Yeah, and they are stealing your Chtulhu Monster with a conjuring circle.
  9. @Demonn Agram I am really impressed ! Wait, I'm your opponent ... I'm scared ! Time to show, what I have. After the fog of my first Picture cleared, I found this ...
  10. Dont start hoping I won't finish . I am all right. Took me just 2 days. If anyone has similar problems, try the gel version. It's less intense than the liquid one.
  11. I got the symptoms of flu at the start of round 5 but realized, that I was sniffing too intensely on superglue. Seems I am getting very sensitive on that. I have to find an alternative for it .
  12. Hope, you did not use the glass powder flavor. Digesting it could result in severe stomach issues
  13. I am far beyond that point ... I just broke one of my finished Minis into pieces
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