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Found 9 results

  1. I think we are a lot who regret the old "emissary item" for focus on they're team... particulary in this edition who focus on team ^^ I think in M3e dev team really don't wan't too many item... but when i see the design for the item in the core rule book i'm sure they're is an easy solution for give our little guy some afnity with keywords... because they're a lot of space on them... In only one item, for both models... more over i try the exercise on Aracanist faction (because she's the one i know better ^^) and it's very easy to find coherence and balanced synergy ^^ because of the M3e faction style -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARCANIST cost 1SS This model gains one of this Ability depending of the keyword of his leader : Academic: he gain the ELEMENTAL keyword Chimera: he gain the BEAST keywords December : gain the ability: Frozen Conduit: This model may be treated as an Ice Pillar Marker for the purposes of the Ice Mirror Ability. Wildfire: gain the ability: Df/Wp () Ignite: After resolving, the Attacking model gains Burning +1. Foundry: gain the ability: Ride the Rails: If this model is within 1" of a Scrap Marker when it takes the Walk Action, instead of moving normally, it may place itself into base contact with another Scrap Marker within 12" (even if this model is engaged). Ms&u: gain the ability: Unionized: While within 3 of another model with this Ability, this model receives a to its Df and Wp duels. Performer: gain the ability: Don't Mind Me: This model may take the Interact Action while engaged or if has taken the Disengage Action. Machina: gain the ability: Creative Salvage: Enemy models Killed by this model place a Scrap Marker in addition to any other Markers placed -------------------------- LIMITATIONS : Restricted (Effigy, Emissary) Plentiful (2) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make a quick photoshop and with the new item cards it's easy to pull all on it on left the Core rule book exemple, on the right my exemple...
  2. From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  3. From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  4. The Snowpocalypse is ready to be come. The Arcane Effigy is just about to finish the Conjuration. What follows is too Intense to be displayed...
  5. From the album: My Painted... Stuff.

    Alright, so I'm not 100% on that lighting on his coat. I should also really go back and put some glow on the flagstone if I'm gonna do the OSL at all. But, for now, I'll let him stay until the rest of my stuff is done.
  6. Kr80gZ

    Arcane Effigy

    From the album: M&SU - Kugelfang Studios

    © Ben Krueger 2014 http://www.kugelfangstudios.com

  7. From the album: M&SU - Kugelfang Studios

    Here's my first Malifaux commission. Beautiful models that were a pleasure to paint!

    © Ben Krueger 2014 http://www.kugelfangstudios.com

  8. Think the 10T (and Collodi, etc.) will receive a new Effigy next year? Any guesses on its abilities? Any guesses on what it will look like? I'm guessing it'll have the straw hat and a weapon of the Wxu-Sju, maybe a mask.
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