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Found 8 results

  1. Can a ice dancer move through a ice pillar vertically? Like say a ice pillar was next to a HT3 building, could they use the pillar to pop on top? And also the reverse, can they use it to get off a building without falling? If they can would they have to spend movement on vertical moving (basically treating it like climbable terrain) or can it work like a elevator and pop up and down freely? also if they were to get pushed, from either my abilities or opponents, can they choose to be pushed through the pillars? Or would they have to be pushed through the pillars or would they have to stop? Last question. Wendigo’s December pawn ability. Do I get the triggers and built in suits of the ability? For example Silent one’s ice blast has a built in 6Crow and Crow trigger, if I were to copy that I know the 6 becomes a 4 but would it still have the crow suit and crow trigger? Thank you for your times.
  2. The Snowpocalypse is ready to be come. The Arcane Effigy is just about to finish the Conjuration. What follows is too Intense to be displayed...
  3. Hello. We're speaking about Ice Path from Ice Dancer model. If a model end an action touching one of these marker, the opponent can push the model up to 3" in any direction. Relevant quote: How it works in a charge? If the charging model end the charge movement touching an ice path marker, the opponent can push it away immediately or only after the first charge attack? Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Why isn't Ice Golem in every list? I love chucking things around the table. I love that it can target enemy models who get no defenses against it, plus gain Insignifigant for a turn (which is a pretty nifty way to cuddle enemy models). You can push friendlies out of combat, push allies into combat, shove models into aura or pulse range, or just add an effective 10" to the range of any shooting attack. You can even damage models simply by colliding them into each other. Beyond that, he's got solid offensive abilities if the enemy comes to him, decent armor, a few immunities, and even get's to explode when the enemy finally does kill him. He's got a good ht and base for blocking LOS too. Plus he's an Enforcer that isn't Rare. He's got very easy synergy with all of the Masters. I'm really surprised he isn't in more lists. I tend to only see him in my lists and in Raspy lists. EDIT: I keep calling Ice Golem a "He" despite no clear evidence to suggest a gender....
  5. I've been toying with making some super portable terrain for some time. My regular gaming group lives in another city and I often have to transport my gear. So I decided to make some durable terrain pieces that I can throw into a bag and a mat to add some color to the table. I wanted to make the mat very portable (I transport it in a painter's canvas roll container) and in a way so there were no natural terrain features to it. Of course I needed a theme to tie it all together and decided to make something special for one of my favorite casters: Raspy. I decided to aim for the image of a fairly solid landmass surrounded by frozen bodies of water. It's sort of a frozen coast kind of idea, but looks solid enough as to not invoke any predetermined special terrain areas. I decided not to flock the mat- it's finely textured and I wanted to avoid the ever present pool of flock that gets shaken off whenever a flocked mat gets stowed or taken out. Here's the finished product: The mat is made from regular low end painting canvas. I then applied a layer of acrylic caulk to the canvas for texture, stability and to prime the surface for the layers of paint to go on. From there I drew out my rough outline and laid down the first coats. For the mainland I went with an off white and for the frozen bodies of water, I went for a dark blue. So far, everything's pretty basic. Then I took the mix down on both areas by adding some white And then again At this point I needed to really give the mat it's "icy" feel- It still looked too much like flowing water. So with a foam brush I added white streaks bridging from the land mass out into the water areas and then repeated the outwards, keeping the direction of the brush strokes the same. I had to do maybe 4-5 coats of these streaks until I achieved a result I was happy with Once the paint was dry, I hit it with a couple coats of a clear, satin finish from an aerosol can.
  6. Hey there Everyone! Today I'm showing you my finished Ice golem. With this, I have fully painted the Rasputina crew (it was a blast to paint!); this guy was mounted over a custom made Resin base. do you like it? What do you think about it? Cheers!
  7. HI all this is my first post in the forum. I'm a new player and try to did my best with my Raspi Crew. I hope you like it NEW MODEL: Rasputina alternate Rasputina The Ice Witch The Snow Storm Ice Golem The Silent One The Essence of Power Ice Gamins The whole Crew
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