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  1. If you ever decide to do create the scene you originally wanted to do with Vladar, you have got to make sure i get to see it Also, That mini is glorious so you should paint it no matter what! Best of luck in the competition
  2. Im definitely in the DNF club this time. Last round completely ruined my motivation to paint. Best of luck to you strong willed people, im off to paint something casual and relaxing to regain a bit of my will to live
  3. Expect a picture of me mounted on a muddy base. Best of luck
  4. I just got this weird idea of mashing monsters by doing a take on how the undead would go about trick or treating in monster costumes. Ps. i wasnt even high at the time.
  5. Dirty


    I'd give it -1.67/10. Keep practising buddy
  6. Best of luck @ConqueringWyrm, your piece in round 2 was excellent. Ps, for the judges, I would love any and all feedback
  7. one of the pairing 21 images is broken
  8. This is a very nice piece to look at. The colors are very pleasant for sure. The axe looks great as does her hair. Well done sir
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