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  1. Jocepi

    Wong crew beating

    Am I the only one that wonders what the point of Wong getting glowy tokens is? He has no way to use them?!?
  2. Jocepi

    Wong crew beating

    So quick question from a new player. If alot of Whiz-Bang have blast resistance +2 doesn't that reduce the damage to 0? As the card is written the model suffers the damage and then it is reduced. So Ffzap would work and in the end the others are unscathed.
  3. I'm in as well love the concept and fluff, just want to start supporting my local store instead of wherever I can scrounge stuff and hope the player base doesn't move on while waiting.
  4. Will Wyrd be increasing it production rate? I am a new player, introduced to Malifaux by a soon to be henchmen (his app is in). But I find it frustrating that a new edtion has just launched and everything is backordered at the distributor level. My FLGS is being super supportive despite the fact that they are getting nothing out of it since everything is sold out, and players are trying to build the meta in the area but I fear it will be a flash in the pan without product support. You guys have a great game don't miss out on profits by starving the market. Not to mention FLGS promotions are missed because we can't even get the requisite amount of stock to qualify. I have spent enough online to qualify for the Spit Hog promotion but not sure if it counts and I am not supporting the FLGS that is supporting our gaming.
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