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  1. I find it funny a year ago in this very forum folks got all over me for wanting to use the app in tournaments. Now I am being told that the app is the best way to go. Also I am hearing that efforts are being made. However my local store kept us in Malifaux 2e last year. Now there is absolutely nothing 3e on hand. I repeat NOTHING. Not a book, not a faction deck, not a model. I can understand delays but nothing at all? Come on I was born at night but not last night.
  2. My son wants the faction deck for Neverborn and I want the faction deck for Outcasts. Every U.S. online retailer I go to shows out of stock.
  3. Ok that is a change from the past. I applaud that and thanks for letting me know. But where are the products. Not being able to buy the products in the U.S. makes me think that there is a problem with the company. A month late you could chalk up to various problems in the supply chain. But it has now been several months.
  4. It is almost December. My local store or the U.S. online stores seem to have the faction decks. Is this game over in the U.S. I don’t understand. Last year my local store had or could get almost any Malifaux product I wanted. Now nothing. Is this game going away? Seems odd they made using the app not tournament legal but now that is the only way to get the cards.
  5. You see with that statement you have found something. One way (in advanced ) you have a miniatures skirmish game. The othe way ( create the day of) you have a miniatures collectables game. I signed on to this game thinking it was the former. I got away from the later years ago because of the he who has the deep pockets wins. If that is what Malifaux is at its heart I am disappointed.
  6. Now you understand why I feel the way I do.
  7. Every tourney I have been in we may get the strats and schemes for the first round the night before. The next two rounds at the tourney before the round begins.
  8. That is the problem I have. I dont want to show up to a tourney and build the crew based on the strat and scenes. It takes too long. I want to show up with a built crew and play, and be at least competitive.
  9. I never found that to be a problem in the many times I have played. But I can ask Alan Moon next time I see him which should be next summer.
  10. Monopoly? Really ?!?! That is your idea of a modern board game? You might want to check out Ticket to Ride or Agricola or anything released after 1995 for that matter. Wow. The shoe. Lol
  11. Exactly my point. These changes hurt the players who don’t make a “career” of playing. I am talking about the guy who buys some minis paints them and goes to the local game store to play in a local sponsored tourney with a henchman a few times a year. Those guys buy the product too. But they usually dont have the time to rebuild often. They want to get a crew together and have a decent chance to not embarrass themselves at the tourney. I would almost guess there are more of those guys than the hard core gencon tourney guys out there. But I could be wrong. It is that guy that gets turned off by that kind of stuff and plays something else. Which hurts sales and eventually kills the product. I know you need to keep the “pro” guys happy. But hurting the “amatuer” guys can be bad for business too.
  12. While I am not versed in miniature gaming as most here, I do know a thing or two about board games. Errata sometimes yes. Even new editions. But not annually for each game like minis games. Here is my collection if curious. It is only a small collection I know compared to a lot of my friends. But I think it is enough to back up what I am saying. https://boardgamegeek.com/user/Skyjack Terry Sr.
  13. Why do minis companies make armies weaker to fix rules that should have been playtested in the first place. They should make the other armies better instead. No one wants to work on a army/crew only to get it they way they want and have it nerfed. No one minds having their army improved. It is only logical. Why do the companies not first playtest and second when mistakes are made why not improve the other armies instead. Plus they seem to do this on a yearly basis. Get the game right from the start. Learn from board game companies. They play test and get it right before release. Even if they don't they fix it in one pass. This is madness. You may argue that I am upset because I play one of the nerfed masters. Perhaps, but think about it would you like it if it happened to your favorite master. Think of the industry as a whole. It makes more sense to improve what is weak instead of making what is strong weak. Think of the time and planning with all the painting and tweaking put in by players only to have the army/crew cut back. Like I said no one likes going back to the drawing board after a nerf. But no one minds an improvement to their army/crew. I already know how this will be responded to. The national tournament elites will praise the nerf. The casual player that honed his crew will be pushed in the back ground. Asked to be silent. But I felt compelled to express my opinion. Even though I will be shouted down.
  14. I was on that facebook group until today. They made it clear my opinions are not welcome unless I am a top tournament player.
  15. Well crap, I was going to buy the box. Now there is no need.
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