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  1. Jack and the Hanged use a ton of soulstones, both for defense and their awesome attack triggers, so I always hire one or two Prospectors on my crews.
  2. This. If he has the cards in hand (which he will probably do, thanks to Kitty) he is going to delete one miniature and there is nothing you can do. Including masters.
  3. I would say Pride is almost always good, but he fits better in ranged crews where he doesn't need to move too much or expose himself to buff them with his aura. I used him with Parker (and he did really good) and are planning to try him with a Levi crew with Rusty Alice.
  4. UK national won't allow second masters, so the meta can change a lot compared to this...
  5. This argument does not make any sense... I'm talking about summoning pools, not hiring pools. Other masters can hire beaters as good or even better than ours, and also summon better minions. Really, re-summoning just 1 model worth 9 ss after it dies would be insane?? What about Dashel summoning multiple 9ss Executioners? Or Asami summoning multiple 9ss Jorogumos? Or Kirai re-summoning its 8ss Ikiryo each time she dies and also summoning a 8ss Goryo the same turn? Before making any statements about what would be too overpowered, it would be nice to at least compare it with anything other masters can do, don't you think?
  6. Hello fellow Outcasts! I want to start this thread to share my impressions about Tara and (hopefully if Wyrd pays a little atention 😜) get a little buff for her in the future. I've been playing a lot with her lately, and although it's a very fun keyword with a lot of tricks, there is a couple of things that make her a bit lackluster, at least compared to other summoner masters. The main problem is of course her very limited invocation pool. We can only summon 1 Void Hunter (with a 11) or 2 Void Wretch (with a 12). Void Hunters are ok but not really dangerous and most other summoners are more killy, having some kind of big ugly beater minion to summon with a 13, or at least more options for multi-summon. I think that making The Nothing Beast a minion or at least summonable while being an enforcer would be really helpful without being OP given that you can only have one at the time (mine always tends to die turn 2 or 3 at most). Other better option would be having new 9 ss minions to summon, and this could put Tara on pair with other summoners. The second problem I have been experiencing with the crew is Aionus. He's a 10 ss henchman that most of the time I'm using just to unbury things and generate pass tokens. Maybe I'm not using him at it's fullest but I can't help but compare him to other (cheaper) henchmen and he always seems to be lacking: Mad Dog, Rusty Alice, The First Mate... Thoughts?
  7. The butterfly jump upgrade for Neverborn is just broken. It should never have survived neither closed nor open beta, but here it is...
  8. I know, but if you wanna take advantage of his free action you want to do it it anyway. Not using it makes me feel like it's a big waste (like having only 3/4 of a master), so Wanted Criminal lets you get much more bang for your buck. Of course you have to choose very carefully where and when to send him into the fray, you don't want him next to big beaters but preferably into scheme runners (so you can steal additional Scheme Markers), or let Mad Dog and your shooty guys soften scary guys before finishing and stealing their cash with Parker 😈
  9. You are absolutely right, I didn't thought much about it when writing, just used it to reinforce the general idea of my tactic Anyway, sometimes you are just out of soulstones or get a random pot shot and flip a tome, and then it's a nice surprise
  10. I recently found my favourite way to play Parker, which is giving him Wanted Criminal, and going melee (or very short range shots) with him. Each shot with a Tome gives you an enemy scheme marker and thanks to Wanted Criminal you also draw a card. At the end of your activation you use Cashing Out to remove all scheme markers and get a card or a stone for each one. Worst case, you get several cards and get back the stones you used for tomes, but if you flip Tomes or cheat them from your hand, your net number of stones increase. Also, if you're going after enemy scheme runners, you also consume their already dropped schemes, for bigger gains. Very funny.
  11. Definitely going to try this
  12. Now that the Beta is closed, I'm wondering about the viability of dual master lists in Outcasts. In recent tournaments in my local meta, some people have been very succesful with dual builds (Seamus + McMourning, Ophelia + Som'er). Any thoughts? Any good combos that you have found?
  13. I tried Parker in two games and so far I'm pretty satisfied with him. Won both of them, one against a pretty competitive Asami list (testing the new Katashiros... she can put a lot of pressure). I have the feeling that Parker is not that bad master as people think, but his main problem is that you have to play with a lot of choices in mind (his skills, starting upgrades and the ones you can switch to), and it is very easy to forget things at key moments. I will definitely try him in the next tournament I assist in a couple weeks, and post here the results.
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