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  1. This talent does seem problematic to me. The idea that it would be a binary pass or fail means you remove some enemies from the game outright. If, as another poster suggested, it only affects a small number of the weakest adversaries, then it wouldn't be enticing enough to players. Adding a +flip to the check doesn't help, because FMCs don't flip cards (so neither do FCs in this case) they're still going to either pass or fail the check automatically. I feel like the best way to do this talent is to treat it like terrifying and have the FC flip against Wp (or maybe scrutiny). I wonder if there will be errata on this.
  2. you're absolutely right its in a callout box in the grimoire section. You don't know how long i looked for this and apparently just ignored the callout boxes. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the info. Can you point me to where it says that players can allow an effect to succeed? I have been looking through the book for it for a long while and can't find that rule. Thanks!
  4. If you target a friendly fated character with a spell like "heal" that has a wp resist, can the target voluntarily choose to fail to receive the healing or do they have to flip to resist? Does the focused condition apply the positive flip to damage and attack, or just the attack? Is the bleeding out condition, suffocating, or a coup de grace the only way to die? Since enforcers and above automatically pass unconsciousness challenges, do they keep fighting until they get the bleeding out condition or choose to run (or another critical effect knocks them out)? If that's the case, it possible for a Fated to continue fighting for a long time if someone has the mend critical magia? Thanks for the help.
  5. But theoretically I could have several grimoires at my home and change attunement for each given session to give access to different magic, is that accurate?
  6. Can I attune to a grimoire if I'm already attuned to another or do I have to wait for the attunement to fully fade before attuning to another grimoire? In other words, is there any benefit to having multiple grims?
  7. That makes sense but you'd need a ram to cast the spell (built into the TN), and another suit for a trigger. This seems really hard to do. Also, how do you add a suit with a solstice? I didnt see that option.
  8. Thanks for the reply, what talents add suits?
  9. Can someone explain spell casting to me? It appears that all spellcasting requires a suit in the TN, does this "spend" the suit so that you cannot use it also on a trigger? Also, how would it be possible to ever get a trigger for an enchanting spell other than the ram, considering I did not see a pursuit that grants a free suit to enchanting, so in order to succeed at the spell you'd need a ram for the TN, where would the other suit come from? I've been trying to figure this out all morning and I feel I must be missing something.
  10. In no particular order: Replace Runic Binding. Replace or change Public Enemies because getting 4 points from it is nearly impossible. Stop hating on Tara.
  11. When killing a model and gaining tokens for Public Enemies, do you count the cost of upgrades when determining the models cost? Do you count the +1 for out of keyword, non-versatile models?
  12. The rules for Hazardous Terrain say, "when a model moves through or resolves one of its actions while in Hazarous Terrain, it suffers the effects..." How is "moving through" defined? If a model starts it's movement in Hazardous Terrain and then moves out of it, is that considered moving through? Is that also the case of the model starts its movement with its base partially overlapping the terrain and then moves out of it? Essentially what I'm asking is, if a model moves into HT and ends it's move within the terrain, then takes its second move to move out of the terrain, does the model suffer the effects twice? Does this change at all if the model has flight? Thanks!
  13. So does this mean that if a models is in the center of a 4"x4" rooftop, and another model is in base contact (or half an inch from base contact) with the building at table level, that the model on the table can shoot the model on the rooftop with no penalties? Not even cover?
  14. I'm a new player to Malifaux and have been trying to figure out how LoS works with terrain with height. I have read and reread the LoS rules, including the rules for terrain generating a shadow, but it doesn't answer all of my questions. The Scenario: a size 2 model is standing on height 3 terrain and is within 1" of the edge of that terrain. The model draws line of sight from the terrain to a target on the table surface. According to the shadow rules, the model on the terrain ignores the first 1" of terrain for the purposes of determining LoS, so it can see and attack the lower model. However, the model on the table does not ignore that 1", and therefore cannot draw line of sight from its base to the higher targets base, so it cannot attack that model. Is that correct? Does that mean that a model on terrain with height cannot be targeted by a model below it, unless it's standing on the edge of the terrain, because that terrain's "floor" will always block LoS from base to base? Otherwise, how would you calculate this? What if the model moves back 2"? Does that change the calculation? I also have a question about effects in general. When an effect does something to a model within x", does the model generating the effect need to have LoS to the other model? For example, Viktoria Chambers has the Tactical Action "East and West" which states that "Until the End Phase, while this model is not within 6" of another friendly Viktoria Chambers, its ranged attack actions receive a plus flip to their duels." Does that ability requires LoS? What if they are within 3" horizontally of one another, but one is inside a building, or with blocking terrain between them? Thanks for the help!
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