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  1. Necro mamba-jamba voodoo. So, now we received the last faction book and what your opinion about TTB future? I would certainly like to see ten thunders expansion but i don't know about profitability of TTB for Wyrd and just worried about Malifaux RP future.
  2. I just assumed that since Incorporeal is a purely magical phenomenon, it means that it is potentially vulnerable to magic, but if a fireball = a rifle shot, then so be it.
  3. The description of Incorporeal says: "This character ignores, and is ignored by, other characters and terrain during any movement. Reduce all damage this character suffers from Ranged and Close Combat attacks by half.” Does magic deal full damage to a disembodied creature? I've looked through both the main book and the quarantine and the only thing that ignores this property is the exorcist's sanctified Weapon .
  4. A digital version of the book will be released on the same day as physical?
  5. With coming Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all, guys! I do not know how relevant this question is for TTB thread , but I will still speak out. My friends and I had an argument about the Revenant's keyword. According to the rules, he gets KW spirit, but the description says that it is a ghost, but does not have KW undead, such as The Drowned or The Hung. Is it possible to say that the character is not undead in the full sense, but only a physical manifestation of hatred or negative emotions, a distinctive urban legend?
  6. @Kyle I (FM) and my group (4 Fated) are ready for testing TTB and are waiting for your decision on our application.)
  7. I recently decided to run a TTB campaign and started with the new Days Without Accident. My players faced an minion with the following action This put me in a prostration, since Fate master character can't flip cards in any case. Or they can? I will be very grateful if you can help me with this case.
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