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  1. The Corpse Candle is the source of the Walking Dead ability and as such the Shield Bearers Funeral Pyre ability does not apply in my opinion. This also Stops Vincent dropping a ridiculous 3 pyre markers off a single Corpse Candle using Cremation.
  2. If your group plays with Dead Mans Hand allowed then Nicodem works well with the Golem. Nico is a support master anyway so it’s no hassle spending his ap on making it fast or feeding it corpse markers instead of attacking. In return he can palm hits off onto the Golem that will be close thanks to accomplice and Nico giving it +flips to df fuels and attacks.
  3. I haven’t build these myself, but from the look of the 3D renders the tassels should be swinging slightly to her left side.
  4. Another option is grab a little square of toilet paper, the decent thick kind preferably. Soak a tiny touch of watered down pva into it and let it start to stiffen. You can then fold it into the desired shape and make a little baby blanket for him. It’s tricky and messy (I’duse tweezers), but you can have him trying to hide things under it such as more knives or a little skull. Another idea is a bb pellet painted as a toy ball, or find some small cubes to stack up as building blocks. You can then write letters on them to spell out a message.
  5. Thankyou. I like the idea is using turquoise. He’s been on hold the last few days as I’ve been sleeping badly, but hopefully I’ll get back at him soon.
  6. Neither Corpse Candles or Mindless Zombies can count for Research Mission as Walking Dead only allows them to count as corpse markers for friendly actions or abilities.
  7. The forearms are reach 0” for sure 😝
  8. Iggy can generate his own outside of a Kaeris crew. Unlikely, but possible.
  9. A little bit of progress today. Trying to keep the colors softer on the ‘fleshy’ areas and sharper higher contrast on the built up angular parts.
  10. So Snowstorm will come later (waiting for milliput to dry before priming), this will be a wip long for my Cult of December models. First up is the big boy, the Ice Golem. Not a lot of progress so far, but you can tell the direction it’s headed in. Going really slowly as this is one of the most intimidating models I’ve painted having never needed to paint ice before. It’s a bit of an experimental learning progress using just white acrylic, peat brown ink and blue ink over a blue grey acrylic basecoat. Excuse the rough white dry brush and messy brown wash they were just thrown on to help me see what I was working on.
  11. The risk I see in making end of game only apply at end of turn 5 is that it will encourage purposeful slow play by some people once they have a good lead early game, as it can prevent the opposition from pulling ahead in vps if they cannot score the end of game points. Eg. If Player A is at 4 be end of turn 3 (2 strat points and 2 reveled schemes) and Player B is at 0, then if the game ends early the maximum VP that Player B can achieve is 3 (1 strategy point and 2 revealed schemes). There are multiple ways that this kind of situation can occur, but simply it gives an unscrupulous player the option to lock out 2 of an opponents possible VP through purposeful time wasting. And there are unfortunately people that will do this. Quite a few tournament set ups I’ve seen use a fixed masters pool (usually two) submitted by the players prior to game 1. Although at first glance it can seem to be a way of reducing the time spent on crew construction, it also dramatically reduces the number of models within a faction that players need to be familiar with using (yes ook is a thing, but very few are viable options for every master). Increased knowledge of a models capabilities reduces decision paralysis and thus speeds play. If time running over is a constant problem then make it fixed master, even fixed crew, for the event. It will result in some massively skewed matchups, but the play speed is increased as the player only needs to be practiced with about a dozen models. Personally I think that this is a terrible idea (fixed master/crew. I like the limited pool of 2 variant), but if we’re ripping apart game mechanics let’s ruin crew building too. The number of turns does not need to shorten, players just need to be able to perform within a reasonable time limit. May I suggest chess clocks. Each player has half of the total game time available to them. So in a 2 hour game each is allocated 1 hour total. You play at the speed you choose, but once your allocated time is gone for the game you may make no more activations. You may not cheat in opposed duels and may not declare triggers or take out of activation actions. Simply put your models sit there and do absolutely nothing. Auras and passives are still in effect as long as they do not cause you to adjust position of your models or force actions. I realize this can increase the value of pass tokens as a player short on time can burn them to save their remaining time for an end of game rush, but this isn’t too different from how they can be used anyway. This does not lock out certain large sized crew builds or mass summoning, you should be practiced enough with such crews to play them within a games time limit beforehand as otherwise in a standard shared time game you’re just draining the opponents play time and unfairly forcing them to play at a faster pace to see the game to conclusion. Play speed is a skill. Games are a competition of skill. If an opponent can play faster then they are of a higher skill. They did not cheese the game or rob you by finishing within their allocated time limit, they merely managed that resource (limited time) to a higher skill than you did. Malifaux is a game of resource management and they who spend them to the greater gain win.
  12. Third Floor Wars have a video on YouTube about how you construct a crew and another of tips for your control hand in game. Between their blog and channel they briefly introduce most of the crews. The suggested purchase lists in their blog are outdated as a lot of the suggested 2e boxes are now in 3e combo boxes so I’d be wary of buying any suggested 2e sets. If you bought your Kaeris crew back in 2e you’ll need to either track down an Arcanist faction box, download and print them yourself from the Wyrd website, or get the print on demand ones. All the 3e boxes come with the correct cards, and if you’re lucky then your lgs will have them for any 2e boxes they have left in stock. The Crew Builder app is a viable alternative. You’ll need tokens for various in game effects. A quick google of ‘printable Malifaux tokens’ will bring up some you can download and print if you don’t want to buy acrylic or similar just yet.
  13. I’m quite new to Malifaux, but Nurses are something I’d consider ook and definitely be taking alongside McMourning. They are a reliable little buff machine with Tools for the Job so can almost always quick action the right buffs. If you can’t get the one you really want then the baked in crow means at worst you’re getting a heal and two more poison pumped into something that benifits from it. Heals, focus generation, pushes, even shielded. What’s not to love, and that is just their quick action. Offensively they can swap focus for distracted, have a situational obey, and if find themselves stuck in melee range can punish those with the audacity to get so close by stunning and pushing them away. Specifically with the Doc I don’t see much direct interaction except giving him a focus before he goes of sawing skulls, but the nurses amplify what the crew already brings along as well as keeping them in the fight for longer. That said I could see myself charging a nurse into a priority target that had nasty defense triggers to stun them and shut it down before dog piling into it (Toni hates losing her trigger, though she’ll still mince anything next to her if she survives). If McMourning starts summoning Flesh Constructs then Nurses have the condition removal to get rid of the slow they come on with. I’m currently working on. Red Chapel crew and a DMH Nico one, but seriously considering dropping a nurse into both. Especially into Red Chapel to focus up Seamus before his teleporting boomstick shenanigans.
  14. It’s released in two days time. Wayland are taking pre-orders if you’re Europe based. (I wouldn’t want to pay shipping any further afield personally)
  15. Add the Dead Doxies to the list. Lining up the fingers on one of the heads was bad enough, but oh god that separate top hat.
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