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  1. Dorian, Nico and me will sit together at the weekend and let you know about food and drinks. Sorry, we all had a busy time. Also how much will the painting requirement be enforced?
  2. Ladies and Gents, we have our second tournament at the Fantasy Kolosseum Heidelberg! On the 20th of Octobre I am inviting you to: 50 Stones Fixed Factions 3 rounds of Gaining Grounds 2018 Please find further informations and the check-in here: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=22726
  3. You guys are totally right. Completely missed the last sentence.
  4. Why should it help? You can only chose one model for the Disengaging Strike, right?
  5. I am not saying that is the reason why Wyrd did change the format. And of course there are even more severe disabilities which stop people from playing the game. All I am saying is that I think it is a good thing for people who struggled with the current text size and for me it is not that big of an impact to really get upset about. Just trying to get some positivity through.
  6. Maybe I did not make it clear: For my buddy there is no way putting on glasses to increase his eyesight. For me this is a big step to inclusion and I fully support it even if it means I have to get new sleeves and a way to get the stuff sorted.
  7. I understand your displease as I am one of those sleeve'n binder guys as well but: There are people who suffer from bad eyesight and one guy in my community actually is not able to play the game because the text is so small. The app helped but he - as well as me - prefers to play with phsyical cards. Sorry to say but I completetly disagree with your view.
  8. Yeah we are hyped already too. I am so glad the tournament filled up so quickly. Thanks for being awesome!
  9. The preregistration has started! https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=21819 To complete your registration please transfer the starting fee to our account (will be announced soon per e-mail to all the preregistered people).
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, we would like to officially announce the German Masters 2018. It will be held at the clubhome of AdArma in Hassloch, Germany. We aim to continue the great work of our fellow Henchman WarmasterOJB who organized this tournament in the past (thanks a lot for that!) and we strife to hold this legacy up high. Wyrd has also announced to support this event! Also thanks for that! Hard facts first: When? 22nd/23rd of September Where? Clubhome of AdArma in Hassloch, Germany How many? At the moment we are planning to host 40+ players How much? 30,- € per player (might change a bit when we figured some things out) Why? Do you really need a reason besides playing Malifaux for a whole weekend? Alright, we got you covered with several goodies and the chance to become the German Master! At the moment we are taking care of collecting enough terrain to avoid empty tables or unpainted houses and fences. We will provide gamingmats with all the required lines for various deployment zones and so on printed on them. We have some beautiful terrain already finished for you (pictures coming soon) and are working on building some more for this special event. Another friendly club, the Tabletop Verein Worms will be supporting us in that case. Rules: Gaining Grounds 2018 50 Soulstones per crew fixed faction, free masters no painting requirements, models need to be fully assembled terrain will be placed by the TO's and may only be changed by them if it is required Entry fee: 30,- € (does not include catering) Schedule: 22.09.2018 09.00 - opening of the venue, registration 09.45 - greeting 10.00 - round 1 12.30 - lunch break 13.30 - round 2 16.00 - round 3 18.30 - round 4 21.00 - end of day 1 23.09.2018 09.00 - opening of the venue 10.00 - round 5 12.30 - lunch break 13.30 - round 6 16.00 - quiz 17.00 - results and prize give-away Accomodation: There are some hotels and hostels nearby. You can find some options here: https://www.booking.com/searchresults.de.html?aid=301584;label=hassloch-n6XfltDDBar2Z053LU29xwS213444604939%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap12%3Ap2260.000%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-6520964863%3Alp9068193%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=a8534d62f4d9707c890d96de8090a5b2;city=-1787423;hyb_red=1;keep_landing=1;redirected=1;redirected_from_city=1;source=city;src=city&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItrm845Tb2gIVwtmyCh3AgA2gEAAYASAAEgIBCvD_BwE& There is also the opportunity to sleep directly at the venue (you have to bring a sleeping bag or something like that – bad boys sleep on the floor!) We will inform you about further options. Prizepool: Of course we want to crown the German Master but also we appreciate every other player as much. That is why we have a special goody-bag prepared for you! What's in it? Of course this will be a surprise. I can tell only so much that we have an extra team of people currently working on this stuff. We also want to test your knowledge about Malifaux with a little quiz and honor the best painted crew as well. So basically we are throwing prizes at you all the time. Some of them will also be raffled and maybe there is a wooden spoon involved. Foods and drinks: We are currently in the process of communicating with local restaurants and check other options. There will be food, rest assured! Beverages can be bought directly at the tournament for a small price. There is also a supermarket a few minutes away. The last thing to say is that we hope you are as excited as we are! We want to give something back and grow the community. Please tell your friends, uncles and guinea pigs about this event and make it happen! We hope this will be an unforgetable event for all of us and we have a great weekend together. If you have any questions please do not hesitate asking them! Further informations will be posted here. - Chris (@waffls) and Marc (@Grotnob) PS: Updates will be posted in this thread! PPS: Regristration via T3 coming soon!
  11. Hey there! I just wanted to share my painting progression with you guys. I am happy for any critique you might have as I always try to improve as a painter - though I won't go back and work on old paintjobs again most likely as I am preparing for the UK Nationals and need to paint a lot of stuff till then. Here is what I did this year so far:
  12. 3 tickets bought for Christian Schmertmann Nico Edl Dorian Jürgens
  13. Hey there! Finally another tournament will be held at the Fantasy Kolosseum! Yay! When? 5th of May 2018 Where? Fantasy Kolosseum Heidelberg 50 SS, 4 rounds (3 if there are less than 16 players), one faction, all the masters. Please register via https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=21419
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