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  1. Skylifter-1000

    Do you keep custom base theme per crew or per type?

    I also started doing one basing scheme for the whole faction, but by now I have moved to different bases for different crews. Depending on which crew I think the model really 'belongs to', I base them accordingly. Maybe I'll split a few of the boxes of 3 models between basing styles.
  2. Okay, so here's the example in question: If Merris Lacroix dies during the upkeep due to poison, she gives all models around her burning. Does that burning also resolve immediately, since it is still the end phase, or will that only resolve next turn?
  3. Skylifter-1000

    Seamus vs Reva

    I'd go for Reva any time. Seamus is really cool, I love his fluff and all, and his tricks are neat (I haven't tried the new upgrades much yet, though), but Reva just kills stuff. As for Reva being harder to learn, I don't think that's the case. Just keep in mind that she has a charge threat range of 13 inch that you will never, ever want to use because Reva stays as far back as the mission allows. 18 inches is a lot. And I suggest if you get Reva, get the Bete Noire, too. Because that means with her Guises of Death upgrade, you'll be in your opponent's face on turn 1, and when he kills Bete (which he will), you just need that 10 in hand so she goes back to being buried. This also makes it easier to keep the enemy away from Reva and too occupied to do mission objectives.
  4. Skylifter-1000

    Reva, where to start for purchases

    Right, so I played her in a 35 SS tournament yesterday, and in two of the games used this crew: Reva, Guises of Death, Riders in the Sky, 5 SS Carrion Emissary, Carrion Conflux Dead Rider, My Little Helper Shikome Guild Autopsy Worked pretty well, the Emissary, Autopsy and Shikome are kind of their own team but also provide a Zombie per turn for Reva to cast through, the Dead Rider holds back for turns 1 & 2 (though I just used MLH on turn 2 and went forward), and Reva just kills things. In the second game, she didn't even spend a single AP (nor a 0) on movement. Ended the game right where she started.
  5. Skylifter-1000

    Philip and the Nanny

    I only tried that once yet, but didn't get more out of it than the protection - but I'll probably use that more frequently, as even then it is still good.
  6. Skylifter-1000

    Every faction need its strenghts and weaknesses

    Yeah, I remember that one game, too, where it felt like the newest book was always the best... can't quite recollect the name I'm afraid... something about a tool of some kind... nah. Just cannot put my finger on it.
  7. Skylifter-1000

    Every faction need its strenghts and weaknesses

    I think the difficulty is in creating models that are exactly the same power level. That would probably create sales, but I think it is pretty hard to achieve. Malifaux has an okay internal balance, I think, much better than some other games, but there are still obvious power level differences.
  8. Skylifter-1000

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    This is all I see, too. Edit: Solved it, I told Ghostery to trust this website, then I could see it. So if you use Ghostery, do that, otherwise check any other addblockers you may be using.
  9. Skylifter-1000

    Philip and the Nanny

    Get her box and play the metal Molly as Spirit Molly and the plastic Molly as Horror Molly (like on the summoning cards...)
  10. Skylifter-1000

    Damge reduction vs. damage prevention

    But "prevented" wouldn't include damage reduction...
  11. Skylifter-1000

    Philip and the Nanny

    I think the point sakurazuka38 is making is that the Doxy needs to be moved before her target. But you can still just keep her 3 inches form Philip, drop scheme marker, move her almost in base contact, move philip forward diagonally so he is exactly 6 inches from the first scheme marker, then drop the second scheme marker. Right? I'll have to actually practice that on a table.
  12. Skylifter-1000

    Philip and the Nanny

    It's good with Molly, though, since she can make him take a (1) and his Manipulative will stay on until he activates. And a Doxy can push him into position.
  13. Skylifter-1000

    Philip and the Nanny

    And that's what I was thinking when I wrote my comments further up - that maybe I'd use a Necropunk for the two markers, and then Philip would just sit there and nom them for 1 AP each, so that Necropunk would have moved their 6" leap but would have to stay within 6" of the immobile Philip for next turn's cards. And that sounded pretty terrible, even in a game like Ours. Now with that Doxy, I can absolutely see the use of it, as Philip moves quite a good bit with that (and the Doxy, too, at least on turn two). Still situationally useful, but useful.