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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I'm a relatively inexperienced player, however, I do manage to get some casual games in fairly often. One of the masters I enjoy playing the most is Wong. There's nothing quite like flinging some Fast models with essentially free suits and some amazing mobility options with the pigapult. However, I've noticed that on several podcasts and online in general that Wong is considered to be a subpar, if not a completely unplayable master. I'm curious to hear people's opinions as to why this may be. In other words, why do so many people see Wong as weak when he can do some potentially powerful things, especially as a support master? Thanks for all the replies!
  2. I just want to share with you some thoughts and opinions we recently had. So, currently we got into some discussions in our community and had the feeling that something was just changing in the development department at wyrd. We saw the intentions on every faction and what their strenghts, but also what their general weaknesses were. For example Arcanists got much armor, gremlins cheap models and many AP to work with but pretty weak, neverborn have many casts and evil slaughtery models, etc. The masters in that specific faction included different playstyles, the option to switch something up and play a bit different. Marcus e.g. just was an outstanding master and didn`t follow the usual rules for arcanists. And then, all of a sudden this changed in a weird fashion. Suddenly Sandeep appeared, a supporting master, that is also good hitting things, while also being able to summon minions in. He was one of the first masters you had the feeling, is capable of doing everything very well! He was hated among many and feared in tournaments. And there was confusion, where is weakneses are. Whie it just takes some time to find the weakness of a master, it was hard to find one for him. Then the new upgrades arrived with new models along. While many upgrades opened a different playstyle or made certain masters finally to their job as intended, some others just got the nuts and went crazy. Nowaydays, we were discussing if the kentauroi were changing the ressurs in a way they should not change at all. Ressers in general normally need corpsemarkers to do something very good and that is totally fine, because they did something for it or sacrificed some health. Another weakness on the other hand was mobility. Except for necropunks, ressers are slow! All of a sudden there was a model, that was summonable, and filled multiple holes in the bucket of ressers. They carry guys around, which opens up even more AP for resser, they normally have plenty of, because they got many summons. They have a HUGE charge range and attack range and the option to charge out of engagements and combine that into one minion. Was this inclusion really healthy for the game? I don`t think so, because ressers just had an insanely good minion, that filled thos gaps at once! So, we tried it out and we nearly always experienced the same over and over again. For nearly everything (except lucky Alpha and it HAD to be LUCKY!) Nicodem got the answer just around the corner. That was an interesting observation and we asked ourselves: "Is that the way it`s gonna be? Will all factions just get models that will fill the gaps in every faction?" That would be pretty boring after a while and i think would just flatten out the interesting differences between the factions. A perfect example for a master that can do alot, but not too much to be all balanced out for example is Zipp. He is fast, he is controlling, but he has no opportunity to interact and that is great! He has a very obvious disadvantage and people use that against him with succes. That is a very good way to balane things out. So, i would like to know from you guys: - Do you share our concerns to flaten out the anti-symmetric playstyle and make it kind of boring with filling the cracks each faction has? - Did you observer similar or maybe opposite things like that? - What do you think should be checked before releasing different new models? Maybe it is possible to fill a gap for a faction with new upgrades/models, but that should COST! It should costs a lot in any imaginable way, however that turns out. I am very interested in your experiences and opinions :). See you in the Bayou!
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