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  1. Wouldn’t you like to see some magic? No smoke, no mirrors, no cheap tricks! Just silently say the magical words and behold! A creatures appears, straight out of Nowhere! And one more. And more, more, more… It would be a good time to run. Too bad time is meaningless for them.
  2. Finally submitted. Okay, lesson learned: do not try, plan or hope to make ANY sort of diorama when you have to work overtime and leave the city for a while. (Also do not take photos at night, but this, as usual, can’t be helped…) A too rushed and sloppy work, which does not look as good as intended. Still, it is dirty. And I really glad I managed to do at least something in time.
  3. Bringing guns to the sword duel is surely dirty. Bringing Hans with his sniper rifle is even worse. Still the dirtiest trick is to bring along a personal resurrectionist…
  4. Thank you! Working with those sheets was really easy, as this particular brand is very thin and extra-shiny. I tried couple of other options, but they either get deformed and loose reflective surface, or crumble and cover all miniature details... So it's all about experimenting and searching, I guess.
  5. Why not mash together a tyrant named Nytemare with Alucard, my favorite monsters with so many faces?
  6. The look on her face is priceless! Also love the details and color scheme on the garment.
  7. The lighting, realism, the keys... It's all-round amazing!
  8. Thank you, Ayvran! The pigment I used for wings is a Prismatic Pothal - Scales of Flaming Lizard by Tammy Tanuka. It's basically a thin metallic flakes with extreme prismatic effect.
  9. Arclight

    Kiss of the Fairy Queen - Arclight

    Titania had been waiting for her turn to be painted for almost year and a half. With limit one miniature on 30mm base, she was my first choice, with only a brief consideration of the Alt Titania. So, the plan was to paint beautiful pale undead fairy in plain white dress, as close to the default art as possible... What could possibly go wrong?
  10. Finally done and uploaded! And once again, the most difficult part is to take pictures of the final result. This time my camera actually died in the process, so half of the final pictures are from the cellphone.
  11. "...fairy queen Lifts her sad eye to heaven’s foreboding scene. From her pale cheek the withering roses fell, While bath'd in tears she stood, and saw, and read. She calls her elves with mournful accent dread, To view what ills malignant fates design, And how in aspećt dire the stars combine..." from Oberon, poem by Christoph Martin Wieland
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