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    My understanding under the new M3E terrain rules is that because the pillars are blocking they cast a shadow and indeed grant cover. The annoying thing about this of course is that the opponent standing in that sweetspot of outside of 1" but inside the sahow of 3" uses the pillars against your projectile shot. This is of course unless the pillar itself is within 8" for ice mirror, but not is more often the case. I did find in my game that the opponent simply discarded a card to avoid slow whenever it mattered. Which is fine i guess as there's other ways to hand out slow. My issue with Ice Pillars is the interaction with Demolitionist. If both abilities occur "at the start" of the models activation, then the controlling model can choose to blow the pillar before taking the slow penalty. This could be addressed by changing the wording on Rasputina's card to be "when a model activates within 1"Aura..." to get around the timing issuse. I think if slow effect was handed out as a hazardous terrain trait instead, there'd be a bunch of models that ignore them and this would be a worse problem Rasputina's board control space is somewhat similar to Kaeris and all those pyre markers. Raspy is half way between Kaeris and Sonia (but yeh, that's a simplification). Sonia does have a lot going for her I'd have to agree. Shielded seems and Counterspell together seem a bit much. Do I have it right that these pyre markers don't disapear at the end phase of each turn and they're also not demolish-able? Can many enemy models remove pyre markers?
  2. I thought perhaps the medical automaton should be versatile. A bunch of the effects on the card support living models... which aren't super prevalent in a Hoffman crew i would have thought. Also maybe essence of power. I kinda feel that Soulstone Cache as an upgrade for 2ss is always a better pick than paying 4 + merc tax anywhere else. Would be curios to hear people's pro-EoP stance tabletop experiences. I feel the EoP should at least have a demise ability.
  3. Specky


    On another note, I just noticed the Silent One doesn't have a melee attack. Lol - this is fun. Do I understand that they cannot use Ice Mirror to cast out through an ice pilar if they're engaged because of projectile? I guess you really need SnowStorm's shockwave to push people out of the way. I thought initially that I'd like to take 2 in a crew, but if they just get bogged down maybe not. The thought of a crazy super ice pilar list made me smile but perhaps it's a horrible idea. Did the Silent One ever have a mechanism to help her get out of melee? I don't mind if that's her one weekness - but it's a pretty big handicap. Although they can use soulstones I'm not sure I'd bother spending one on defense or for prevention. Probably a lost cause at that point but I see how it's a pseudo-defensive tech.
  4. Specky


    I'm not sure I could say what the hoarcat needs having only played one game of M3E. I have some suggestions: - Disguised to make it an annoying piece to get stuck into if it's trying to stay away - Deadly pursuit for similar reasons to above. - Evaisive similar to the reasons above. Sneaky, sneaky cats. - Alter Trample so that this model can pass through ice pillars. - Swallow You Whole trigger built in so it's a good choice againts construct heavy / Ressers - Swallow You Whole trigger replaced with something that gives a bonus to a enemy who has slow. Maybe bump +1 or +2 in Stat or deal +1 damge. I like Tundra Hunter but maybe this would be too good in Rasputina Crew -Change Swallow You Whole so that it ignores demise abilities. (I played against Sonia and wished I had something like this. Especially that damn Steward - Re-write the Swallow You Whole trigger anyways because I don't like it (just don't see it being useful in the December crew unless against constructs. Gotta kill a guy, gotta have a crow, gotta be in a position where you actually don't want the corpse marker. Hoarcat and Wendigo aren't probably be killing all that much anyways). I don't know if I'd support the drop in cost to 3ss. I feel that's stepping on the toes of the steam arachnid. I didn't realise that they'd dropped the 'pride' from hoarcat. I get it because the kit is expensive if you want to multi-base the cats for a 5ss minion. I personally won't be taken more than ever so I'll keep mine on a single base (but only with a tiny dot of glue in case I change my mind). This is of course thinking more for Rasputina rather than Marcus. I don't play Marcus nor do I offer any of these suggestions with his crew in mind.
  5. Specky


    Not necessarily as if you copy the Silent One's Ice Blast you'd have had a Crow built in. To be honest not keeping the built in suits makes Wendigo pretty average. He already doesn't have Ice Mirror and the Swallow You Whole trigger is one of the worst triggers in the game. Most of the time you want a corpse marker around to feed off and Wendigo isn't killing anyone. I suppose he's only cost 3 however. But i still don't like Swallow You Whole on the hoarcat either. At least the hoarcat has Eat Your Fill also.
  6. Specky


    I will add to the Freeze Over shockwave discussion that i had sometimes wanted to declare the repeat trigger but found I was always casting through a pillar to use it because the 6" range. Often i could declare the trigger once but ran out of low cards because of how Ice Mirror works. I didn't think it was too over powered. Against armour/shielded it's not great and the Shockwave radius is only 1" It's not at all overpowered in my opinion. Model was likely getting slow anyways because it was close to the pillar you raised to make the shockwave.
  7. Specky


    Hi all, played my first game of M3E on the weekend Rasputina vs. Sonia. We played plant explosives and I took Vendetta and Dig Graves. I was pretty happy with the crew but just wanted to get some clarity on the Wendigo's December's Pawn ability: "... this model takes that chosen action with a stat of 4." Now does this include built in suits? For example if i use Rasputina's Ice Pillar ability do I get the built in tome but with a stat of 4? Or is it a naked 4? If it is the former perhaps keep similar wording to the M2E card with "take this action at stat -2" or add a sentance to clarify the built in suits are retained. It'd be good if Wendigo could use Snowstorm's Shockwave too somehow but she'd need to have ice mirror too (which i don't think would be that big a deal and would be keeping in theme). Next question regarding ice pillars and models with the Demolitionist ability: i assume that this model also gains slow at the same time the model demolishes e ice pillar? Or is it one of those controlling player resolves actions at the same time in whichever order they choose. I.e. Soulstone minor activates next to ice pillar and blows it up prior to having to take the slow hit. I will say just one final thing regarding Blessed of December and Hoarcat Pride. I was building a crew and compared the two side by side. There seems more than a 2ss gap between the two models. I think the hoarcat is priced too high if you compare it to an ice gamin. Ended up taking the Blessed and it was pretty good who perhaps is undercosted. Only played the one game but she was a standout. Overall I enjoyed the crew and used the shockwave Freeze Over a bunch of times to punish some hard to wound models hiding in a forest. 6" range on the shockwave was kind of a pain.
  8. It's also important to note that if a model is engaged but greater than 2" distance from each other, then there is no randomisation for shooting into an engagement. If you are concerned about being shot, you should get within 2". If you are wanting to do the shooting then try to stay outside of 2" less than 3" in your example above.
  9. Yeh, I emailed Wyrd and the response I got was "ask on the forum." Not expecting a different consensus here - but for Colette players it's a key item in GG2017 and I think the discussion should be seen in as many places as possible.
  10. Colette and GG2017 question I could use some consensus on: Step 1: The scheme dig their graves if an enemy model is killed within 4" of a friendly scheme marker: points happen / opponent chooses the marker to be discarded. Step 2: Mechanical Doves and Mannequins have "All part of the show" on the front of the card allowing the model to count as a scheme marker - note that this says for actions and abilities for Showgirls. My question: may doves and mannequins count as scheme marker for Dig Their Graves? I assume not as this is neither an 'action' nor an 'ability' as Malifaux generally defines these words. Although killing a model would likely come from an action or ability by a showgirl... so perhaps yes? If the answer is yes and they may indeed count as a scheme marker - the opponent chooses which marker gets removed or do they... because they are not scheme marker? GG17: "Once per turn, after this Crew kills or sacrifices an enemy non-Peon model that is within 4" of one or more Scheme Markers friendly to this Crew..." from this wording alone, if a showgirl killed an enemy model, would that not meet the criteria? I can see an argument for both yes or no. Thanks -Mark
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