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  1. Actually it looks like this typo is in every Companion and Accomplice ability in the Arcanist Stat PDF
  2. The version 3.22.19 Arcanists Union Miner was a typo in the front of card Companion wording: Companion: After a friendly model ends its Activation within 6î of...
  3. On rule book p11 there's a Rasputina vs. Pandora example. The first paragraph has Rasputina take a terrifying duel due the Pandora's terrifying ability. Rasputina has ruthless so ignores this. Maybe use another model in the example that doesn't have ruthless and change the action to suit.
  4. Specky

    3.22 Final Update

    Hoarcat and Blessed tweaks i agree with. As a Tina player mostly comparing these 2 models side by side it obvious they were needing attention. I think the +1 cost on the BoD is fine. Stealth to the cats + manipulative helps define its role. Gunsmiths i think were too good. This change too i think was fair Overall pretty happy with how everything has landed.
  5. I don't believe you should consider the Blessed a scheme runner. Its much more flexible than that. It's very good model for its cost for sure. Probably needs a bump to 8ss at a minimum and I'd still take it in most Rasputina crews.
  6. Everyone has been complaining about the Hoarcat for weeks (myself included). It needs deadly pursuit and for swallow whole to not be so bad (it doesn't even ignore Denise effects). I'm a Raspy player not an Marcus player but I'd pick a gamin +1ss over the cat always. It just needs a more clearly defined role.
  7. There's always a level of abstraction with these things. I think M3E is all about streamlining. I don't see this as an issue, there will always be things like this - like how does a robot get poison? Thinks don't have to be so literal.
  8. My vote is A as you meet the conditions for both when the model activated so both should happen. If you had to gain burning and poison separately for different abilities the controlling player adds burning/poison you don't do the first one and ignore the second one... which is the argument for B. B is a weird timing quirk for two things happening simultaneously- maybe option D is that they do simply happen simultaneously? I'm sure there's other circumstances that are similar across all the other models in the game.
  9. My question specifically is if a model was standing on/in a marker, such as a scheme marker or a pyre marker, and then that model is placed somewhere else, does it count as having 'moved through' the marker for abilities such as the Ice Dancer's Ice Skating ability? More generally if the marker is height 0", is a model partially standing on it considered to be on top of it or within it? Is there a difference?
  10. Specifically my question is a timing issue regarding to a model with Demolitionist front of card ability activating within 1" of Rasputina's ice pillar. Both rules require something to happen when the model activates - so perhaps options are: A) the model gains slow and demolishes the pillar but the controlling player can resolve both in any order they wish (however if they blow up the pillar first then the model still takes slow afterwards as the conditions were met when it activated to gain slow) B) the controlling player has to resolves two simultaneous items in any order first blowing up the ice pillar. Then it moves on to resolution of the pillar - but wait? No more pillar so nothing happens. Does not gain slow. C) when two rules directly contradict each other the rule that prevents something from happening takes precedence over the thing that is happening. I don't see a direct contradiction here so I'm not sure this applies. D) something else I'm not seeing
  11. Just watch out however because it's not simply within 8" but instead Aura8", like all auras, you need LoS to the pillar. It couldn't be on the far side of a Height 5 blocking building for example.
  12. If you're using LoS from the pillar, it's height 4, so use that is how I've been playing it. You can see over lots of things at height 4.
  13. I've only played 2 games of M3E so I don't feel overly qualified to comment. Hoarcat seems pretty bad side by side with the Blessed of December. For an extra 2ss more you get so, so much. Probably a blend of BoD being really good vaue and hoarcat being garbage. I don't get the hate on the Steamfitter. I think he's fine. Virtually all of the versatile models are constructs which I also think are in a good place. Discard a tool is a great bonus action I think for a 6ss model. In an M&SU crew you're going to get more out of his Grit ability and then in a Mei, Ramos or Hoff crew you'll be getting more value in other parts of the card. In my most recent game i sent Steamfitter and Envy out on a flank and they were a good team. I think magical training to get Arcane Reservoir in every crew is pretty much an auto take. I'm not sure if other people view that the same.
  14. I'd have to agree that the hoarcat is not in a good place.
  15. I played a game with Ironsides today (only my 2nd game of M3E). While I was surprised to have seen some big changes in the last update I felt that she was fine. I took Amina & the Captain both against Daschel for Cursed Idols. Admittedly an uphill battle for the strat which was never going to be a great strat for her post recent update. As I undestand her new grit ability if I punch a guy and miss I can still clock up an Adrenaline with the built in trigger? Managed to get a good amount of Adrenaline but found myself using second wind a lot.
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