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  1. Hi people. I know that Ramos is DMH and cannot be used in tournament anymore, but I mostly play casual games with my friends. Looking at his rules and how he can interact with other models, I thought about getting him and making lists to play. Here is a sample for a 50 SS list ( I would of course change it according to the scenario). Ramos Brass Arachnid Metal Golem Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner 1 Magical Training Soulstone Miner 2 Magical Training Mecharachnid 1 Diesel Engine Mecharachnid 2 Diesel Engine Pool : 6 SS : 6/ 50 So no surprise here, the idea is to rely on scrap markers to summon and detonate. Also rely on the miners for SS recovery and being able to move around the board easily. The golem is there for free Scrap markers. Mecharachnids provide concealment. What do you think of it ?
  2. Thanks for the advices people. I reworked my list according to your comments : End Rasputina (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Rasputina Totem(s): Wendigo Hires: December Acolyte December Acolyte 2 Blessed of December Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner Magical Training Snow Storm
  3. Hi people ! So I began malifaux 3E last week and had a fun game against my friend who plaus Freikscorp. What I noticed is how resistant his models were thanks to armor and shielded. I also noticed how slow most of my models were (most of them never went to his side of the table). Thus I decided to try to find a way to fix these two issues. What do you think of the following list (here's also my friend's list). End Rasputina (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Rasputina Magical Training Totem(s): Wendigo Hires: Silent One December Acolyte Silent One 2 December Acolyte 2 Blessed of December Hoarcat New Von Schill Crew (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Von Schill Servant of Dark Powers Totem(s): Steam Trunk Hires: Arik Schöttemer Hannah Lovelace Servant of Dark Powers Freikorps Engineer Freikorpsmann Freikorps Scout
  4. My meta is pretty loose to be honest. On anothwr note, after doing some quick research, I narrowed down a bit which masters would interest me to the following : Titania, Mcmourning, Wong, The Brewmaster, Leveticus and Rasputina. So it's one Nerveborn master, one ressurectionist, two Gremlins, one Outcast and one Arcanist. From what I understand, the most direct offensive ones are Wong and Rasputina. Mcmourning can cause damage but via shenanigans with the poison condition. The Brewmaster is more a indirect controller-type master. Leveticus is just plain immortal-like and has access to some neat looking models (looking at the Desolation Engine). Titania is capable of hurting and supporting at the same time. Rasputina is direct damage, but slow, but she can overcome this with models like the Ice Golem, Snow and Storm and the Blessed. Still kinda hard to choose.
  5. Hi people. So I'd like to start Malifaux (Finally got players in my area). However, since the start of the 2nd ed, there's been a lot of new masters amd crews, all of which are pretty damn cool (seriously, they are ALL cool in my opinion). I was wondering how I could end up choosing my faction and master. Any tips ?
  6. Hi people ! So I've heard about The Other Side back when the Kickstarter began (was it in 2016 ? Can't remember). I also see that according to the Wyrd website, this game is supposed to have release, yet all I hear about on the internet is how no one got their pledge stock and I can't find anything about this game on Wyrd's webstore page. Is this game out yet ?
  7. McMourning ressurec. To keep with the horror theme. So Seamus and McMourning, okay, got it. What other individual models or pack boosters should I get ?
  8. So, let's say I'm interested in McMourning (the crazy scientist theme is always good with me). Which second crew should I take ?
  9. Hi people. So I'm a wargamer, but first and foremost and hobbyist (I spend more time painting than playing). Over the years, I painted models from Malifaux for other people, and I must say that I am getting interested in the game. However, I am having a hard time deciding which faction and which crew I should play. I must admit that I am mostly interested in sick and twisted models (undeads, horrors, ghosts or even Seamus, etc.). I might not be a fan of summoning and upgrading models however (like with Lilith and Nicodem). I like to pay for what I have on the table, not what I have on the side that might pop-up on the table. It's better cost-wise and save me space and time (for painting). So in which direction should a noob like me go ? Thank you for your time.
  10. Hi people. I was just wondering what I should get now to go with my Seamus crew. Right now I have the Shadow of Redchapel set, a 3 pack Rotten Belles and a 3 pack Punk Zombies. What should I get now (I prefer the new plastic models) ?
  11. Indeed, it would make sense since lately the crew box followed this structure : Master, Henchman, Totem and 3 minions. Clearly, considering the wave 1 options, Punk Zombies will be in it. I think it was almost the same thing in 1.5, except there wasn't any vulture in it. Damn ! I'd like to have my book with me right now to see how much points it would make All I know is that a punk zombie is worth 7 SS.
  12. Yeah, so I don't know what his crew box will be like (I'm waiting for it because I love the new plastic models), but I had this little idea (concerning only wave 1 models) -Nicodem (cache 3) -->Maniacal Laugh (1) -->Reaper Grin (1) -->Undertaker (1) Mortimer (9) -->Corpse Bloat (2) Vulture (3) Canine Remains (4) Canine Remains (4) Flesh Construct (6) SS Pool x4 (4) Total : 35/35 crew (SS pool 7/7) So the idea is to generate and use a lot of corpse tokens for different effects. I added the flesh construct to the crew because they hit hard and Nicodem has way to heal it (plus it can already heal itself with its starting poison +5) and Mortimer can use his Fresh meat ability to mke it go forward enemies, or even Nic can make it fast. I know Nicodem could have summoned him, but it's one of the highest cost undead out there. Mortimer and the Canine remains generate corpse, either for Nic to summon MZ, enhance his CA or heal his summons, or just for Mortimer to use Corpse Bloat. The vulture bring corpse tokens within Nic's range and help his spells get mobility. What do you think of this ? And which scheme should I really try to get ?
  13. Yeah but it's kinda for a mini-tournament which have as a special rule to bring a crew pre-designed :S Has such I ain't allowed to change the contents of my crew and I can't know what I'll be facing
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