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  1. Well, glad I could deduce the usefulness of Serena at first glance (I'm not an experienced player). As for the Bultungin, I hardly see why. They are quick, have synergy with similar models. They lack a ranged action thought.
  2. Hi people. So this is my actual collection for Euripides right now. I didn't get the chance to play it until now, but what do you think of it and what changes would you make ? Euripides -Ancient Pact Primordial Magic Thoon -Ancient Pact Gigant 1 Gigant 2 Bultungin 1 Bultungin 2 Cyclops 50 ss game Pool : 8 ss I thought about getting the Geryon pack, based on the savage Keyword, but I think it wouldn't bring anything new to this crew. I considered getting Serena Bowman, since she has the versatile keyword and some nic
  3. Hi people. I know that Ramos is DMH and cannot be used in tournament anymore, but I mostly play casual games with my friends. Looking at his rules and how he can interact with other models, I thought about getting him and making lists to play. Here is a sample for a 50 SS list ( I would of course change it according to the scenario). Ramos Brass Arachnid Metal Golem Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner 1 Magical Training Soulstone Miner 2 Magical Training Mecharachnid 1 Diesel Engine Mechara
  4. Thanks for the advices people. I reworked my list according to your comments : End Rasputina (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Rasputina Totem(s): Wendigo Hires: December Acolyte December Acolyte 2 Blessed of December Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner Magical Training Snow Storm
  5. Hi people ! So I began malifaux 3E last week and had a fun game against my friend who plaus Freikscorp. What I noticed is how resistant his models were thanks to armor and shielded. I also noticed how slow most of my models were (most of them never went to his side of the table). Thus I decided to try to find a way to fix these two issues. What do you think of the following list (here's also my friend's list). End Rasputina (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Rasputina Magical Training Totem(s): Wendigo Hires: Silent One December Acolyte Silent
  6. My meta is pretty loose to be honest. On anothwr note, after doing some quick research, I narrowed down a bit which masters would interest me to the following : Titania, Mcmourning, Wong, The Brewmaster, Leveticus and Rasputina. So it's one Nerveborn master, one ressurectionist, two Gremlins, one Outcast and one Arcanist. From what I understand, the most direct offensive ones are Wong and Rasputina. Mcmourning can cause damage but via shenanigans with the poison condition. The Brewmaster is more a indirect controller-type master. Leveticus is ju
  7. Hi people. So I'd like to start Malifaux (Finally got players in my area). However, since the start of the 2nd ed, there's been a lot of new masters amd crews, all of which are pretty damn cool (seriously, they are ALL cool in my opinion). I was wondering how I could end up choosing my faction and master. Any tips ?
  8. Hi people ! So I've heard about The Other Side back when the Kickstarter began (was it in 2016 ? Can't remember). I also see that according to the Wyrd website, this game is supposed to have release, yet all I hear about on the internet is how no one got their pledge stock and I can't find anything about this game on Wyrd's webstore page. Is this game out yet ?
  9. McMourning ressurec. To keep with the horror theme. So Seamus and McMourning, okay, got it. What other individual models or pack boosters should I get ?
  10. So, let's say I'm interested in McMourning (the crazy scientist theme is always good with me). Which second crew should I take ?
  11. Hi people. So I'm a wargamer, but first and foremost and hobbyist (I spend more time painting than playing). Over the years, I painted models from Malifaux for other people, and I must say that I am getting interested in the game. However, I am having a hard time deciding which faction and which crew I should play. I must admit that I am mostly interested in sick and twisted models (undeads, horrors, ghosts or even Seamus, etc.). I might not be a fan of summoning and upgrading models however (like with Lilith and Nicodem). I like to pay for what I have on the table, not what I have on the s
  12. Hi people. I was just wondering what I should get now to go with my Seamus crew. Right now I have the Shadow of Redchapel set, a 3 pack Rotten Belles and a 3 pack Punk Zombies. What should I get now (I prefer the new plastic models) ?
  13. Indeed, it would make sense since lately the crew box followed this structure : Master, Henchman, Totem and 3 minions. Clearly, considering the wave 1 options, Punk Zombies will be in it. I think it was almost the same thing in 1.5, except there wasn't any vulture in it. Damn ! I'd like to have my book with me right now to see how much points it would make All I know is that a punk zombie is worth 7 SS.
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