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  1. Interesting ! I'll do some thinkering and come back with a list ! Edit : what do you think of this ? New Sandeep Desai Crew (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Sandeep Desai Totem(s): Banasuva Hires: Kandara Soulstone Miner Ice Golem Saboteur Wind Gamin Wind Gamin 2
  2. Hi people ! So I already play Rasputina and find the elementals to be quite fun. As such, I'm interested in trying Sandeep. What do you think of this to begin with ? New Sandeep Desai Crew (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 10 Leader: Sandeep Desai Totem(s): Banasuva Hires: Ice Gamin Ice Gamin 2 Kandara Fire Gamin Fire Gamin 2 Metal Gamin Metal Gamin 2 Soulstone Miner
  3. What versatile or out of keyword models do you feel would complement Euripides' gameplay ?
  4. Played Euripides against Rasputina. Was hilarious. But I can't help feeling the gigants are lackluster compared to Euripides and Thoon.
  5. Yan Lo seems to lack some ranged options thought. What are your thought on the matter ?
  6. Interesting ! I'll give a try to Yan Lo. Which upgrade would you recommend for the model ? I'm thinking Grave Spirit touch since he seems quite frail. Also, does the regeneration from the grave spirit touch upgrade stacks with other source of regeneration ? For example, if I were to give this upgrade to Manos the Risen, would he end up with regeneration +4 ? Thank you four your time.
  7. Hi people. So I'm thinking about starting a Rez crew. According to some acquaintances of mine, they are a little harder to play than the nes of other faction. As such, I am seeking your advice on which Master and crew I should start out with. Right now, the 3 masters that interest me are McMourning, Yan Lo and Nicodem (I don't play in official tournaments, so DMH are allowed). McMourning seems the most straightforward, but he also looks a little OP. I wouldn't want to be a bad sport for my fellow players. Yan Lo seems to be rather difficult to use for a beginner. I am not sure how you are supposed to play him. Nicodem seems the most interesting, but besides being a spammable source of summoning, is there more to him ? What is your opinion on these 3 masters and which would you recommend ? Thank you for your time.
  8. Hi ! Yeah, I do follow the page. Sadly it's quite silent right now.
  9. Hi people ! So an off and on player of Malifaux. It's still on my favorite game thougth. The problem is that there aren't a lot of players in my area and it's quite hard to convince people to jump in a new game. I played one game before the pandemic and it was hella fun. Sadly, I lost touch with my opponent (he disappeared without any explanation) I live in Canada, province of Quebec, in the city of Mascouche (near Montreal). I play Arcanist (Rasputina) and Neverborn (Euripides). Still waiting for the opportunity for a second game. In the meantime, I might start a resurrectionnist crew.
  10. Well, glad I could deduce the usefulness of Serena at first glance (I'm not an experienced player). As for the Bultungin, I hardly see why. They are quick, have synergy with similar models. They lack a ranged action thought.
  11. Hi people. So this is my actual collection for Euripides right now. I didn't get the chance to play it until now, but what do you think of it and what changes would you make ? Euripides -Ancient Pact Primordial Magic Thoon -Ancient Pact Gigant 1 Gigant 2 Bultungin 1 Bultungin 2 Cyclops 50 ss game Pool : 8 ss I thought about getting the Geryon pack, based on the savage Keyword, but I think it wouldn't bring anything new to this crew. I considered getting Serena Bowman, since she has the versatile keyword and some nice tricks that the Savage keyword models lack. What is your opinion on the subject ?
  12. Hi people. I know that Ramos is DMH and cannot be used in tournament anymore, but I mostly play casual games with my friends. Looking at his rules and how he can interact with other models, I thought about getting him and making lists to play. Here is a sample for a 50 SS list ( I would of course change it according to the scenario). Ramos Brass Arachnid Metal Golem Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner 1 Magical Training Soulstone Miner 2 Magical Training Mecharachnid 1 Diesel Engine Mecharachnid 2 Diesel Engine Pool : 6 SS : 6/ 50 So no surprise here, the idea is to rely on scrap markers to summon and detonate. Also rely on the miners for SS recovery and being able to move around the board easily. The golem is there for free Scrap markers. Mecharachnids provide concealment. What do you think of it ?
  13. Thanks for the advices people. I reworked my list according to your comments : End Rasputina (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 9 Leader: Rasputina Totem(s): Wendigo Hires: December Acolyte December Acolyte 2 Blessed of December Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner Magical Training Snow Storm
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