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  1. Figured that was the case. Corvis has enough Concealing around him to avoid ranged attacks as is. The Goo wants a bit of damage to make use of his Regen, as well.
  2. Are models with Slippery (Corvis Rook and Grave Goo) able to be targeted by non-melee actions from more than base contact? The ability reads as, "This model can ONLY be engaged by or TARGETED by "melee" Actions from enemy models in base contact with it." I assume the intent is being able to not be engaged by models with 1" and 2" melee attacks, but it's not clear RAW. Emphasis on the words that cause confusion.
  3. Been playing the crew exclusively for the past 5 games and my initial thoughts: 1) Surveyors are excellent Minions for 6 SS. Their Price of Progress gives them the ability to very reliably get pushes out on enemy models. Any Hazardous terrain (which they can produce themselves) makes for a lot of "min 3" hits. Extra good if near a Lamplighter whose auras stack pretty well with the pushes to lock down Beaters. Geodes have to be used carefully not to break LoS with Jedza. 2) Lamplighters are excellent movement support and Lit Lamps offer a lot of versatility for pushing Attacks or defensively. They won't top any damage charts, but they always have something useful to be doing. An extra 1/2/3 healing to two models a turn goes a long way. 3) Mikhail is #1 bodyguard and can pretty much be wherever he needs to flex in the bubble. Caught in the Ring REALLY inhibits melee crews. If not any other model, Mikhail must stay in LoS for Jedza for Fragility of Life while he tanks the hits. Entomb shockwaves get really big, really fast given the right crew set-up. Staggered and marker gen come in spades in the KW. 4)The Damned is the Symbol grabber but is valuable enough on his way across the board with his gun. The Old Ways is extremely powerful and something to be mindful of. Failing a Leap action when you flip a blind 5 is a definite feels bad moment. The push on his melee makes him min 3 when around any of the myriad Hazardous terrain producers in the KW. 5) Austera and Twigge, as mentioned earlier, can drop a TON of schemes over the course of the game if left unattended. The gun action really depends on the Puncture trigger, but the spike damage of 5 can be a great payoff. These guys will score you 4+ points a game by themselves. Their Chronicle is one of the better card cycling abilities, especially mixed with Sophie's. That's all I have for now...Will report after the next 5 games
  4. For the Seeker KW abilities, where do the Chronicle effects fall into timing in terms of Attack Actions and Actions produced by Triggers. Example from a recent game: Victoria1 hits Mikhail and gets her Mask trigger. The initial attack hits and kills. At this point, we assumed the Heal from Fragility of Life triggers, Healing Mikhail to 2 and triggering Chronicles because he Healed. Is it correct that the Chronicles all trigger now before the Attack produced from Vik's Trigger happens? Follow-on: because the Healing happens on the opponent's activation, would they to choose the order of your Chronicles? Thanks in advance!
  5. For Sophie's Chronicle ability, if you have no card to Discard, do you still get to Draw? It doesn't seem like the Discard is a cost.
  6. With Grave Goo's Trail of Goo, terrain is treated as Hazardous (Damage 1 and Poison +1). In the case of terrain that is already Hazardous, would the terrain GAIN the Damage1, Poison1 trait? So would nonspecific Hazardous becomes Damage2,Poison+1? For something like Hazardous(Damage1,Injured+1), would it become (Damage2,Injured+1,Poison+1)? Follow-on: would Jedza pulse attack apply all of those effects or just the base Hazardous effect of the terrain?
  7. Her ability to swap Markers for scrap and scheme (or stones) really makes Research Mission a breeze for pretty much every revealed crew thus far. Dust, Scrap, Webs, Shadows, etc. means I'm going to have to make a TON of custom tokens for her to eat haha.
  8. Hope they drop an FAQ on that movement bubble. I would assume if you walk out of bubble into something Impassable, it'd be considered an illegal placement and the model wouldn't complete the move?
  9. I definitely like Alpinist into a lot of Master matchups and for more theatrical terrain. Suddenly your sniper walks straight up onto a 4" roof? Sick, if I'm reading that right. The auto built in triggers are really good into our current GG strats/schemes. He can be VERY disruptive for a 5 SS model. As for Jessie, I like her utility as a Versatile and her synergy in KW. More Scrap for artifacts and free cards never hurts. Removing opposing markers of any kind is also great considering the low cost of doing so. If only we got the Bellhop cards in this preview, as well 😭
  10. If Serena Bowman is Stunned and uses Bottle of Painkillers on herself to remove the Stunned, will she still have 2 actions left or does using the Bonus Action before the Stunned is removed count against the limit?
  11. Question came up on Lynch's Friendly Handshake melee action when used against Friendly models. Tracking the action says "may" so you don't have to, but how would you reveal the top card for Lynch and the Friendly? My thought is you would choose the order because it is a simultaneous effect. Don't know the practical use here, but could come up (if you want it to).
  12. Have been Theory-fauxing with her for a bit but haven't had a chance to get her on the table. Like others have said, if there's a good Zombie target in the crew already, there's value there. The LOS requirement for Mindless losing Insignificant makes the ability very table and Strat/scheme dependent. Not an issue as models need to have some downfall, but I think the tricks available with it are fun enough to give it a shot. More often than not, I'd rather take Emissary for Mindless summoning, but all models are worth trying. If nothing else, she looks fun to paint and convert a la Michonne from The Walking Dead with some swords from Viktorias 😁
  13. A question popped up in the Resser chat on Lures. Couple things: 1. If the Lure target is Base to Base, can the Target be moved 0", triggering Pounce on a Rotten Belle? (I think yes) 2. If BtB, can the target be moved around the base of the Belle? I think no, given moving in any direction except directly towards the center of the base would technically be moving away, contradicting the Towards and Away rules (pg 15 CRB)
  14. Hey all, looking to pick up some models to get my Bayou filled out. Looking for the following: Trichi: Backdraft models ( Popcorn Turner, Cooper Jones, Whiskey Gamin x2) Tanuki x2 Akaname x2 Tricksy: Sparks LeBlanc Soulstone Miner x2 Swampfiend: Spawn Mother + Gupps Adze Sooey: Ross Jepsen (alt Slop Hauler) PM me if you have any to offer! Shipping would be to Washington, USA.
  15. Hey all, looking to faction swap for the new edition. Have the following Guild all for sale or trade for certain Gremlin crews. All are in various states of building and paint. Looking specifically for Somer, Ophelia, Brewmaster, Ulix, and Zoraida crews. Also willing to buy those crews outright! PM me. Guild Half of M2E Starter: Dr. Grimwell Nurse Heartsbane Orderly (x2) Hoffman Crew and extras: Hoffman Mechanical Attendant Hunter (x2) Watcher (x2) Guardian Mobile Toolkit Ryle Peacekeeper Howard Langston Ryle Steam Arachnid Swarm Lucius Crew: Lucius The Scribe Guild Lawyer (x2) Guild Investigator (x2) Doppelganger Changeling (x2) Captain Daschel (New Master in M3E) Crew: Master Queeg Executioner (x2) Guild Guard (x4) Warden (x2) Mounted Guard (x1) Guard Sergeant (x1) Guard Rifleman (x3) Guild Hound (x4) Nellie Crew: (painted) Nellie Cochrane Printing Press Phiona Gage Allison Dade Field Reporter (x3) Sonnia Crew: Sonnia Criid Purifying Flame Samael Hopkins Witchling Handler (x2) Thalarian Queller (x1) Witchling Thrall (x2) Witchling Stalker (x6) Lady Justice Crew: Lady Justice Scales of Justice The Judge The Jury Domador de Cadaveres (x2) Guild Marshal (x3 + 1 Limited Edition) Lone Marshal Perdita Crew: Perdita Ortega Enslaved Nephilim Francisco Ortega Nino Ortega Abuela Ortega Santiago Ortega Papa Loco Monster Hunter (x2) Basse Crew (unreleased, new Master in M3E, but these models work for him) Guild Pathfinder (x1) Clockwork Trap (x4) Guild Austringer (x2) Versatile Models: Pale Rider Brutal Emissary
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