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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'll have to go and see about picking some of these up!
  2. I've mainly been an Arcanists player until recently when I decided to break into 10T (Mei Feng turned out to be a gateway drug). Right now I'm quite interested in playing Misaki and have acquired a number of pieces which I've tried out in a game or two, but I'm feeling kind of swamped when it comes to picking further options for expanding what I have here. With no further ado, here's what is currently in my grubby mits: The Thunder box Mei Feng Box Rail Golem Metal Gamin Shadow Emissary Samurai Wokou Raiders Oiran Lust So determining where to go from here has been a little tricky. I see that I could use potentially better scheme runners than what I have available (I like the Oiran models but I'm not really sure about trusting them...I might just chop them up and mod some Jorogumo if I get any). For that end I've been considering the following based off of what I've seen on the forums: Tengu 10T Bros Any other suggestions? For some more ranged options I'm pretty torn between the Katanaka Snipers and the Archers, I'm honestly not quite sure which would work better with Misaki here. I've been looking at the Bunraku (I assume they can be used at least) just as a general option, or maybe some Obsidian Oni as both seem like they could be an interesting linclude if they're compatible. I'm still very much feeling out this faction and what is available to me, as much of what is in 10T is new to me and just doesn't see much use in local meta here. Any advice on what would work nicely with what I have thus far (especially with Misaki) is welcome advice.
  3. Really hoping this guy will have a place in my Colette crew. I need more excuses other than the Mei Feng box to work on painting tattoos.
  4. Maybe its a touch heretical, but I'm beginning to hate buildings. Far too often they're just large cubes or rectangles that take up space and offer nothing interesting, other than movement complications and fussiness should anyone decide to use the interior. One thing I've begun considering lately is facades that you simply cannot go inside. Of course, this potentially has the problem stated above where you just end up with a chunk of impassable terrain that eats up table space. However, if you can go inside them, the scaling just always seems...off, and the interiors are often just lazy and unappealing (we have a lot of mdf terrain starting to show up which feels just sort of flat and boring imo). Lately with buildings I've begun thinking a little differently than I had before when my focus was on making it so you can enter them (without dedicating much of the table to a large and interesting interior). What about doing facades but putting the emphasis and focus on making the outside interesting, appealing, and useful. Have multiple ways to get up on the roof, use shapes that aren't simply big squares and add interesting angles of cover. Create breezeways, rooftop signs for cover, balconies with ladders, and other little bits of personality. Basically my thinking is, more focus on making the exterior appealing and useful, less focus on bothering with the inside and the scaling nightmare that seems to occur in there. Part of this might just be my bias after multiple experiences with rules lawyers always managing to make buildings you can enter miserable.
  5. One has done the trick for me thus far. With the ability to push around and chase Showgirls, one can be where it needs to be with careful positioning. I've gotten plenty of use out of their Slow though, just haven't had a situation where I felt I could spend another 4 soulstones on a second mannequin when there were other options to be had.
  6. So one thing I'm curious about is how well other parts of the Kin box work with Ophelia. There's definitely some good models in there, though the focus in general is on putting the hurt on your opponent pretty hard, which Ophelia herself is magnificent at. Francois seems like a definite include just due to the power that little guy packs, but what about some of the others? Is mostly running a crew out of the Kin box going to focus too much on killing and not have enough out there to make the Schemes happen? I haven't seen Raphael and Pere mentioned very often for example, when it comes to the Gremlins in the box itself... Rami: He seems like a potentially magnificent sniper and a means to soften up a target for Ophelia or to end up confirming the kill. The 36" range on Focus could certainly be a boon very early in the game I'd imagine. Does he find his way into Ophelia crews often, is there any special synergy between the two or dirty tricks that come to mind? Pere: What might be some ways to take advantage of this guy with Ophelia? One thing that immediately comes to mind is using the Threatenin' Gun to either move Pere into position so that on his activation you can cast two Oopsies, or using the gun to get another cast off of his activation and potentially a detonation following that. Another thought I had was if you happen to have Burt in your crew, using his Cracker Jack Timing ability to set up a group of enemies for Pere's blasts and his eventual self-detonation. The Jug rocket also seems like a natural choice for Ophelia and Pere to take advantage of. Any other bits of synergy between the two? Raphael: Other than him just being a thug that can get real nasty when he's in his damage sweet-spot, I'm not really sure what else he brings or if there's really much more to this guy and how he can work with Ophelia and the rest of her team. Threatenin' Gun once more seems like it could be solid for the extra attack, especially if you're also running Lenny and he's in range to give him the for dumb luck to get a bit of extra damage in or push him towards the sweet-spot faster. Any other ways Ophelia makes her boys shine?
  7. I'm not certain its so much the attacks that make the upgrades shine but the utility that they offer. The movement that Jug brings could be a big boon, threatening gun's ability to boss someone around, and the hooch igniter's ability to burn off effects like paralyze. Threatenin' gun seems to shine more when its in the hands of one of the Youngins rather than Ophelia necessarily taking the shot in my limited experience.
  8. A bit late to the conversation, but I thought this might be useful to someone. Used this chart a number of times since I mainly use Reaper and Vallejo paints. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xl-x9eW3bLw5eqDeNUG2JUwn2EZwn34TDKfNIg5uul4/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I just started playing Ophelia myself and bought the Mah Tucket box to get a few extra things to play with in her lists. I also snagged a lucky effigy and Sammy, just because I like the model, and also because I was considering using one of Ophelia's upgrades on her for the 0 action, though I'm not really sure how worthwhile it is.Now after seeing this...I know what my next purchase must be. Just wow. Taking other Ophelia combinations into consideration. How do you guys feel about using Slop Haulers, do you have issues with keeping them up with the rest of the crew or nearby enough Gremlins for their heals to be worthwhile? Do you hit enough with their Sh for the Appetizing debuff to pay off so you can just murder the target in question with the rest of your crew?
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