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Found 63 results

  1. Misaki's shadow markers are concealing but are also less than 1 inch wide. Does that mean they actually never grant concealment?
  2. Gunfighter says this model may treat any projectile action as having a range of melee 1". If you were in engagement with another model would this action be a melee attack or a projectile attack or both. And how would that work. Been using the advanced building rules it's say in the advance building rules that place affects cannot be used to move into and out of buildings. Would summon, flight, replace and unbury not be able to place a model into the building as they would all use a placement effect to move a existing model or a new model into the building.
  3. Located in Pennsylvania Dropped the price a bit! I have a Misaki Boxset and Metal Hamelin crew I want to sale/ trade. I'm looking for brewmaster in trade. You can have both crews for a brewmaster Boxset and anything Ten Thunders like the Lone Swordsman, Komainu, Femented River Monks, Kang, etc.... Sale prices will be below. Misaki assembled and primed - $20 plus $5 shipping. Metal Hamelin crew w/ 8 rats, Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 2 Rat Catchers, 3 Stolen, 3 Crooligans, Candy, and Baby Kade. All metal models - $25 plus $8 shipping Buy Both crews for $50 with shipping
  4. Battle Report Single master 50ss tournament, 2.7. Hi again, as I’ve alluded to in forum posts my local scene had a little open beta tournament this weekend. I’m gonna copy paste my forms from here and then give some breakdowns and thoughts. The tournament was single master, three 2.5 hour games. This might have very well been the first open beta tournament in Sweden! (I will only be including my own thoughts here, the other players can add their own if they wish since I’m doing this after the tournament) Game one Standard Deployment Turf War Breakthrough Hold up their forces Harness the Ley line Vendetta Dig their graves 2.5 hours 3 rounds. 4 - 7 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Carlos 8ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss Mannequin 4ss 1vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Breakthrough 1vp off of Harness the Leylines. The Force Marcus Myranda Jackalope Cojo Cerberus Blessed of december Hoarcat pride Ferdinand Vogel 3vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Dig their Graves 2vp off of Breakthrough So, in this game the Duet was definitely the MVP. It scored breakthrough on it’s own by murdering the little kittens and splitting deep after I realised that my opponent simply wouldn’t bother with them at all. It tied up Cojo before all this. His Cerberus jumped across the field to murder my Showgirl early and Carlos got smacked dead by Marcus to deny me a point. Carlos almost brought down the Blessed, it was due to die by burning but Myranda healed it. Cassandra schemed, securing leylines and being a general nuisance. Not dying, a first for me. The Dancer got cornered by Ferdinand and forced to choose between fighting him and the Cerberus. Suffice to say she died. His Cerberus did crazy mutch, Carlos performed better with his changes, but I still played him wonkily. Colette smacked a dove to bury herself and then popped up in the middle with Cojo to sink a ton of distract into him. Cojo sat in place until he used a well timed push to catch me off guard and deny me a point on the strat by flipping the middle turf marker. The new doves worked wonders, their smuggled soulstone ability makes for some neat tricks turn one. Fun note, I had Black joker in hand since turn one, and flipped Red joker on initiative TWICE. Game 2 “And they said you can’t alpha strike” Corner deployment Plant Explosives Outflank Assassinate Power Ritual Take Prisoner Claim jump 2.5 hours 4 rounds 6 - 3 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 4ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Carlos 8ss Angelica 7ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 3vp off of Plant the Explosives 2vp off of Claim jump (Carlos) 1vp off of Power Ritual Forgot to ask for his Forum name Zipp w/Inferiority complex Earl Burns The First Mate Gracie Burt Jebsen w/Twelve cups of coffee Merris Lacroix Iron Skeeter 2vp off of Plant Explosives 1vp off of Power ritual 0vp off of Outflank So, I read somewhere on the forums that people were using Colette and doves to slingshot beaters up the board. I picked up an Arcane Emissary this week and decided to try it out. As I used my doves’ activations to set the stage as it were my opponent moved up the centre with Merris, Gracie and Burt, who took one damage from Zipp tossing him about. With the cards and stones I needed in hand, and a dove waiting a mere move away Colette took center stage. She walked up next to her dove, and sneaking a soulstone from it’s cache she slung the Arcane Emissary up roughly 16” to the center, followed by the Coryphee Duet, the pair of death machina taking both sides of the street. To finish off her perfomance Colette swung her famous sword trick at the dove, cheating in a mask to reveal in a twist that it was she who buried, next to the now broken dove. His skeeter flew around at an edge and the rampaging bull made it’s move. With a red joker in hand I confidently charged Burt and knocked him down to his last health, rampaging through him. To finish him off the bull hit him again, before triggering to push and slap Merris down to one. A pass token was spent by my opponent and my Duet moved up and charged through gracie and Merris, finishing her off and setting the audience ablaze. The Duet split, and when I got to activate the pair reformed and charged through Gracie again, smacking her twice to get her down to one. The Burning from Merris finished her off for some sweet sizzling bacon. Carlos positioned to move towards the lower right edge, trying to not give away what his scheme was. Turn two Colette popped up near Carlos and presto’d her way to the corner to score me my Power ritual, flinging the Skeeter away and burying Earl so that he would come up in the middle to my waiting Bull. His Skeeter had placed an explosion marker on a 1” crate that stopped me from reaching it, winning him a strat point. Angelica almost died to Zipp dropping her around, so she dropped her explosion marker to not waste it, but Earl snatched it (and killed her iirc) before being promptly murdered by the bull. Carlos revealed his plan and moved 15” to the now nice and cleared middle for claim jump. The only thing of interest the following turns was Zipp getting Carlos down to 2 only to have him healed to six by the duet, securing the final point for Claim Jump and the First Mate scoring two more points, one through power ritual and one through Plant Explosives on his own. Leaping like a mad lad. This was my first victory in Malifaux, and I dare say I won it with style! Game 3 Flank deployment Corrupted Idols Search the ruins Dig their graves Detonate the charges Deliver a message Vendetta 2.5 hours 4 rounds 3 - 4 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Deliver a message (Misaki) 0vp off of Dig their graves Paradigm Misaki, 8ss cache -Masked Agent Shang Ototo 10 Minako 8 Yasunori 10 Lone Swordsman 8 Effigy 4 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Search the ruins 0vp off of Dig their graves. Colette was by far my mvp this game, with an honorable mention going to Cassandra and the Ice Dancer. Cassandra spent the game scheming, also blasted Shang of the board with two fire breaths. Colette danced in and out of bury, avoiding Misaki and didn’t come out until turn 4 to stick to the middle for power ritual. She drowned Ototo and Lone Swordsman in Distracted and stunned, always saving stones or cards for the mask trigger. At the end she sent the Lone Swordsman 10” away with False Reality and gave him slow to boot. Of course this was after he sliced my emissary to pieces. If the performance of my emissary was feast game two, it was famine in game three. I waited until turn 2 to send my Emissary and Duet up field, the bull charged Ototo barely scratching it only to die to the Lone Swordsman using two severe crit strikes. It was after this that he got distracted by everone and everything. Misaki took two fully commited turns to kill the Duet who had managed to kill some Oni summoned by Minako. Considering who Misaki is, I still took this as a win, considering the duet got to deliver a message and thanks to it splitting before being killed off plus it’s demise trigger the Misaki player never got to dig their graves. The Showgirl did very little before being murdered by Ototo. One of the two Mannequins from the broken down Coryphees healed Cass and tanked a hit, while the other smacked Minako for some reason and got turned into a burning wheel. The Ice Dancer, whoooo boy the Ice Dancer. She survived two turns against the Yasunori, taking 4 damage the first turn and then he black jokered his other hit. The second turn he missed but got the onslaught trigger (maybe the black joker for damage was here, it’s a bit fuzzy) and she butterfly jumped away. She then ran off and killed the effigy in melee, almost denying him a search the ruins points. She would’ve done that if we’d gotten another turn. I played around Deliver the Message by having Colette stay buried but it turned out to be pointless. Misaki schemed a little for the last points and that was that. The game was surprisingly close, though he edged out on schemes. After losing my 24ss worth of beaters my chances for Dig their Graves were severely hampered. A few thoughts: My first opponent who plays Arcanist mainly discussed the performers at length over the lunch break and he agreed with me that there is a bit too much power in the duet and Colette, at the cost of the rest of the crew. There is also an enjoyment problem with the crew, both playing as and against. The best strategy, unless you brought highly specific counters, for dealing with the Duet and Colette is to simply ignore them and let them do their thing. This isn’t very interesting to play against, and having your opponent not even interact with functionally a third of your crew is dull. Colette buried six times throughout the tournament, all of them with the “What a Twist” trigger on Sword trick. She got targeted with an enemy action a grand total of Zero times throughout all three games. The trick where you Sword trick a dove, stoning for mask turn one is fun and satisfying. You can set up a lot of shenanigans from there. I only summoned a dove once, and rarely felt like I needed to, but the new doves feel great and serve their purpose as Presto-chango points and spare stones/cards splendidly. Cassandra’s upstage is a problem. It’s currently underwhelming, with almost no good actions to borrow in keyword, and it limits design space by forcing all future tactical actions to be balanced around it. I understand the thematic idea, but I’d rather see her drop that actions and gain something to support other performers, or something to boost her offense. Maybe something like “Once per turn: target performer with X can take the interact action, ignoring normal placement restrictions (alternatively placing the scheme marker within X instead of b2b)”. I’m thinking of this as Cass helping a fellow performer out with their lines. Of course y’all at Wyrd can word it less wonky than this. Carlos feels much more defined now, which I like. He doesn’t feel like a worse Cassandra. I like his changes. He suffers a problem that he shares with the Ice Dancer though. They are both scheme runners, in a scheme heavy crew. This might be a problem with their dual crew nature however, and I’m not gonna pretend to know how to balance around both crews. The Arcane Emissary hits like a freight train, at similar speed. I love it, as is. It’s negation aura is really good defense. I should’ve held it back further the third game, but this is Malifaux, you win some you lose some, but you learn from it. This was a great experience and I’m looking forward to more local events in the future. I had a ton of fun.
  5. 😁Hello all So recently I have been doing very well with Outcasts but I suffer from Magpie syndrome (always looking for new shiny toys) and the Ten Thunders have caught my eye. I've invested heavily and basically brought the whole faction and have the majority built. Originally it was Asami that caught my eye but i have 3 major events coming up in 3 weeks and around 9 days to learn the faction or at least one or two masters well before then. Learning Asami seems ok, the summons and stuff on top I thought could leave me panicking about what would be the correct summon at the time. So the reason for this blog is for me to track my games and lists and see how they have grown or what works/doesn't work for me. For my first game I told my local gaming group Misaki seems like a good way for me to get into the faction (being aggressive comes with Outcasts really). My opponent then 'randomized a game' and i am pretty sure it has been set up to go against what I think Misaki should be doing and to annoy me 😃. The pool is below. Looking at the schemes i decided Misaki flying over the board wasn't going to be best, although i am expecting to face Resurrectionists. Game one on my adventure is: Standard Deployment Surround them Hold up their forces Search the ruins Take prisoner Recover Evidence In advance we have both written lists and I have chosen to run Shen long who I have always liked the looks of. The crew I picture is: Shen long Cache of 5 Yang Wandering River Style Sensei Yu Peaceful waters Peasant Shadow Emissary Conflux of the Dawn Katanaka Crimeboss Lotus Eater Charm Warder Shadow Effigy I will post my opponents crew tomorrow. Reasons behind the crew. Katanka Crimeboss and Lotus eater both interest me and i have never had the opportunity to use them. 3 out of the 5 schemes require scheme markers so I am hoping this will create a lot of card draw alongside the Emissary. This will let me build a decent control hand to keep Shen long around. My thoughts are to throw Shen long into the Resser master with the extra attack from Yang and this will hopefully allow me to get the trigger off to stop them using SS to summon/prevent damage. The Charm warder is there to give the 0 action to Shen Long, mostly this is to make him 'Vanished 13' . i am not expecting Reeva or Seamus so I am hoping he will be in a small bubble with summoned minions with low WP. Shadow Effigy because hes cheap so why not.....
  6. Hello! This thread will serve as a place for me to post battle reports so I don't end up flooding the board with them. As the title suggests, the focus of this thread will be on my Outcast games with Parker Barrows, and a little Freikorp, Viktorias or whatever else I feel like playing on the side. This OP will be updated with links to each Battle Report as I complete them. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments are welcome! Outcasts Parker Barrows Games Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. McMourning - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Kaeris - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. C. Hoffman - 50ss Von Schill Games Von Schill vs. Zoraida - 50ss Von Schill vs. Viktoria of Ashes - 50ss Von Schill vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Von Schill vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Misaki (Outcast) Games Misaki vs. Lilith - 50ss Misaki vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss Misaki vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Misaki vs. Lady Justice - 50ss Misaki vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Yan Lo Games Yan Lo vs. Seamus - 50 SS (GG17) Gremlins Zipp Games Zipp vs. Reva - 50ss Ulix Games Ulix vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss - Partial Game Wong Games Wong vs. Molly - 50ss Mah Tucket Games Mah Tucket vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Brewmaster Brewmaster vs. Reva - 50ss Arcanists Rasputina Games Rasputina vs. Yan Lo (Resurrectionists) - 50ss Rasputina vs. Molly - 50ss
  7. Hi everyone. I very much want to play Misaki but I'm not sure if I'm building her right. The best list i could think of is as follows: Misaki-4ss -Stalking Bisento -Recalled Training -Smoke and Shadows Shang Sensei Yu -Wandering River Style Lone Swordsman/Katanaka Crime Boss (when i get them from the Gencon Sale) -Recalled Training 2xWokou Raiders Ten thunder brother So thats only 7 models. Is that too few? Also how is the list overrall? I feel like it can scheme, kill, and take a hit moderately well. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  8. Hey guys, Has anyone had success with three Wokou Raiders? The idea is to move them all together by using the built-in 'Drop It!' to trigger 'Ever Changing Wind' and leap-frog each raider up 3" at a time. Seems a good way to keep them all in combat, where they're relatively safer.
  9. Hi dudes! This weekend I played an aprox. 30 people tournament, and now I'll report ^^ I don´t remember all the things, for example I can't tell you the upgrades of enemy crew, and if you see something wrong tell me please! In my opinion I played this tournament good but a lot of fucking red jokers on dmg killed me xD So... lets go! ------------------------------------- Round 1 Colette(A) vs Jacob(TT) Schemes: Headhunter - close deployment Claim jump Frame for murder Leave you mark Show your force Hidden trap Colette [CC, AR, SotD] + 3ss Dove Cassandra [PP] Myranda [IE] Howard [IE] Performer Arcane Effigy Jacob Hungering Darkness Emissary Lust Wastrel Monk of Low River x2 Katanaka ------------------------------------- I take Frame for murder on Howard and Leave your mark, Jacob deploys first and put the 2 Katanakas on my face, so I deploys Cassandra and Howard to charge him on the first turn ------------------------------------- T1 I win the initiative Cassandra nimble+charge to kill 1 Katanaka, use defensive trigger for - Lust double defensive with an As and return it to his hand Howard nimble+charge to kill the other Katanaka Monk hit Lust cheat with As and As to trigger draw card, and do it again Dove does + on Ca for Colette Wastrel hit Lust cheat with As and As to trigger draw card, and do it again Arcane Effigy moves to pick head next turn Emissary push and push Hungering Darkness Performer moves to pick head next turn Hungering Darkness kill Cassandra with the first JR of the day... Colette summon Dove, prompt Myranda to reactivates, and moves Jacob moves Myranda move+move+turns into Cerberus Cerberus charge Jacob let him on 3 wounds Colette: 0Vp 6 miniatures Jacob: 3VP Frame for murder 6 miniatures ------------------------------------- T2 I win the initiative Howard IE+nimble+flurry Jacob to kill him Hungering Darkness hit Cerberus Cerberus hit Hungering Darkness let him on 2 wounds Emissary kills Cerberus Arcane Effigy picks one head Lust move Performer try lure Lust with 12 of crows in hand but he flips 13... Wastrel hit Howard Dove does + on Ca for Colette Monk move Colette prompt Howard to hit Emissary, move + hit Hungering Darkness and flips BJ on dmg... Colette: 1Vp Headhunter 4 miniatures Jacob: 4VP Show your force on Hungering 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- My oponent plays so slowly and the round is near to finish... =( T3 I win the initiative Colette kills Hungering + prompt Arcane Effigy to reactivates + prompt Howard to reactivates try force him to kill Howard or loss all his miniatures Emissary kills Howard Arcane Effigy moves and place a Scheme Marker Lust kills Performer Monk picks one head Wastrel shots Colette Colette: 4Vp Frame for murder + Leave your mark 1 miniature Jacob: 5VP Headhunter 4 miniatures ------------------------------------- First game loss I think that it's my worse game because my opponent plays so slowly, and his JR on Cassandra kills my Leave your mark strategy ------------------------------------- Round 2 Ramos(A) vs Perdita (G) Schemes: Extraction - standard deployment Claim jump Eliminate the leadership Accusation! Cover breakthrough Search the ruins Ramos [UP, CM, SotD] + 7ss Brass Arachnid Joss [IE] Howard [IE] Angelica [PP] Mobile Toolkit Malifaux Raptor Perdita Enslaved nephilim Francisco Brutal Effigy Emissary Abuela Nino Santiago ------------------------------------- I take Cover the breakthrough and Search the ruins, and deploys all my crew in a corner to be on save from Perdita's and other shots ------------------------------------- T1 He wins the initiative Malifaux Ramos fly Enslaved nephilim push Francisco and Perdita Mobile Toolkit gives + on Howard Emissary move Joss charge Mobile for 2 scrap markers Francisco gives El Mayor to Perdita, moves + defensive Ramos does 2 Arachnid with one of the scraps Nino shots something but doesn't do anything Arachnid move Santiago move Abuela + move Arachnid move Abuela move Brass Arachnid reactivates himself Perdita move + defensive Brass Arachnid reactivates Joss and Howard Brutal Effigy move Angelica push Joss and Howard Joss charge Santiago and kill him Howard charge Abuela and kill him Malifaux Raptor down in enemy square Ramos: 0Vp 8 miniatures Perdita: 0Vp 6 miniatures ------------------------------------- T2 He wins the initiative with 13... he wins all initiatives in that game even with my upgrade Seize of the Day Perdita JR and kill Howard, second JR of the day on dmg Joss IE and charge Francisco he flips three 13 on defense and survives Francisco hit Joss Angelica put scheme on Raptor, push Brass Arachnid and moves Enslaved nephilim push himself and push Perdita Malifaux Raptor fly Emissary move Ramos does 2 Arachnid with the other scrap Nino shots Ramos Arachnids move and interact Brutal Effigy move New Arachnid move arround Francisco to low df Brass Arachnid move Malifaux Raptor down in other enemy square Ramos: 1Vp Extraction 9 miniatures Perdita: 1Vp Extraction 6 miniatures ------------------------------------- T3 He wins the initiative with 12, I use stone because have 13 of crows to 2Ap atack from Joss 5/8/10 and paralyze Francisco... and can't win Perdita JR and kill Joss, third JR on dmg Ramos try summons Arachnids but BJ on summon... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, shots Francisco with -2 df and kill him Angelica put scheme on Raptor, moves and interact Enslaved nephilim push himself and push Perdita Malifaux Raptor fly Emissary hit an Arachnid but doesn't do anything Nino shots Brass Arachnid and kill him Arachnids move and interact Brutal Effigy and interact Malifaux Raptor down in center of enemy zone Ramos: 2Vp Extraction 8 miniatures Perdita: 2Vp Extraction 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- T4 He wins the initiative Perdita kills Ramos 3 Arachnid form an Arachnid Swarm Emissary bury Arachnid Swarm Angelica put scheme on Raptor, moves and interact Nino kills Angelica Malifaux Raptor fly Brutal Effigy and interact Arachnid move and interact Enslaved nephilim move Ramos: 3Vp Extraction 4 miniatures Perdita: 5Vp Eliminate the leadership 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- T5 The time finish he can't put out my scheme markers and I can't do nothing Ramos: 9Vp Search the ruins + Cover the breakthrough 4 miniatures Perdita: 8Vp Extraction + 2 Cover the breakthrough 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- Second game win Hate, no, you can't undertand me I REALLY HATE the fucking JR xD and the BJ... I think he had a good luck with JR and initiative, if I can started one turn in the game could be diferent Every turn I has spends stones to draw cards and I never saw a book higer than four, so can't summon 3 Arachnids ------------------------------------- Round 3 Sandeep(A) vs Misaki (TT) Schemes: Guard the stash - corner deployment Claim jump Dig their graves Recover evidence Set up Last stand Sandeep [CAP, US, SotD] + 7ss Joss [WR] Kudra [WR, FoMS] Oxfordian [TS, BW] Oxfordian [TS, DW] Oxfordian [TS, NW] Sanctioned Spellcaster Arcane Effigy Misaki Emberling Izamu Toshiro Yin Johan Monk of Low River ------------------------------------- I take Dig their graves and Claim jump, I waking up since 4:45, I'm tired xD ------------------------------------- T1 He wins initiative Arcane Effigy move Yin move Oxfordian move and copy Sandeep push for push him, and Sandeep with the AP from book move Toshiro move Oxfordian move Izamu move Oxfordian try teleport but fails and move Emberling move Sanctioned Spellcaster move Johan move Kudra move and put forest Monk move Joss move Misaki move and stalks Sandeep Sandeep teleport + move + summon IceG with + + summon Banasuba engaged with Yin, Toshiro, Monk and Johan IceG do +1dmg Banasuba hit Yin but only do 4dmg with 3 Aps and + from the IceG Sandeep: 0Vp 10 miniatures Misaki: 0Vp 7 miniatures ------------------------------------- T2 I win initiative Sandeep summon PoisonG engaged with Misaki + teleport + focus + shot Yin... and flip only weak dmg Misaki move into engagement range and charge Sandeep... I doesn't expect that, but np 12wd + imposible wound + 5 stones... Misaki flip the FOURTH JR on dmg and kill him... Banasuba kills Yin and hit Johan Johan kills Banasuba and Banasuba explodes, fire + dmg for everyone The rest of our crew moves to positioning Johan dies from burning Sandeep: 1Vp Guard the stash 8 miniatures Misaki: 2Vp Last stand + Guard the stash 5 miniatures ------------------------------------- T3 I win initiative Joss paralize Izamu with his 2Ap atack Misaki charge on Oxfordian and kill him Toshiro charge Joss Kudra kills Monk The rest of our crews positioning and interact Sandeep: 4Vp Claim jump + Guard the stash 7 miniatures Misaki: 2Vp Guard the stash 4 miniatures ------------------------------------- T4 I win initiative Joss kills Izamu Misaki charge on Joss and the fifth JR on dmg ladies and gentlemens!!! Toshiro move Kudra stay for Claim jump The rest of our crews positioning and interact Sandeep: 5Vp Dig thei graves 6 miniatures Misaki: 3Vp Guard the stash 3 miniatures ------------------------------------- Third game win JR another time fuck my game, can't belive that ------------------------------------- Conclusion Really nice tournament and travel, nice games and in the end I won a mystery box with a special edition performer and can change it for a special edition firestarter ^^ The only thing i hates is the destiny and the BJ and RJ IMO JR are so powerful, I agree in the case can pick RJ even with - flips but weak + severe are so much, only do severe are ok for me... Hope you enjoy that report, sry for my bad english and sry to doesn't have photos to be more funny to read, and thx for all!!!
  10. I've mainly been an Arcanists player until recently when I decided to break into 10T (Mei Feng turned out to be a gateway drug). Right now I'm quite interested in playing Misaki and have acquired a number of pieces which I've tried out in a game or two, but I'm feeling kind of swamped when it comes to picking further options for expanding what I have here. With no further ado, here's what is currently in my grubby mits: The Thunder box Mei Feng Box Rail Golem Metal Gamin Shadow Emissary Samurai Wokou Raiders Oiran Lust So determining where to go from here has been a little tricky. I see that I could use potentially better scheme runners than what I have available (I like the Oiran models but I'm not really sure about trusting them...I might just chop them up and mod some Jorogumo if I get any). For that end I've been considering the following based off of what I've seen on the forums: Tengu 10T Bros Any other suggestions? For some more ranged options I'm pretty torn between the Katanaka Snipers and the Archers, I'm honestly not quite sure which would work better with Misaki here. I've been looking at the Bunraku (I assume they can be used at least) just as a general option, or maybe some Obsidian Oni as both seem like they could be an interesting linclude if they're compatible. I'm still very much feeling out this faction and what is available to me, as much of what is in 10T is new to me and just doesn't see much use in local meta here. Any advice on what would work nicely with what I have thus far (especially with Misaki) is welcome advice.
  11. Hivemind, I have recently run into some trouble with the Guild. Prominently against Lady Justice (probably something to do with Yan Lo). My standard tactics of tying up key models and cutting down the rest have not been working as well. So I write this both to learn and to share what are the Guild's strengths? What are their weaknesses? Here is what I have so far; Guild Strengths: High damage output, Cheap Armor +x, Lots of Shooting Guild Weakness: Elite crews, Guild Keywords: Critical Strike +x, Armor +x, Bury
  12. Been dusting off my collection these past few weeks and one of the groups of figures i would like to play with is my outcast collection. Since I didn't see a recent thread on misaki (ill admit to not looking all that hard ;p ) i thought i ask what some thoughts and suggestions on her are. Also i have a small VS crew of the old metals, just added the steam trunk and will prob pick up a few things like Hanna, Anna, Lazarus... As for misaki does she cover some of the strats/schemes that von shill might not be good into? Does she like to play with some of the last blossum models from TT? ( i have a bunch of tt stufff like oiran, misaki's box, Yamaziko) or does she fill a very similare role to VS? I ask b/c i have them both:)
  13. Hi all, Unsure on exactly how this would work out: Misaki's errata gave her Downburst action a new trigger that allows her to take a Thunder action against the target of the downburst, ignoring range. If the Malifaux child were to use Just Like You to copy Downburst, and was able to get the 11 required to trigger this Thunder attack, would it be allowed to take it? Additionally, if it can, would the Thunder action suffer the damage flip that Just Like You causes? Cheers
  14. Hello guys, i'm relatively new to the game and never posted on a forum before (so excuses if i'm posting wrong or on the wrong topic). I am wondering how Levi will do against a Misaki TT crew. I made a crew with Levi (from ashes), Rusty (from the eather), Ashes, Gunslinger and Johan (plus two hollow waifs ofcourse). Crew is made for summoning abominations with no starting abo's. Misaki will probably be base crew plus katanaka sniper and a brother or two. Any ideas in advance?
  15. Hi Everyone, In my club we have few games after January Errata and including new models. I need to notice that few last realized miniatures are tottaly imbalansed - which ruin game balance "Yasunori" - this enforcer with 12 cc is totaly better then any other model. He is faster, deal more damage then other heavy hitters with same "game role"... I play Neverborn and my best heavy hitter is Nekima but she cost 13, not so fast, deal less damage. Another Overpowered model from new book is "Witchling Thrall" - compare it with Teddy - Thrall is much better but cost 9 !!! Have these models pass game tests ? All our club players are totaly dissapointed because such miniatures ruin game, it is permanently in all TT rosters, all TT games just because it is far ahead over other models in faction... And now another "good" news from Errata, I totally cannot understand why Ironsides and Misaki become so strong. Both are hard counter for ML models, now you can kill yourself just hitting Ironsides and in case if you didn't took models with Ca and Sh actions which can make threat to master with 14 wounds - you auto loose, she just run in to your models and kill everything, then got heal Misaki even more overpowered right now, Really from dat Errata seems like there are only two masters in TT faction (Asami and Misaki) other are even not close to these two stars. Lets look more closely - Master with DF6 and WP 7 which can be increased to WP 8 by adding "Servant of Dragons" and even WP 9 if Oiran is near. Then she add "Disguise" Upgrade and cannjot be charged and finaly last one for example "on wings of wind"... So what we have now - master DF6 WP9, which cannot be charged and have bullet proff More over if soul stones is over she have + to DF - that is great, But now she has 0 action "Dealy Dance" which allow her to push 3!!! after enemy model ends walk action within 2 of her, so here is the question - who can heart her? I don't mean lucky flip I mean really who is a treat for her? the answer is - only models with 3 ml range which can walk to her and after that make 1-2 attacks, not so many models in game... Probably models with shooting attacks can but in my faction (Neverborn) there are not so many such models plus bullet proof and + flip to DF... Ca vs WP - vs 9 WP! ridiculous. I can understand such great defence on model which is "tank" but She is one of the greates heavy hitters in the game. Really have these been tested ? Just Take Yasunori + Misaki and while you try catch one of them they two will kill key models who have ML range 2 or SH attack which can pass through DF6 with + and that's all - after that she became immposible to hit. Also I as neverborn player expected in this errata that our "weak" models will get buff... Actually I mean Barbaros and Candy - both henchmns who rarely in game. Barbaros is great, but he cost 10! Compare it with Guild Jurde or Francisco pls? both cheaper and better. Candy - no commentrs at all - yes her abilities is good, but CA 5 while you let appear in game models with WP9 (Misaki or Perdita) pfff. And her manipulative is lower then even on Chagelenig but she is henchman with cost of 9 !!! And last one is "Silurid" 7CC cost for what ? useless model, when these will get buff ? Have anyone ideas or suggestions how to play against overbuffed models ?
  16. So how exactly does the bonus walk work when Sensei Yu copies Misaki's Stalk ability? I get that she can then use her zero action as an attack against it then, but if the stalked model moves, what are my options? A ) Misaki gets to walk toward the stalked model B ) Sensei Yu gets to walk toward it C ) I get to choose either Misaki or Sensei Yu to walk toward it D ) Something else "A" would be my guess, but I'm having trouble finding a ruling or clarification, and I want to make sure that I play it correctly. Thank you.
  17. Hello guys, I've just started playing Malifaux and bought Misaki's crew. Could you guys give me some advices on what would be good crew members to add, I'm thinking of adding Yamiziko and some Oiran to the her crew. Thanks-
  18. Hey everyone so for the divergent paths game this week I'm really thinking about playing misaki with a bunch of tanky heavy hitters since I plan on going with the trickster and its blind deployment. Jorogumo are definitely gonna be in the list, and I've been thinking heavily about a ronin or two. But I've also been thinking about grimwell and bishop in the list, grimwell with I pay better and oathkeeper to make him hit like a truck, and bishop with oathkeeper do to the damage he can dish out. what do you guys normally recommend for outcast misaki when it isn't a smoke and shadows sort of crew? What are some other cool things I might think about adding?
  19. Please help me. In this upgrade there is Ability "The Thunder Calls" - so if Master kill one model it immediately gain 1 general AP? but what if Master During activation kills 3 models - will Misaki get additional AP for each kill or just one ?
  20. The host over at Schemes & Stones podcast wrote up a 50s battle report Ironsides vs Misaki(outcast). The battle report focuses on dissecting mistakes and learning. Pictures are included from Vassal so you'll get a top down view of each turn. http://midwestwargaming.com/malifaux-hindsight-learning-1/ Ironside’s Crew (opponent) Ironsides (Arcane Reservior, Challenge the Crowd, Warding Runes) – 6ss cache Mouse – 4ss Gunsmith – 7ss Johan (Imbued Energies) – 7ss Oxfordian Mage (Blood Ward) – 6ss The Captain (Patron’s Blessing) – 10ss The Firestarter (Imbued Energies) – 7ss Misaki’s Crew (mine) Misaki (Oathkeeper, Stalking Bisento, Tally Sheet) – 2ss cache Freikorps Librarian – 7ss Hodgepodge Effigy – 4ss Hodgepodge Emissary (Conflux of Thunder) – 10ss Jorogumo – 9ss Ronin – 6ss Strongarm Suit – 10ss
  21. Hi, I'm not entirely new to Malifaux as I had played 1st edition a few times with my old Lady J crew, but for 2nd edition I decided to play Ten Thunders. Admittedly, it was for the Asian themes which I love! I play Japanese Sectorial Army in Infinity and Mishima in Warzone Resurrection so you can see where my tastes lie. I've played Ten Thunders a couple of times in 2nd edition but haven't always found them easy to get to grips with. I think so far I've won two games out of about five and I know I still have a bit of learning to do. I'm also a bit of an enthusiastic collector and so far have amassed a reasonable arsenal of models! I'm looking for advice on what I have. Please stick to just this list as apart from the Rail Crew and Dark Debts (and possibly the Crossroads Seven) boxes I don't plan on getting anything too major for a while. Masters- Misaki, Lucas McCabe, The Brewmaster, Mei Feng, Jakob Lynch. Totems- Shang, Luna, Kamaitachi, Emberling, Hungering Darkness. Henchmen- Sidir Alchebal, Ototo, Yamaziko, Kang, Hungering Darkness. Enforcers- The Lone Swordsman, 3 Samurai, Yin the Penangalan. Minions- 3 Torakage, 3 Thunder Archers, 3 Tengu, 3 Wastrels, Dawn Serpent, 2 Komainu, 3 Oiran, 2 Katanaka Snipers, 3 Rail Workers, 4 Illuminated (one's purple), 3 Fermented River Monks. Not Exactly Ten Thunders Minions and Such- 3 Ronin, 2 Guild Guard, 2 Guild Austringers, 4 Guild Hounds, 3 Moon Shinobi, Apprentice Wesley, Fingers, Johan, Whiskey Golem. I was thinking of getting the Rail Crew for the more durable characters inside it (EDIT- Bought them!) and the Dark Debts (EDIT- Bought this too) boxes to try out the Illuminated.
  22. So on the drive back from the Scottish Doubles GT event, I did a spot of thinking about an idea for a themed crew for Misaki, and discussed it somewhat with my arch-nemesis and regular opponent Argentbadger (aka Paul). I tried it out the other night in a game against said arch-nemesis, and somewhat to my surprise actually beat him for the first time in my Malifaux career. (To be fair, he had handicapped himself by playing Levi, who he is less familiar with). So, I give you, The Seven Samurai! Misaki - Stalking Bisento, Recalled Training The Lone Swordsman - Recalled Training Samurai - Favour of Jigoku Samurai - Favour of Earth Katanaka Sniper Ronin Ronin Cache - 3SS Yeah, so technically Misaki probably isn't a Samurai but hey. The crew has good shooting threat with two gatling guns (One of which can fire without risk of ripping the poor Samurai's shoulder off if it misses), and the sniper, and the entire crew is a threat in melee. The Swordsman represents a serious threat, particularly if you can pull off a recalled training - charge - you shall not see another sunrise combo. (I managed it vs Argentbadger and it resulted in the death of Hannah and an opposing Ronin!). The Earth Samurai is a good solid tank to push forward with 9 wounds and armour 2, though you could swap him to Heavens if you needed more flanking/scheme running mobility. The Ronin do a pretty good job in the scheme-running stakes however. And Misaki? Well, she does what Misaki does. Highly mobile and very choppy. Overall it was quite a bit of fun to play and has a nice theme feel to it, so I figured I'd share. (That and I'm having a bit of a slow day at work). Enjoy
  23. Hey everyone! I'm very interested in Malifaux--the sculpts are beautiful. The master that I'm most interested in is Misaki. Unfortunately I don't have much income to throw around getting models I think might make a good list. So I'm here to ask for help! What do you y'all think I should get to start playing some Malifaux with a Misaki master?
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