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  1. The subtle effect of the skirt's folds gives me LIFE. Amazing work.
  2. GREMLINS 4 LYFE Pigs. Catapults. Dynamite. War rabbits. Roosters with saddles. Oversized spoons. Voodoo. Swamp monsters. Giant mosquitos. Moonshine. Hats.
  3. To be clear, as a gift, not a sale. Gotta take care of our own, I think.
  4. You play Arcanists, then? I have an extra Coryphee box, still on sprue, that I'd love to offer up to help you rebuild your team.
  5. Rubber sticky things you can buy at a hardware store. Slap em on the corners of the underside of your boards and voila!
  6. I'm wildly behind at photographing my crews. It's on the list, which is...long. I've had some luck - but still ultimately lost - with combo'ing Shot in the Rear, Sooey, and another Shot in the Rear. Husbandry is pretty important. Aside from that, I'm still learning.
  7. Looks great! I also recently began playing with Ulix. Changes everything, since I'm used to Ophelia and her kooky cousins. Do you like the different style of play?
  8. I really like all your unboxing articles. They've helped me on more than one occasion decide between model purchases. Keep up the awesome work.
  9. Holy hell, thank you! Sending you a message now!
  10. That would be amazing! I'm in Chicago, so domestic shipping would be best, and I'd obviously pay for it!
  11. Thank you! Base is game-legal, 30mm. The whole thing is around 5". This was the first time I've tried that technique with water effects gel, layering with Nurgle Rot, and it took forever!
  12. CgRl2ykUEAAM0sO.jpg:large

    Iron Painter, round 2 submission: "Better Off (Un)Dead."

  13. Yep, I'm having the exact same issue uploading as I did last round. I've tried three different image sizes, all of them below the maximum MB, but get an error message. Sent Curtis an email with my image, and am going to put it in my profile, too, just for good measure.
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