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  1. I got a spare Von Schill model (bought 2 box sets) so I may be tempted to do some conversion work...
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know of a suitable tracked vehicle which looks like the Steamtrunk I could use as an alternative Hodgepodge Emissary in a Von Schill crew?
  3. After messing about with various different factions and crews, I have decided to return to my original faction of choice - Neverborn. Starting off with the Dreamer crew
  4. HI all, Still struggling to choose a faction in Malifaux - I have a tendancy to go for Lawful Evil factions - what faction(s) would fall into Lawful Evil in Malifaux terms?
  5. One of my regular opponents has now bought Kirai, and all those spirits being summoned is making it very difficult to keep Rasputina safe. Also recently came across the Viks, who were in my deployment zone very quickly and causing havoc in the back line. I have recently purchased Snow Storm, who should help things somewhat. I find shattered heart too valuable to not take.
  6. I have actually settled on Arcanists as my faction. I am playing exclusively as Rasputina at present, but I have all the Arcanist box sets except for Kaeris, and a metric of ton of mercs. I do feel I am better suited to Arcanists than Outcasts, and I am pretty satisfied with my choice at present. I am looking forward to trying out the Oxfordian Mages.
  7. I needed more Ice Gamin and a second Ice Golem never hurt anyone, so I thought I would treat myself!
  8. As Viruk mentioned, this is the Wendigo without the annoying human victim attached. Had to buy another Children of December box set to do it. I attached the hand, removed the thumb and stuck it on the other side of the hand itself, a bit of greenstuff and it was all done.
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