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  1. I am assembling my Dreamer crew. I have the Stiched Together, Dreamer Box, and Teddy and Bandersnatch are on order. It seems like Widow Weaver is a really useful model. Are there other models with really good synergies that may or may not be Nightmares I should look at adding?
  2. I've been playing Jack Daw and thoroughly enjoying myself. I want to switch it up a bit though. I want to play a crew that has some big scary dudes that can tear some stuff up. Jack Daw's crew is cool but his control and avoidance play style isn't always what I feel like. I was thinking of Dreamer since Neverborn has some big cool monsters and his play style still seems to be tricky enough to keep my interest. TL;DR. QUESTIONS 1. Do I have the right assumptions about his play style? 2. What other big monsters can he SUMMON (i.e. has the nightmare characteristic) I like the ide
  3. So I grabbed Jaakuna and Lazarus. I haven't fielded Lazarus yet but I did play two games with JU. I don't feel like I am getting the most out of her kit. The hazardous terrain is nice but Im sure there are ways to squeeze more utility out of her. Additionally, in the two games I played, I was having a tough time getting my opponents models tormented. Jack Daw was able to hit Lady J with a curse but past that everyone else failed their flips. . . really poor luck.
  4. How does he get an extra curse? What does the "cursed" keyword mean?
  5. So after taking a year or so off, I'm looking at getting back into Malifaux. I have my Jack Daw crew (box set) and two "The Hanged" but wanted to expand a little bit to get more versatility in my games. I want to be around the $60 mark. I was thinking of grabbing Jaaka Ubume and a box of The Drowned. With all of Jack's movement tricks, making large sections of the board toxic seems like a lot of fun. OR I was going to grab a Crossroad Seven Box but wasn't sure if I would get utility out of all of the models without supplementing them with even more minis. I'm open to hearing yo
  6. I was wondering who has played with the Crossroad Seven. As a crew I was wondering what their play style was like and how versatile they would be incorporated into other crews.
  7. this is true but he has enough movement tricks and resiliency with "Oldest Magic" that if he is dying either you really messed up or the opponent spent several activations locking you down and killing you
  8. So I finally beat him. It only took 4 games and a ton of advice. Just wanted to say thank you all for the help I still think that I need to find a way to counter his high mobility and the possiblity of having hordes of spider running schemes everywhere but I was able to win at least one.
  9. Psalm 1:4 " The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away " I am playing Jack Daw and his crew has really good single target lock down and destroy potential (If I focus 2-3 models to the task I can take down most models in a single turn) however where I feel my crew is currently weak is killing multiple enemies (mostly against summoner crews like Hamlin and Ramos). I was thinking of grabbing the Xroads7 but who would be a good addition for wiping this trash off my table?
  10. I haven't played Hamelin yet but I do play Jack Daw. . . a lot. Jack Daw took me a while to understand. He has some really great model synergies which I think is really fun. When I play him there are so many control effects going on it feels like some models get multiple activations just because everything is getting pushed around or "re-used" by Twist and Turn
  11. Anyone playing with a proxy for Jaakuna Ubume? What models are you using?
  12. How did you paint the small ropes binding the arms and legs of the Hanged 1?
  13. Dang. . . . That is annoying. I'm building a Jack Daw crew and they would be a great addition
  14. Go away SpiderGuy! You aren't welcome here with your summoning and your spider crap! Get lost! (this is my adversary trying to creep in)
  15. Do we have any news on when the new "The Drowned" will be available?
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