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  1. Now that's a very interesting thought! The slop hauler was only there as a filler and as a model that synergized with the whole "buffs to melee" theme. Having an alt Lenny would probably work better. As I said this is a fun list where the theme is more important than its competitiveness although it has to somehow work. Depending on how well it'll work in 3e I might even think about getting some extra models for conversion purposes
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I'll have yo give that a thought. It won't look very thematic, but mah didn't either, so it's a matter of making it work I guess.
  3. So, I made a wrestling theme crew just for fun in M2E that was comprised of the following members: Mah Tucket Little lass Bishop (alt sculpt, for theme purposes ) Mancha Roja 3x wrastlers Slop hauler and some upgrades. However, with M3E I'm not sure this list is still legal. Since the NDA has been lifted, do any of you kind beta testers have any suggestion on how to get a somehow similar list going on? It doesn't have to be competitive, it just has to kind of work. The idea on the original list was to have a melee focused list that was thematic (hence the use of bishop instead of our emissary. Purely thematic reasons)
  4. Sorry about misleading you, I wrote this on mobile a bit on a rush. What I meant by news was actually activity in this forum and the community in general. I think its selfish to subscribe to the beta just to read info about the upcoming game if I don't plan to actively provide meaningful feedback. It feels wrong to me to know I might be taking someone else's place and that someone could be doing a much better job than me testing it.
  5. Just because it's regular doesn't make it a good thing. It kind of made it clear to me how small the gremlin player base really is, since all I read is that we're under represented in the beta and it seems like everyone who was a regular here just got into the beta. I didn't sub to the beta because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to give any meaningful feedback, but this total lack of news got me looking somewhere else for some green skinned action.
  6. Like people already said, he is crazy good when its almost sure your opponent will have to drop scheme markers. He is very slippery and can take a beating if you have the stones to burn on dmg prevention, especially after eating enemy scheme markers. Funnily enough I take him more often with non zipp masters.
  7. I'm cautious about it. I'm afraid we'll lose a lot of identity if reckless and the funny/bad triggers disappear. But there's no point in speculating. I'll just keep playing m2e until m3e comes out then we'll see
  8. As someone else commented in a other thread, my trick to keep the bayous alive is to force the opponent to choose between spending resources on them vs something more expensive. I can't seem to get them to win a single attack flip, but they always score VP for me in the form of scheme markers. An extra AP turn 3 can mean 2 markers in a turn. That alone is worth 3SS. However, like people have said already, I haven't used them in GG18 yet. I find myself using elite-y crews more and more
  9. He is also immune to conditions, which can be stupidly bad:no focus, no defensive stance, no trying to get some buff conditions to try and compensating for the terrible df and wp. I don't think he's unplayably bad or anything, but if I try to build a crew around his buffs to justify his cost, he gets focused hard. If I don't build a crew at least a bit around it, he's just lackluster. I still love the model and I'll eventually get my hands on the alt model, especially since I'm making a for fun wrestling crew (complete with a makeshift boxing ring).
  10. Actually I remember reading a lot of people being vocal about their dislike for the standard hungering darkness sculpt. The same with m2e nekima sculpt, so that was probably the reason
  11. cfrag

    Nightmare Ulix box

    It's actually the first nightmare edition crew that I don't like The problem is not the concept in itself, but somehow i dislike the models. It's a shame, since gremlins are my only faction and its kinda ironic that these will probably be the only limited/alt models on the faction that I won't get
  12. I believe fingers + zipp is crazy good, because you can play zipp the way he's meant to be played (aggressively!) and not worry if he's dying or not. Your opponent will most likely kill him or fingers, but it's super hard to kill both! Zipp can also be used to cover fingers should your opponent choose to focus him. I used both in a symbols of authority game with some schemes that involved markers in the center and it was insane! Fingers scored lots of VP while zipp ensured copious amounts of disruption on the opponents plans
  13. I kind of feel the same. Instead of complaining here in the forums I instead chose to just not buy models from this latest wave. This is a big change for me though, since I have nearly all m2e gremlins there are ( including limited editions). So, even if @PolishSausage may come as abrasive, at least he cares enough about the game to post here in the forums. I just don't care enough since I play 1game/month on average and I have enough models to last me a lifetime, so I'd say he's doing a lot more for the game than I am, even if his words come out wrong. That s exactly how I feel. There's no way I'm buying those flying pigs when I don't particularly like the model and already have 1 taxidermist and 5 stuffed that never see play.
  14. I think he meant wild boars, hence the 5ss cost.
  15. This! There's always one enemy miniature with relatively low wp. You just need to keep 1 card or maybe 1card+ss to shut that model down for one turn, especially if he has already activated( just put it over the line between 2 quarters or in the center bubble). If you do that to 2 models every turn, it will win you the game
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