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  1. sycorax

    Burn baby Burn

    Very nice use of light there. And good choice on the Hasslefree miniature too!
  2. @Kai Is the timer at the top of the thread a day out? I thought this round ended at 23:59 PST Monday. Well that's only 12 hours... not a day and 10?
  3. I decided to pass this year but I see a lot of returning names... May the best brush win GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!
  4. Ooh... Socialite zombies from Through the Breach
  5. 2 of our fated got sucked into the bag and 2 didnt before they managed to kill zhong kui. Do the players who play alt characters as described in the conclusion do so at their act 3 level? @Mason?
  6. Oh my! Bob Ross Gremlin!!! So much need. Love alt viks as well but that gremlin is amazing
  7. Just had the holly on the hem of her dress pointed out to me! Holy hell dude! Amazing work!
  8. Every round I am amazed by your work. This is no exception. Beautiful
  9. The people opened a breach of their own... But it went wrong and now they are being sucked in!
  10. This is a sublime interpretation of the theme! Everything that could go wrong with 600 light cavalry charging a cannon emplacement, did go wrong. And it's excellently painted too! You should be very proud
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