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  1. Malifaux Hamelin the Plagued. Painted showcase video.
  2. Malifaux Molly Squidpiddge. Painted showcase video.
  3. Guild Ball Salt Fishermen guild mascot. Painted showcase video. I talk about how I sculpted the fish market stall base from milliput & green stuff.
  4. I react to the release new Malifaux Dreamer concept art and 3D renders. And announcement of M3E open beta.
  5. Guild Ball Corsair Fishermen guild captain. Painted showcase video. I talk about how I sculpted the base from milliput.
  6. I remade the first video on this channel. Salute 2012 Fantasy Unit 2nd place. Bushido Temple of Ro-Kan Force. Because the original was a test version uploaded by mistake.
  7. I unbox Moonstone - Two Player Starter Set & Bushido Minimoto Clan Starter Set. This is basically my Christmas loot. I'll start working on these in the near future. I'm already thinking about designing bases. I also mention some of my plans for future videos.
  8. Malifaux Lady Justice. Painted showcase video 360 degrees view.
  9. I converted Malifaux Bishop to look like Iron Maiden mascot Eddie. Painted showcase video. 360 degrees view.
  10. Malifaux, Ama No Zako painted showcase video. 360 degrees view. Painted this a year ago. But it got posted on YouTube just now.
  11. Here's the 4th Drowned Earth miniature I painted. Hosk. 360 degrees showcase. The Firm faction will soon be complete.
  12. It's been a while, but a lot has happened. Finding time to paint becomes harder and harder. Anyway, just finished this. Her name is Lissz. And she's from Drowned Earth range. 360 degrees painted showcase.
  13. Iron Painter round 2 Water water everywhere part 2 Wild West Exodus Nimue. Finishing water base. Even more water.
  14. Iron Painter round 1 part 6 Malifaux Ama no Zako. Painting OSL Object source Lighting.
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