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  1. I just saw the pic of her in Crossroads and thought, I wish they would do the standing version, it's so much nicer than the kneeling version on the card. So this is pretty good news for me
  2. TLOS works fine in games that don't use dynamic posing, I guess the guys behind Malifaux didn't want to be lumbered with boring poses for the sake of TLOS, so came up with the height system and dynamic models. It works fine in Malifaux, other systems could probably take their lead in this TLOS is best in WWII games or other historical systems, where you wouldn't have people surfing about on 6 foot long coffins etc.
  3. And I couldn't make head nor tale of Candy's ability untill I saw this thread either Cheers. The downside of using "this model" "the opponent" and so on.. does this model mean the model who's card I have, or the model I put the spell on? Etc, sometimes gets a bit confused.
  4. Looks like an awesome tool, the sheets I grabbed so far either came up short on something or had it outright missing. WIll put these to good use! Thanks.
  5. Element is great, but no faster than anyone else when it comes to shipping out of stock items. That said, my last element order was due to ship the day i received it lol, placed it about 30 mins before the last post, they are really good. And they didn't remove their loyalty bonus either, unlike some
  6. I feel your pain, mine gave up the ghost while I was clipping a different part of the sprue sadly, now he is a little shorter than he should be lol. The Strap on mine is on his left side waist, pretty much where your belt would be.on his left leg around his thigh he has a little strap moulded on, a little way up from there, perhaps 1 cm, is where I have my strap attached. Attached it reaches up to his left arm at the shoulder.
  7. Look amazing! I take it the big guy in pic one is a mature?
  8. Cheers. Only played one game so far and although I didn't make many mistakes, it can be hard to learn a new system, especially with the rules of a dozen others floating about in my crowded mind! Obv I will miss things till I get more time in the game.
  9. If LoS is drawn from the sides of bases, then even base 2 base there will be no LoS between 2 models in smoke. As the sides of the base are not the parts touching, and they are still in the smoke... who knows I guess I missed the 1" rule on cover lol, time to head back to the rulebook.
  10. Bit of a bump I know, but lowest chooses to cheat first, doesn't that mean that if they choose not to, you then can? Is there a rule that says I may not cheat, just because my opponent declined to?
  11. tinfish


    Got it now, it says "May take". And she gets an upgrade that lets her take 2 (0) actions per turn, so Lilith has some handy things going for her. Thanks.
  12. tinfish


    One of my first purchases too. Still trying to get my head around her Cherubs (1) interactions = (0) interactions.. I suspect the "only one (0) interact action per turn", still applies? Which would explain her Upgrade, which lets her have 2 (0) actions per turn.
  13. There will likely be a lag between the USA getting it and the UK getting it, but that could actually depend on where they are printed. USA "ought" to have it first.. but don't qoute me on that.
  14. Listed as expected Jan 14 in most UK online stores. I want it now No fluff in the little book.
  15. Game is hard to learn, lack of a simple starter guide makes things slow going too. You won't be the first person to do something just because you got the rule wrong
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