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  1. I find myself confused about "spirits in the flames" what does this actually do?
  2. So as I am getting my Kirai list in order my GF is starting out Malifaux with a Reva box, she also has a rotten belle she snagged of me, a carrion emmisary and Yin. What should we buy to get her a good starting list for fun and playing reva?
  3. so what list would you suggest as a starter list for kirai?
  4. Is hanged still a good model with Kirai? and is he worth it at the added cost? Also what about the carrion effigy?
  5. Great gameplay points, still holding out for a basic starting list, I never played a summoner so I am uncertain what to actually include to start with and what to leave out to summon it later
  6. So I have a kirai crew from old and want to get started playing M3e. I put together my Kirai crew late in m2e and never played her also I am still a beginner when it comes to Malifaux in general. What is a good starting list for 50SS and what extra models do I need for summons?
  7. So in my collection from before I have, 1 hanged, 1 drowned and two nurses, I also have an assortment of guild autopsies, crooked men and punk zombies will this help me at all ?
  8. I played a little Malifaux a year back and want to get back in the game. I love the Japanese style and sad story of Kirai. What boxes do I need to field a 50SS Kirai Crew that would give me a solid base to build on?
  9. Hmm again the need for Von Schill box just for those two models .... getting a bit tired of the need for a trapper and librarian in all the other crews
  10. Yes give me this box now! I need a Librarian and a trapper. And I don' want Von Shill.
  11. What does survivalist do and more importantly, where do I get it?
  12. So do I find these cards in the core rulebook? I have the rules only one but would spring for the core rulebook if I get th cards in there as well...
  13. I am interested in the Von Schill and Aionus PM me
  14. So do I really need to buy a faction deck only to get oathkeeper and I pay better? Is there no other way to solve this?
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