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  1. olterman

    Starting out with Kirai

    So in my collection from before I have, 1 hanged, 1 drowned and two nurses, I also have an assortment of guild autopsies, crooked men and punk zombies will this help me at all ?
  2. I played a little Malifaux a year back and want to get back in the game. I love the Japanese style and sad story of Kirai. What boxes do I need to field a 50SS Kirai Crew that would give me a solid base to build on?
  3. olterman

    Looking into Levi

    Hmm again the need for Von Schill box just for those two models .... getting a bit tired of the need for a trapper and librarian in all the other crews
  4. olterman

    Freikorps Trapper and Librarian Box Sets Needed

    Yes give me this box now! I need a Librarian and a trapper. And I don' want Von Shill.
  5. What does survivalist do and more importantly, where do I get it?
  6. olterman

    Faction deck?!

    So do I find these cards in the core rulebook? I have the rules only one but would spring for the core rulebook if I get th cards in there as well...
  7. olterman

    H: Painted Outcasts - SOLD!

    I am interested in the Von Schill and Aionus PM me
  8. olterman

    Faction deck?!

    So do I really need to buy a faction deck only to get oathkeeper and I pay better? Is there no other way to solve this?
  9. olterman

    New player, Tara and the next step

    Ok so I have ordered the Jack Daw box and I ordered bishop, oh and killjoy. I also decided to get myself a box of viktorias as well because chicks with swords (and I get Taelor) .... Hannah, Nurses and Johan were out of stock in the store where I order, so next time. Now when would I choose what master? I get that this will get second nature as I get more games under my belt but for now.....
  10. olterman

    New player, Tara and the next step

    What would you reccomend as a starting list with Jack given my existing models and maybe adding one or two
  11. olterman

    New player, Tara and the next step

    Hmm, after much contemplation I realise that I don't really wanna run a resser crew, so I am leaning to going into more outcasts. which means I guess that many of my models are a bit superflous, Since Tara is a bit tricky I am thinking of some more straight forward playstyle for my second master. Wondering if Jack daw is my guy or if I should go for some straight forward violence with victorias ..... decisions, decisions ...
  12. olterman

    New player, Tara and the next step

    Ok so what would a molly list look like? I am thinking I will get me Hannah, KIlljoy and Bete... But I don't know ...
  13. So I have been dragged kicking and screaming through the breach and found that I enjoy card shuffling and Weird (wyrd?!) gothic steampunk. I have the following models in my box Tara Karina Nothing Beast 3x Void Wretches 3x Guild Autopsies 3x Crooked men 3x Punk Zombies 1x Death Marshal 1x Hanged 1x Drowned Not played much so far but for 35ss I generally play a bury game have yet to get the hang of using fast/slow effectively, So I default to this list Tara Karina Nothing Beast 3x Void Wretches Death Marshal Now my question is where do I go fro here, Have been looking at buying Hannah and KillJoy but I would love to have the option of another master to be able to choose different play styles.