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  1. Ran Molly solo at UK nationals and she didn't disappoint. Wins versus Zipp, McMourning and Ironsides(twice), draws against Molly and Dreamer and a loss against Sandeep. Ended up using a pretty small pool, the only non keyword models being the rider who was probably in 5 of my 7 lists and bonepiles who were probably in all 7(reducing the effigy to watching from the sidelines). The Marshall was in almost every list, decent secondary damage dealer in a pinch, summoned when needed(replacing dead crooligans) and generally helping Molly control my half of the board. I found I ended up taking 8/9 model lists over elite lists every game, and the activation control and speed of the crew seemed to overcome the lack of hitting outside of Archie and the rider. I found opponents respect Archie so much they give him too much room due to his threat range, and as soon as he switches into scheme runner/crooligan delivery system its usually too late to catch up. Molly herself played a reactive role, and her toolbox allowed a lot of flexibility. It took until game 7 for someone to actually try killing her, and my opponent comfortably removed her with stitched and chompy. There was a high TT presence, but luckily I managed to avoid Shenlong all weekend. All in all an enjoyable 7 games.
  2. Thanks for a great event. Fully recovered now. See you next year.
  3. Looking for the TT half of the undying box. Have PayPal UK Thanks
  4. Is there any chance the S&S might get published early to try and save some time on crew construction on day 1?
  5. And are also immune to conditions themselves.
  6. This. Archie is always the answer.
  7. Just about to start off with Yan Lo and I have a few questions about the reliquary upgrades. If Chiaki uses spirit flute let's say turn 1 and 2 to put Manos reliquary on izamu and vice versa, how do the interactions work moving forward in the game? If either dies and they aren't within 6 of Yan Lo or the soul porter I'm assuming the reliquary upgrades are lost, but does either model produce a second copy of their own reliquary that could be attached to another model? Again I'm assuming not but there doesn't seem to be a limitation outside of them saying they can't be attached to the named model? Once either has died, the second dying would still attach its own reliquary upgrade to another model as there wouldn't currently be one in play. If any of that makes sense. Thanks
  8. NeilH


    What are people using as proxies for these guys?
  9. Are they releasing pdf copies of the new models once the books land?
  10. I was looking at the bushido range, nothing really jumped out but that waku model is pretty cool. Thanks!
  11. So any good proxies in the meantime?
  12. Does this mean yan will get a new core box too?
  13. Thanks, didn't realise he was in a new box, at least there is someway to get hold of him at least.
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