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Found 24 results

  1. Waldo

    Rotten 03

    Deadly kentauroi on his Halloween business
  2. Greetings, ghouls and witches! Halloween is upon us, so it's high time I return to demonstrating Through the Breach! So if you're in Harstad, come to Harstad Fritidssenter (link is here ) the 29th of October, 2019, at 18.00/6 PM! We're starting at 19.00/7 PM. If you need directions, call Charnel/Ravn at +47 924 83 303 and we'll sort you out! Looking forwards to a SPOOKY session!
  3. Halloween Story Encounters at Ground Zero Comics and Games, 15139 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, Ohio 44136. Saturday 10/28 from 12:30pm-5:30pm. I'll have a variety of Halloween story encounters available to play. These encounters tend to go faster than a typical game, may have up to four players and involve candy eating requirements. North East Ohio Malifaux players join the NEO Malifaux Facebook group for regular play invitations, painting pics and local tournament and con listings.
  4. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68134 (402) 991-8699 Dates: October 30th Time: The terror start at 6pm Cost: $5 The undead are not an uncommon sight in Malifaux, but the latest sightings seem a little different. Someone is dressing up the undead as klowns, or maybe there is something more to these diabolical bozos? Time to get your Henchmen Hardcore team ready and see what is going on. Come join the event, you’ll float too.
  5. M y store wants to Welcome anyone who wants to join our Enforcer Brawl tournament. It will be a Halloween themed event that falls on October 21, 2017 @ Paddy's Game Shoppe St. cloud Mn around 1 pm. Please inform me if you will be interested so I can get the proper amount of prize support ready. Some smaller details are still being hashed out.
  6. Enforcer Brawl Tournament in the Arsenal (The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd) Wyrd Official Enforcer Brawl Format 1'st place prize: Whiskey Golem (Nightmare Edition) 10.29.2017 12:00 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia More information here: https://vk.com/event154191848 And here: https://vk.com/arsenal_wargames
  7. Greetings, To make it fit with Halloween, we'll be running a special "Story Encounter" at our store throughout this month. If you happen to be around, please join us for some games and get a chance to win prizes. Note: -- There will be an entry fee. -- Prizes will be awarded after the conclusion of the event. (i.e. not before the first of November)
  8. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th St Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: Halloween Oct 31 Time: The adventure starts at 6:30pm Fee: None Join the group on Halloween for a truly nightmarish event. Bring your fate deck and pick a Fated as you try and make it through the One Shot Through The Breach adventure, "Night of the Carver". There will be some candy and lots of RP fun. Open to all, but seating may be limited to get there early. Happy Halloween!
  9. Location: The Game Shoppe 4014 n 144th St Omaha, Ne 68116 Date:Monday, October 24th Time: Event starts 6:30pm sharp Cost: $5. All fees collected will be split up among 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Something bad has happened. No one knows for sure how it started, but everyone is sure the Guild will put a stop to it. All you need to do is survive the night. Now a small group of henchmen are hold up in an old house in hope of seeing the morning. Players get 13 soulstones to pick a henchmen and any legal upgrades. Players will then be teamed up together as one crew and b
  10. This tournament will be a little different than most. Instead of normal strategies each round, each table will be a different story encounter! 50ss crew size, fixed Master. $5 entry fee, prizes for the top three. 3 rounds, 145 minute rounds. Candy for everyone! Everything you need for the encounter will be provided, along with a copy of the rules. As per normal story encounter rules, schemes will not need to be flipped. You may choose any schemes you wish, using the Gaining Grounds 2016 scheme set. 5447 S Rainbow Blvd Suite E5 Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 220-501
  11. Malifaux Halloween Tournament - Milwaukee - Nov. 5 Come play and see if you can avoid The Carver! Cosplay is encouraged! Sat. November 5th 10:30am Registration 11:00am Start $5 entry fee 3 Strategies will be played (Schemes as normal) The Carver Strikes at Midnight The Blood Moon The Bone Stag Cometh (these are from past Wyrd Chronicles) Board Game Barrister Bayshore Town Center / North Shore 5800 North Bayshore Drive, Suite A-115 Glendale, WI 53217 Phone 414-963-2100 Located at the food court, ne
  12. Hi guys, Tournament Sunday October 30, starting 10.30am The 13th Dimension, 473 Dean St Albury Fixed faction, 40SS $5 entry
  13. Zool


    The dead rider rises, never truly resting eternally! You may try to run, but eventually, one ay, he will catch up.
  14. Through the Breach Halloween One-Shot Myriad Games 1525 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103(603) 623-4263 October 27, 2015 6pm I'll be running a Through the Breach RPG Halloween adventure. You'll only need to bring a fate deck and a miniature. I'll have pre-generated characters but if people want to create a character that is fine too (would need to do that before we start at 6pm). If you have any questions feel free to ask. To whet your appetite!
  15. Spooky nights are on their way, leading up to a grand finale on Halloween! To celebrate this wonderous event, I will be hosting a specially themed Halloween Malifaux game date with custom Scenarios and even a special Fate Deck for each participant. Here is the relevant information: Battlefield BerlinGneisenaustr. 4310961 Berlin Tel: 030-45088708 The event starts at 10:30 a.m. on the 31st of October. What you will need are the regular items and miniatures needed for a game of Malifaux.Crews will need a limited build: 30SS 1 Master/Henchman (upgrades as normal)1 Henchman/Enforcer (upgrades as
  16. The much-loved Bingo the penguin has been convicted of mass murder and necromancy by the Guild, and punished accordingly. However, it was only after his execution and the disappearance of his corpse that it came to light that Bingo had a huge cache of Soulstones hidden somewhere. Now Crews from all over Malifaux are scrambling to find and reassemble the body of the penguin, so that with some necromantic coaxing, he can give up his secret. 30 SS of crew. A simple Strategy is flipped randomly, and you can spend a Soulstone for one re-flip if you want. One Scheme is chosen by the player, the seco
  17. I was digging through some old files I had downloaded years ago, after short look at them I noticed some could be quite well adapted to 2nd Edition. I don't intend to take credit for what Eric Johns had created, I just upgraded his pieces of work. 2009 Christmas Encounters: Story Encounter 1: Holiday Shopping Christmas Tree: Place 1 Christmas Tree Marker in the middle of the table. It is 50mm, Ht 4, Impassable, breakable terrain*. It also counts as having bulletproof 3. When Christmas tree marker is destroyed, place 3 Christmas Present Markers(Ht:0) in base contact with it bef
  18. Where: Myriad Games 1525 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103 When: Oct 28th, 2014 @ 6pm What: 2 custom story encounters (1 may be the Carver story from the new Crossroads Malifaux book) Prizes will be Halloween themed, but the point of this event is to play and have fun. If you have any special requests or ideas feel free to PM me. The 6pm start will allow for longer rounds as the story scenarios will have quirky rules meant to challenge your skirmishing skills. We will be done by 10:30/11pm (store close time). The games will be 50ss, with standard hiring rules, but strategies and sche
  19. This is my first attempt at carving a pumpkin with a Dremel. Decided to start small. I found a pumpkin carving of Oogie Boogie that had dice and card suits. http://captain-sparrow.deviantart.com/art/Oogie-Boogie-Dice-Carving-97432045 I decided to go with Xander's version of the suits instead. See thread:http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=23478 They didn't turn out great, and I did have to modify the nose of the :rams On the back I went with just the standard Malifaux logo. Here are some pics. I'll post better ones later. Thanks again Xander and Deviant
  20. I'm having a little Malifaux event here at the Gaming Saloon in Gilbert AZ this Saturday from 2 until closing. It also is close to Halloween, and i'd like to run the themed strats. If anyone is interested come throw down on some games. Maybe we'll even get a little tourney going. Here is the FB group if your interested, or RSVP here. No charge, just for fun. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=162786020481638
  21. So I turn 25 on the 24th and I want to run the Halloween Strats. We had a good time last Sunday and I want to get everyone out here again this weekend. Come out for my birthday, play some Malifaux, and have a good time. Maybe grab some drinks afterward. Where: Battle Foam Gaming Saloon in Gilbert AZ When: Saturday October 22 @ 6pm PST till ??? Halloween missions will be in play, otherwise general gaming as well. This isn't a paid tournament unless everyone decides they wanna throw down for a player run pool. Bring your favorite minis and plan on a good time, not a super compe
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