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  1. Play with what you have for now. Figuring out how to do things with the same crew will force you to improve your game rather than trying new stuff all the time. Once you can figure out what to get next with your own insight, then buy stuff.
  2. I have and really like the model and generating corpses sounds like a plan with Reva, so: Anyone try Mortimer with Reva?
  3. I try not to be too negative toward GW, because if people enjoy it that good for them and I find 40k tournaments are a great way to get people to consider other games. That said, looking at what GW did in a similar situation and worrying about another company being that bad at writing rules is probably being excessively pessimistic. Simplifying and streamlining is probably a good thing, if done well. AoS was not really a simplification, it was starting anew with an entirely different game. 40k 8th edition is more enjoyable (and popular as far as I can tell) than 7th. 8th is mostly awful for the same reasons as 7th was (rules being an unbalanced mess), but at least the game isn't such a pain to play. Which is what "streamlining and simplification" is about; when done well. It's about minimising the things that one has to do in order to play a game, but that are not part of the fun we're after. Things like measuring, looking up rules, learning rules and making lists (fine and fuzzy line between fun and chore there). Like peeling fruit isn't what you're looking for, but you need to get past it. More rules don't make a game better; good rules do. The easier it is to get to actual playing and resolve things the better.
  4. I recently traded my Tara crew for a Reva crew (because of Tara's announced move and she doesn't quite fit with my collection of horrors, even now). I understand that people follow and are very loyal to Reva. For reasons not entirely to do with the free will of the followers, correct? Where is she leading them though? What is Reva trying to do and/or achieve?
  5. Are there any streams (preferably YouTube accessible) and/or podcasts of people playing TTB? In the style of Dice, Camera, Action or Save or Dice?
  6. So you can summon it for more than a turn if you have the Scion (or just "bomb" it with faces of oblivion) , might be handy. Bring in something else if it's not. Also: cool models and a cavalry option, so will get them anyway. From there it becomes "might as well".
  7. How many wounds do Kentauroi have? if it's 8 or more you can bring it out of buried, alive, the next turn and then use it's healing.
  8. If you use a glimpse of the void ability then a smart opponent just needs to kill anything or let you kill something, plus glimpse is shut down while you have the something buried.
  9. I've read good things about the "beast bomb" with Tara. I've even used it myself to get a scary 4 activation attack on a master with the nothing beast. It took a lot of setting up though. 2 Ap from a death marshal (move up and bury), 3ss (2 for the upgrade and one for the suit), keeping Tara close to a fight and making sure the nothing beast stays buried (so no glimpse for most of a turn). I have had almost as good from just popping a nothing beast through a building (it's incorporeal) or using the innate bury mechanics of the Scion of The Void. Have you made all the setup worth it in your games?
  10. Don't you? Obliterate, siphon existence, empty lessons and glimpse of the void and all against Wp.
  11. I happen to be getting Molly soon and crooligans look like they can do well with Tara. Run them up or summon them in with Karina, for the -1 WP within 1'? With the Ca attacks the void creatures have it seems like it will help. Voided becomes scarier unless the crooligan takes hits instead of attacking the nothing beast. Has anyone tried this, is it worthwhile in practice?
  12. I have a a Tara crew (because the nothing beast looks cool) and I've slipped into the resurrectionist side, because undead actually appeal to me in Malifaux. I'm looking to get Molly as a second master to broaden my experience and because crooligans are the good kind of creepy and Molly's manner is amusing (i.e. I'm not choosing things based on how effective they are, I'm in Malifaux for the theme). I do still try to win my games though; so the question is: what does Molly do better than Tara, for which schemes or opponents should I take which? The rest of my collection is as follows: Nothing beast, Scion of the Void and Anna Lovelace. Karina Void wretches, death marshals, guild autopsies, gaki (liked the models for longer than I've been playing) and mindless zombies.
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