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Found 6 results

  1. I'm opening this post so we can share our thoughts on Tara and the Obliteration keyword. To begin, is one of the most limited crews, since there are only 2 minion models: Void Wretches: Those guys just don't deserve the investment of 4ss for the only thing they can do kind or properly, being scheme runners. Specially if you can summon them with an 8 and 1ss. They are so "plain" that his big tarot card is gonna be almost empty in the back. Void Hunter: Reliable minion. I try to summon 1 per turn, unless I don't have the cards. After the change to the Dashel's Barker summon ability, I think that Tara is the only one limited to summon only 1 minion for activation (please, correct me if I'm wrong). I still would prefer to "waste" a 12 to summon a Void Hunter, but maybe someone can find a reason to summon 2 Void Wretches with that card (or higher). I hope that the lack or more models will be fixing in the future with new releases, but in the meantime (which is probably going to be a long time) she's limited only to those 2 minions, while she's supposed to be the summoner of the faction. I'm not saying it, it is said here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-outcasts/ Regarding the other models: Aionus: This guy is supposed to be the closes to "God of Time" as possible, but I feel he lacks some power. Give him Nimble, so at least he can walk "for free" every turn and try to kill something with his damage 2 and play a bit with "A Stitch in Time". It would be even "compliant with his fluff", like manipulating the time to move faster. Other option could be give him an easy way to get fast. His free action is the same as all the other models in the keyword, can he has another one? Being a hechman and costing 10ss should give him access to something a bit more exclusive. Nothing beast: The big beater, and we can bury/unbury him. I wouldn't change anything. Talos: He adds new mechanics to the crew and a "realiable" way to bury enemies. Maybe increase his Wp to make him less vulnerable to those abilities that give Slow or push him in random directions, preventing him to be useful until turn 3. Void Hunter: Nothing to add, I like them. Scion of the Void: Siphon Existence is nuts against buried models! I like her. Karina: Our main source of healing, did he really deserved the nerf? Bring it back to stat 6 (or raise it to 7) and make the unbury a trigger, which was the problematic part of the ability.
  2. I had the pleasure to attend the Capital City Winter Murderland tournament, held at The Historic Haven in downtown Frederick, MD on January 13th and 14th. It was a trios event, and you can find the tournament pack here. The team aspect came into play where each team would declare Factions, select Masters, then go through a pairing process to determine whom played whom. Team rules were light, with the exception of no doubling up on faction, and no doubling up on cross-faction masters in a round (ex. no Resurrectionist Tara and Outcast Tara in the same round). My team was the Vegan Zombies, named after a pun ("What to we want?" "GRAAAAINS") and consisted of myself playing Outcasts, and two of my regular opponents bringing Guild and Resurrectionists. Leading up to the tournament, we each decided to focus on a small pool of masters. We figured that by focusing on a few masters, we'd be more familiar with them in the context of the tournament. I brought Parker Barrows, Tara and the Viktorias. Our Guild player brought Nellie and Perdita, and our Resurrectionist player brought Molly, Kirai and Yan Lo. I'll be posting each round below as a separate post, but will be linking them all here. Then, I'll have a post for my final thoughts on the event. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any input/ comments you may have! Round 1 - Parker Barrows vs. Pandora Round 2 - Parker Barrows vs. Wong Round 3 - Parker Barrows vs. Lady Justice Round 4 - Tara vs. Ulix Round 5 - Parker Barrows vs. Lilith Final Thoughts
  3. I've read good things about the "beast bomb" with Tara. I've even used it myself to get a scary 4 activation attack on a master with the nothing beast. It took a lot of setting up though. 2 Ap from a death marshal (move up and bury), 3ss (2 for the upgrade and one for the suit), keeping Tara close to a fight and making sure the nothing beast stays buried (so no glimpse for most of a turn). I have had almost as good from just popping a nothing beast through a building (it's incorporeal) or using the innate bury mechanics of the Scion of The Void. Have you made all the setup worth it in your games?
  4. So! The new Tara. What are your fellow Outcast thoughts on the multiple buffs? I'm now tempted to run her with dual Marshals, Montresor, Scion and the Nothing Beast, but without Obliteration Symbiote. You save 2 SS on Symbiote (since there's always the Scion (0) to unbury all your three beaters), but lose the chain activation shenanigans. Monty combos with Price of Haste for a whooping -3 Wp which both the Beast and Scion will love. Only problem is, the tactic is pretty straightforward, and both the Scion and Beast could be wiped before they get a chance to activate. Any comment on the idea?
  5. Scion of the Void's Returning Home ability reads as follows: Returning Home: When this model is targeted with an enemy Action it may discard a card to become buried and make the Action fail. At the end of the Turn, if this model is buried, sacrifice it. Does the "At the end of the turn, if this model is buried, sacrifice it." Apply only when Returning home is used, or is it sacrificed at the end of the turn if it's buried no matter how it came to be buried? Thanks in advance.
  6. When Hannah buries stuff with her void record, places the void marker (30mm) and then walks on top of the void marker with her 50mm base... what happens at the end of the turn? "Place a 30mm Void marker in base contact with target model. The target is then buried. At the end of the Turn, unbury the target in base contact with the Void Marker, then remove the void marker from play. This Action cannot be taken while a Void Marker is in play" So... what happens? 1, Target just unburies in base contact with hannah because shes blocking the Void Marker and the target cant unbury in base contact with the Void marker? 2. poor dude has to w8 another turn to get unburied? 3. the unbury effect doesnt come to effect but the void marker gets removed anyways? burying the target permanently?
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