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Found 25 results

  1. Hi New player to malifaux. Bought a kaeris crew back in late 2e. But My club wanted to wait for 3e. So newer played the game. I can take the long road of reading the entire rulebook. And then Hope i understand what is going on. However that is a big if. I was hoping that there was a good and easy video online with. This is how you play this game. Not by reading all the rules, but more like a demo game. I can not find it However. There is alot of it to 2nd ed. But would much rather play the New ed. Not a single malifaux player in town. But a good portion off p
  2. So I have been looking at Malifaux for ages, never really got into it because there isn't anyone in my local area that I know that plays it. And all the local stores the store finder says sells Malifaux minis, don't sell them anymore. I bit the bullet and said screw it, I'm going to get into it and try and find people that play. But this leaves me with a bunch of questions as well as options. I'm not a power gamer I don't care if X is underpowered or overpowered I'm more concerned with is it a fun unit or does it play like a sack of bricks. So I'm decided on Resurrectionists or Neverborn.
  3. Hi all Last night I played Hoffman for the first time, and had my a** handed to me. More than usual. My opponent was very pleasant and it was a fun game, but I would also like to win and I really like the idea behind Hoffman. I tried to make the power loop work, but were very unlucky (2 RJ on Dam from Rasputina) and after that I had no core to my team. How do you run Hoffman? Which upgrades do you take? Do you have any auto includes? And when would you consider running Hoffman, when regarding the strats and schemes? I know that Malifaux is a very versatile game,
  4. Hi there! I'm fairly new to Malifaux and on the 22 of july I will take part in my first tournament (fortunately is a friendly tournament with friends so nothing too competitive). Since schemes and strategies are already out , i was wondering if you could help me decide what do bring in the matches, maybe some tips on wich model works best in those sceniarios, and what schemes i should choose. I have Lilith, Jackob Lync, Zoraida, The Dreamer as masters and their crews. I have also a fair amout of other models to help them (like doppleganger, widow weaver, waltgeist, nekima, Tannen, Gr
  5. So before I do a test run of some Guild Masters at my FLGS tomorrow I’d like the Bureaucracy’s take on it. The ones I’m looking at are: Lady J, Hoffman, and Sonnia Some models I’ve bought already just to have some extras that I like the look of and how they work: Sue, Exorcists, Sanctioned Spellcasters, Allison Dade, and the Brutal Emissary. Thanks in advance
  6. I played a little Malifaux a year back and want to get back in the game. I love the Japanese style and sad story of Kirai. What boxes do I need to field a 50SS Kirai Crew that would give me a solid base to build on?
  7. So I've been looking at the site and watching battle report and decided to start play (Duh) From what they had at my local store I pick out the fallowing two starters: Mah Tucket and Brewmaster I think I get the basic of the game but I would like some insight on the fallowing; Which master do you suggest I focus on first? Brewmaster seem more need for his crew, but Mah Tucket Seem easier. Are any models or sets could help make my crew mesh better? (for my next purchase) I was think a big to draw the eye and soak-up hits. Any ideas for a starting list? (other tha
  8. Hi everyone. This is a weird question (pun intended) but hey it's a slow day at work and 'faux players and forum members have been very helpful to this noob in the past so I figure why not. I've stumbled into Ten Thunders after an impulse Tanuki purchase (they are so cool and I got the extra one in the box as well) and picking up a collection from a friend who gave me a price I could not refuse. So I've got a few models, no idea what they do and I'm actually not going to play them immediately as I'm learning the game with Outcasts at the moment. So why the post? Well I'm
  9. Greetings There is a 50ss three round tournament near me in a couple of months that I'm thinking about attending. I'm still ultra new to playing the game so the purpose would simply be to turn up, play some games, have a laugh and not totally embarrass myself or ruin the experience for my opponents. I've played a few Henchman Hardcore games and some 35ss games but not 50ss yet. My plan would be to pick a crew now, get some practice games in before the event and hopefully be competent enough to play three games without needing to constantly ask about rules and whilst I don't expect to w
  10. Hi all! I would love to know all the fluff from start to end, the reason I'm posting here, and please forgive me if this is dumb, I am wondering if there is a good order/ way to absorb it all? I know there's the books, the podcast, the newsletters. Do all of these contain the same stories or is it spread out between all of these media?
  11. Hello! I am a new player to Malifaux and I wanted to double check our terrain usage. My roommate and I recently decided to buy and try the Lady Justice and Seamus battle boxes and some basic research led me to notice Malifaux uses quite a lot more terrain than we're used to. We're mostly experienced with Warmachine and Guildball where terrain is mostly a suggestion. So I cut out some cardboard squares and color coded it into a few different terrain types and placed it around the board and to my eye it looks... Cluttered. I wanted to double check with the community to see whether or not
  12. Hey all, As the title says I have a local tournament next weekend but the standard of play is supposed to be high! I am fairly new so expecting to get my arse whooped but I want to get the most out of what I have and lets be honest does anyone play to lose?? So I have: Rasputina box Snow storm December Acolytes x3 Freikorps Trapper, Librarian and Specialist That is my model pool, what I am looking for is suggestions on what to take for which strategy, we will be playing GG16, and am not adverse to buying a couple small models if I NEED too, but this is all pa
  13. Does a ht 1 model in base contact with a ht1 wall have LOS to a ht 2 target 5 inches away? Can a ht1 model charge or move over a ht1 wall towards the aforementioned ht 2 target? Can a ht1 model walk over ht1 terrain like the wall in question? If a push doesn't state 'directly away' or something explicit can it be around corners and such? When model A is pulled into base contact with model B can it be placed in front of model B? or does it have to be 'pulled' like trailing behind it? This came up because of some viktoria slingshot actions. maybe I'm not phrasing is well..
  14. Helo - at least I have some time to get my crews together. We are currently playing campaign but I want to make 2 crews of 50 SS to play in some tournaments and I want them to be painted. In order to do this I need help in establishing what would be good models to paint at the start so I can start playing 50SS format as soon as possible. The 1 crew is Lynch: Lynch: Woke up with the hand and another 2SS upgrade (possibly rising sun) Huggy - 0 pts (Minibeat stick, CA source - free and i can swap 2 upgrade to what i think my opponent will bring) Graves - 8 SS (movement shanang
  15. So I picked up Von Schill box along with some other goodies including the Male Multi-Part kit(I can probably build another Freikorpsmen/Trapper/Librarian with it if I do it right. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks they recommend? I have been reading up on what I can. My resources are a bit limited where I am, and I have no way to throw down and flip cards where I am right now either. But I am excited to give this guy and his crew a go when I get home from the desert. So essentially: Von Schill Hannah Vanessa Johan Freikorps Strongarm 2 x L
  16. Hey everyone! New to Malifaux but I've played Warmachines/Hordes for over 10 years. I'm kinda tired out and wanted to try Malifaux for awhile now, but I'm one of those faction A.D.D. guys and always second guessing my initial investment in games. That said... My buddy is going Neverborn with Hide and Seek as his first box. I'm really torn here on what to get myself. Aesthetically I like Open Graves, Shadows of Redchapel, and Masters of the Path. But I've found that I need to invest a ton of cash into Nico for his huge list of summons or I won't get the most out of him, which is really dis
  17. I'm a brand new player, and chose Resurrectionists because I love the look of the Spirit models. Thus far I won Kirai's box, the Hanged, and a Flesh Construct. I was wondering which of the Spirit Masters was most beginner friendly? Is Kirai the best shout, or would something like Spirit Molly be easier to learn the game with. Yan Lo and Tara both look a little more complicated, though feel free to correct me if I am wrong...
  18. Hey all, and hi to everyone Recently people around me have started playing Malifaux and so I decided to join as well. I'm a former WHFB player and still enjoy 40k/HH games every now and then. So far I've had a Malifaux introduction game, I'm halfway through the rules book and I'm busy reading the Wiki and getting deeper into the game's lore, rules, mechanics etc. I chose my faction purely based on the models I like. I'll adapt to whatever playstyle is required rather than chosing a crew based on how I would like to play. That said, I went on a little shopping spree and now
  19. Hello fellow arcanists, I've Played a few games with Ramos lately. I feel like I haven't been getting the full potential from his activations. Some background, I am still a Malifaux noob. I've used Ramos for 4 games so far. My crew is based on Howard, Joss, Johan, Electrical Creation, and the Brass Arachnid with various upgrades. The issue I have been finding is that I don't have enough good things for Ramos to do each turn. Turn 1-magnetize to electrical creation, summon spiders. Then walk twice? Later turns-magnetize if I need to move, summon spiders, then electrical fire things. I'd love
  20. Hi quick question, i have been playing through the starter set and all is going good understand most things but certain triggers are confusing me and i hope some one can clarify. As an example i am looking at Yin the Penangalan's "entrails" attack action (Ml 6 crow/ Rst:Df/ Rg: 2) Does that mean that i have to flip a Crow in the final duel total to use this attack even if i better my opponents score? In the triggers section below for the same attack i have: Tomes "Cant look away" and Crows "infect" If i want to use the "Cant look away" trigger would i have to make sure i had a crows and a tome
  21. Hey, I finally gave up and decided to plunge into the Breach At first I thought I would begin with Seamus and work from there, but our group has one new Resser player starting with Seamus, so I'll try something different. I want to start my adventure with Yan Lo and then move on to Kirai. I'm just a little worried whether I will be able to wrap my head around Yan (he seems to be more complex than Seamus and all that). I have some experience with tabletop games, so maybe that won't be a problem. I have around 150$ for my first purchase. I would like to have enough models to play at least 35SS
  22. Sup?, this will be my new thread for my foray into Malifaux and the joy of not painting Marine after Marine like in 40K. Presenting my first Rotten Belle. Comments Welcome.
  23. Long time painter first time air brusher Thought I'd share my recent airbrush experience. Suggestions are based off my limited experience, and this view is from a complete air brush newbie. Recommendations 1. Pick up the harbor freight air brush compressor, braided cord, air brush cleaner pot, and air brush stand. Also double sided tape and nitrile gloves. 2. Go to hobby lobby and use the 40% off coupon on the iwata neo (my preference is gravity feed. While there get reducer and cleaner. The pre mixed acrylics aren't a bad buy either. 3. At Home Depot pick up a regulator and any adapters ne
  24. Hey guys, So here's the thing, I've been playing minis games for a long time now, 9 years I think. The only models I've ever painted completey were some Necron Warriors and that was forever ago. Everything else is just primed black and based. I know that I need to thin my paints. I know I need to work on good brush control. I know a lot of things about painting just not how to do any of it. Can anyone point out some tutorials or threads here that provide a good understanding of the basics so I can finally get started? I really want to but just get intimidated because my stuff
  25. Hi all, Made a trip over to Warfar, Reading the other week. Had a demo game. Lost. But bought some kit and a rulebook. Then wen online and bought more starter sets and the expansion book. Now looking for someone to help learn, play, have fun. Get in touch! BTW: I'm a "senior" player. (Age, that is, not experience!!!)
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