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  1. JBugman

    Ideas for Asura's Quarantine Markers

    Didn't they put red Xs on door frames back in the day? You could paint that on the base. Just paint a picture of a door frame with a red X on it.
  2. JBugman

    Steam Trunk Poison and Horror Duels

    As an aside, I thought his was the coolest avatar ever.
  3. JBugman

    Use of Wyrd IP Question

    It's not that Wyrd, or anyone else, enjoys keeping a choke hold on their IP rights but that it's protection against losing out on revenue. They don't want someone from where ever producing goods for sale with their IP and not getting a percentage. If you put the time and effort into developing "Little Timmy and the Toy Train" into a worldwide franchise and there's a guy in his basement in southern New Jersey stamping out key chains with "Little Timmy and the Toy Train" logo making money hand over fist, then you're not making money on your Intellectual Property that you spent time developing. I would suggest you reach out to Wyrd about what you're interested in doing and let them guide you to the correct group/person to talk to. The worst that happens is they're not interested and say no. Actually, they laugh manically say no then hang up on you. That's worse.
  4. JBugman

    Steam Trunk Poison and Horror Duels

    It's a "playability versus realism" issue, which I understand. My opponent has a hard time wrapping his head around the idea that poison and fear can affect a wooden tracked chest. I'm more inclined to think the concept is really odd, but the rules say it's possible. I'm also trying to get him to understand how passing a Horror Duels still incurs a damage flip and making it harder to pass subsequent Horror Duels (Boo!>Cause Fear>Cheat Severe).
  5. Is the Steam Trunk affected by Poison and Horror Duels? I checked the rulebook and stat card but nothing says anything specific.
  6. JBugman

    Strategy Markers

    What these folks said. 3D markers are nice to look at but they're only going to last until the next year when some will be (presumably) replaced with others. Then they're terrain until you can use them for something else.
  7. JBugman

    Model Priming Questions

    I assemble, base and prime my models off the sprue with spray primer. If they even look at me funny, I pin them to the base and paint the pin black. I used to prime with Games Workshop primer, but found it too expensive for what it did. I'll update with the brand I use later. Regarding spray priming: I (try to) spray in temperatures around 70 Fahrenheit/20 Celsius with 70 percent humidity. I've sprayed in cooler and hotter temps, but I try not to take risks. The real thing to be careful of is humidity: spraying when it's "hazy, hot and humid" is asking for the mini to get a thin coat of fuzz. Humidity is a function of the amount of water in the air so don't spray when it's raining. The best way to spray primer is outside, during a warm, clear day. Place the minis on a flat surface (I use a cardboard tray I buy with my beverages), spray one side before moving onto the next side then move the tray inside to dry. Hope this helps!
  8. JBugman

    Painted my first mini!

    Very nice indeed. Neatly painted with solid technique. Thinking back to my first painted mini when I was, like, thirteen. Yours is much better.
  9. JBugman

    Copy cat killer help!

    I saw where that model's structural integrity was going and put a metal pin through the base into pants/crotch. I did it to several of the belles and doxies, too.
  10. JBugman

    nurse nerf, why?

    Can someone clarify the purpose of giving McM the Poison condition? Passing on the Poison to someone else via Transfusion? If that happens Expunge won't happen until next turn?
  11. JBugman

    Ressers in new gg2018

    Sorry for getting off topic, but when did the Nurses increase their cost to 6SS? I read further into the thread and kinda understand why Hanged are not appreciated as hired models (which makes me sad) and why Sybelle isn't good anymore (which makes me sad, again).
  12. JBugman

    Malifaux App Launched!

    I do have an Android. Reinstalling it did the trick. thanks
  13. JBugman

    Malifaux App Launched!

    I'm still having trouble with this app since last week. Loads Wyrd trademark graphic then wall paper with white bars at top/bottom but nothing else. How/where can I ask for help. Regads, Scott PS. App so far runs great. Would be nice to have an Exit/Close button.
  14. JBugman

    Arsenal Box Questions

    Thanks, folks.
  15. JBugman

    Arsenal Box Questions

    If I might have a moment of your time to clarify a few questions I have about the Arsenal Boxes, I just picked up the game again and am playing with a friend. I have all my models from Malifaux1e and bought Arsenal Boxes Wave 1 & 2 when Malifaux2e dropped. I recently convinced a friend to play and we're having a good time. My friend has the Malifaux2e boxes with whatever cards (including Upgrades) came with each box. I want to make sure my friend has all the Upgrade cards he needs. When I buy more models will the boxes have the Upgrade cards they need? Will I still need to buy the Arsenal Box for my friend? Is Wyrd planning to release a new Arsenal Box to cover new cards? Thank you for your time, JBugman