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  1. Good catch. I missed that. I'm not sure it changes the logic... I'll have to re-read & re-think.
  2. I've seen several discussions that indicate if an enemy triggers "Misery" in multiple friendly models (for example, Pandora and 2 Sorrows), then based on the rules of Aura, the enemy can only suffer damage from one of the friendly models, but can be moved by any or all. The justification for this line of thinking is the "change of game state" associated with the application of the damage is somehow different from the "change of game state" associated with the move. The way that Misery is worded, I disagree. I believe that multiple friendly models can cause damage to an enemy model within their auras when Misery is triggered, and here is why... Whether the model is damaged or moved has nothing to do with whether or not a model is affected by a change of game state. The key is in which model is affected by the change. The rule for auras states "Auras are not cumulative. If a model would be affected by multiple Auras of the same name (i.e.: if the Aura would change its game state in some way) then it is only affected by one such Aura of its controller’s choice." The first example is the Hold 'Em ability, which reads: "After an enemy model within Aura 6 Cheats Fate, it suffers 1 damage after resolving the current Action or Ability." The key wording is "it suffers." In other words, the target of the Hold 'Em ability is affected by a change in game state. "It" suffers. Therefore, the target model can only be affected by one instance of a Hold 'Em aura per activation, even if it is within multiple instances of that aura. The second example is the Scamper ability, which reads: "After an enemy model within Aura 6 Cheats Fate, this model may Push up to 2" in any direction after resolving the current Action or Ability." The key wording is "this model." In other words, the source of the Scamper ability is affected by a change in game state. "This model" may Push. Therefore, the target model can be Pushed multiple times as a result of being within multiple instances of the Scamper aura, because it is passively being Pushed by the change affected upon multiple source models. Now, let's look at the wording of Misery: "After an enemy model within Aura 6 gains Stunned or a Condition listed in this model's Opportunist Ability, this model may either move it up to 2" or have it suffer 1 damage." Notice the difference in the wording of Misery, which says of the source model, "this model may... have it suffer," versus Hold 'Em, which says of the target model, "it suffers." In the case of Misery, it is the source model of the Misery ability that is affected by a change of game state when it actively causes the target model to suffer damage ("have it suffer"). The target model passively receives damage from the source of the Misery ability, the same way the target model is Pushed by the source of the Scamper ability. For that matter, it is "this model" that either moves the target or has it suffer damage when the Misery aura is triggered. The affected model for both choices is "this model." With either choice, it is the source model ("this model") that is affected by a change in game state. Therefore, if an enemy model triggers Misery from multiple friendly models, the friendly player can inflict any combination of damage points or moves on that enemy model based on the number of triggered Misery auras. Am I way off base in over-dissecting this, or ... knowing how important the wording of a rule is ... is this level of interpretation what is expected?
  3. Drazulfel


    Vassal only provides the tabletop & playing pieces. No cards. You need to have access to stat cards and upgrade cards outside of Vassal.
  4. Oh, I understand the reason for protecting one's IP. My question only arose because there's a Wyrd forum post on the topic that states "You may never sell items using Wyrd’s IP." I did fill out a request for use of copyright material with an explanation of what I had in mind and submitted it through (what I think to be) proper channels. Now we shall see.
  5. The context of this question is with only full permission from Wyrd... Is the manufacture and sale of products using Wyrd's IP a "never going to happen, don't even ask" thing? Or, by properly submitting a Request Use of Copyright Materials, is it possible to enter into an agreement with Wyrd to do such a thing (for example, by agreeing to pay a licensing fee, or paying royalty as a percentage of gross sales, etc.)? Obviously, any such product would have to be approved by Wyrd to satisfactorily represent their brand in a way that brings them credit.
  6. From within the module, if you go to Help ==> Malifaux Module Manual, it'll bring up the HTML manual that Ratty provided. You'll have to click on each link and print HTML pages separately, but there are only about 30 or so pages, so it's not a huge project.
  7. It's saved under my Mediafire account in a shared folder, not as an anonymous upload.
  8. What's the crew size for these games? Fair to say that some players will have boxes and boxes of minis, and others will have near-to-nothing. Size should be limited to the cards that can be freely & legally downloaded from Wyrd, imo.
  9. qft I'd like to participate in a league. The kind of thing where you can schedule your own games throughout the week with point rollovers at the end of each week.
  10. ... actually avoiding hopping on Skype & Vassal out of fear of appearing ignorant or n00bish in front of complete strangers, whom we naturally assume to all be uber elite Malifaux experts? You do this despite the fact that you're itching to play, and have been talking about it non-stop since the Vassal release was announced? Maybe we should just set up a weekend ladder match for folks like us.
  11. Sweet! These are great.
  12. Drazulfel

    Thanks Wyrd!

    Indeed. I've been bragging to friends and family about how cool this is, but haven't addressed the source. Thank you!
  13. Here's a spot to share your map .vsav files with your fellow players. It'd be nice to have a picture of what you're posting, too, so folks know what they're downloading. Here's my first map from scratch, the Desert Suburb: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/65oeaasxeu2hj0q/MAP_Desert_Suburb.vsav
  14. It's quite simple to use. I'm familiar with Vassal from Warmachine/Hordes, but there were some new things to learn for Malifaux. Owen did a really good job on this... glad he got the support of Wyrd!
  15. That's kinda what I did this afternoon. Went through the thread and invited everyone to my Skype.
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