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  1. Edited as I must have missed a page... Mostly I deal with Yasunori with Rg 3 and higher engagements so he always has to waste AP walking in to hit. Take Hans as a Merc and use 'Smile....' to shoot the Recalled Training off, or the Badge of Speed if he's far enough away for it to be permanently lost. The 50mm base is a struggle for getting past terrain, so it should be possible to sit Queeg in the right place to generate engagement as he gets past the blockage, without Yasu being able to hit. Maybe a Mounted Guard to give everyone +Df, or Nellie to push him away the moment one attack misses?
  2. I seem to remember the Malifaux Child Hoffman build relies on Joss killing the child to generate scrap for upgrading. On the other hand, I tend Hoffman in a group where I can score my points in the centre of the board, so I rarely need scheme runners, and often have Joss, Brutal and then another beater on top. It works well for things like Extraction, Headhunter or Guard the Stash, and I rarely run him in Interference.
  3. For me it really depends whether I'm playing her as Ten Thunders or Outcasts, as you end up with very different crews and playstyles. For Ten Thunders, I normally bring her out when I want a highly mobile master who can deal damage. I find Misdirection is a must, especially when Frame for Murder is in the pool, but upgrades can tool her to different styles. I guess the main decision comes down to what I need to achieve. If a high kill-count is required (Dig Their Graves, Quick Murder, Eliminate the Leadership, Collect the Bounty) I find she often edges out the competition. Frame for Murder tends to nudge me more toward Shenlong so I can try and kill with conditions instead, and scheme marker shenanigans might push me more toward Lynch. That said, I don't play all TT masters, so take my words with a pinch of salt
  4. I think that, actually, that's a realistic distance for a pistol shot on the move given the effective tech level. Guild Rifleman ranges would only be reasonable if they were using muskets, but if you take the focused shots from Trappers or Hans representing the time taken to aim rather than take a snap shot, it's not completely unreasonable for their ranges either. 19th Century weapons were not the most accurate, particularly when subjected to the harsh conditions Malifaux is famous for.
  5. Four tickets bought under Tim Britton are for: Tim Britton Ross Baker Marcus Rose Greg Page
  6. There's nothing quite like the look on an opponent's face when you injection and charge an Executioner into him on the first turn, and Frame for Murder is in the scheme pool....
  7. I like Sidir when A Quick Murder is in the pool - then I make sure nothing else costs that much. He's perfectly happy fighting at range, and your opponent will need to work hard to take him down.
  8. I tend to see the no triggers aura as more of a threat to stop people engaging an exorcist. You've a decent enough attack and are hard enough to kill that people tend to think twice about engaging. On the other hand, making a model count as undead is great support for Lady J or the Judge who have great abilities but no guarantee they'll have targets. Think of hitting Lenny with the Judge's 2/4/8 damage flip, for example. It also means that you have an assassinate trigger for anything you want to target, and while I know most masters/henchman will soulstone away the damage, I'm happy to strip a soulstone an attack, and a poor flip might net you three. And if you really need to kill someone like Somer who's worth the sacrifice, you can always make them undead, move the aura into range for a turn and the Exorcist will often survive long enough for you to do the job.
  9. Swordkitten


    I don't have the card in front of me, but I think it's the aura that can be used once per turn, rather than the interact.
  10. Shooting people with Brutal Emissary is fairly low on my list of priorities. the Walk duel aura is big enough to hit a chunk of the opposing crew, and anyone nasty can be boxed and unburied next turn at a far-away scheme marker dropped by a low-cost scheme runner. The Wk 6 gives a lot of mobility as well. Most of the Conflux auras give an alternate 0 and another boost. He can make a target burning without needing line of sight for Sonnia, engage an enemy without being randomised for Perdita, carry Lady J up the field safely, or be Power Looped in for Df 6/Sh 6 fun for other constructs. There's very few crews I don't take him in.
  11. Swordkitten


    I like to take Queeg when Mark for Death, Exhaust their Forces or Catch and Release are on the table, or Headhunter. The Aura is good to let your crew Mark, Exhaust or Tag as a 0, and the (built-in?) Trigger to push on a 3" Melee can move people away from the heads so you can pick them up. His free push of your models can pull them out of engagement so they can remove their own Exhaust or Tag. At that point, one extra point for Promises is pretty much a no-brainer.
  12. I like Exorcists - False Accusation to turn make things counts as Undead can be really powerful for the right crew. Likewise, using Handlers with shooters means they focus in the burning shot so Sonnia can follow up more easily.
  13. Hi, can I get added to the reserves please?
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