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  1. I usually play pretty transparently, this seems like a simple matter of communication between players more than anything. I do agree that @4thstringer interpretation is correct, however its not gaming the system or putting people in a gatcha situation by any means. Its a simple matter of showing people the card, and saying something along the lines of "I can, if I choose, gain this effect by doing X". Then the opponent can make a decision on what to do (or not do), based on their understanding of what could happen. Malifaux is a pretty complicated game, especially with a new edition coming out and everyone being a little shaky on the rules and timing. A new edition is the wild west of people misreading abilities... including their own abilities. Good communication regarding unit tech can alleviate a lot of that woe.
  2. Corn

    Sonnia buying list

    I agree with @4thstringer in terms of purchases generally. Sonnia's summoning has actually be expanded, and she is now able to summon any "witchling" model (it depends on the cost of the model she kills). This can include the Purifying Flame, Stalkers, and now Thrall. So you will definitely want to pick up the Witchling Thrall pack, as if the opportunity presents itself that is a fantastic model to summon onto the board. I also agree with Sanctioned Spellcasters. In their current incarnation in the Beta (and likely final incantation) they are really solid minis at 4 soulstones with pretty easy access to fast. I believe that they will be one of the hidden gems for the Witchunter key word. I think the Quellers are a bit of a tougher sell at the moment. I don't really like where they ended up, but time may tell if they are actually worth it. At this point I'm not sure if they are on Sonnia's short list quite yet. As for out of keyword, the main things you are looking for are card draw and pushes. Sonnia wants to be spending all of her AP making really big explosions, not walking. So any models that can help her get into position are great picks. Card Draw is always helpful, especially for a blaster like Sonnia who really wants to filter weak cards into the discard and stack her hand for blasting. In addition to the Pathfinder and Judge, i will be trying out these models in my Sonnia Crews; - Mounted Guard - for access to Ride with Me for movement and Watch your Back can get Sonnia out of an engagement. Sonnia's crew is typically soul stone hungry and Loot their Corpse can help convert all those burnt corpses you generate into additional soul stones. The replace is nice, especially since Wyrd has announced that they will be fixing the issue with conditions and replace. - Brutal Effigy / Emissary - Sonnia makes pretty good use out of Aura of Vengence, since she is pretty good at damaging and killing stuff. And the ability for the effigy to "grow up" into the emissary is a really scary ability on turn 3. - Guardian- Take the Hit, Toss, and a Greatsword. Makes for a pretty strong bodyguard for Sonnia, who can also move her or her enemies around with toss. -Riot Breaker- while it doesn't have any direct synergy with Sonnia herself, I think that the Riot Breaker will be an indispensable counter pick for Guild players. If your opponent announces Euripides, Rasputina or any other master who relies on creating and using "Destructible Terrain", the Riot Breaker's Blow it to Hell is the most reliable counter. He also has Crowd Control- which makes him a solid counter pick to obey masters like Lucius.
  3. Honestly that trigger should get a controller by this model language like a very limited Obey. That appears to be the point at least. Otherwise as others have said it's basically useless. Because the opposing model can just choose clear all markers and the entire point of the action is to synergize with Nellie's other scheme marker related abilities
  4. I will often proxy random unreleased models with Reaper minis, since they have a really wide range of models wielding and wearing just about anything you would need. Their model quality isn't great, especially compared to Wyrd's top notch products.... but with no release on the horizon for certain models, no harm in finding a suitable proxy to hold you over. Anyway, I'm strongly considering this guy for an Agent 46 proxy. https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/figurefinder+modern+sword/latest/03299.
  5. Doppleganger is really flexible, since she can copy any model that isn't a master. So you can steal attacks from your enemies, or reliably grab them from your own crew. It is suggested she copy whatever you need her to copy for the situation you are in. A Guild Rifleman is a popular choice, as it lets Lucius' crew lay down an impressive amount of firepower since Agent 46 and the Doppleganger can both mimic the cover ignoring Clockwork Rifle. For melee work, the Dopple can mimic Agent 46's twirling blades, or she can pick up something like an Executioner's Claws, or a Guardian's Great Sword. Its the flexibility that is so remarkable.
  6. @Adran has some really good advice there. Now I'm going to come in with some bad advice. One of my friends gave me his old metal Colette crew that he never opened, so I figured I would put it together and get it ready for some demo games. I picked up a Sabertooth Cerberus and I will be painting it white with tiger stripes., ala Siegfried and Roy. How could I resist?
  7. You actually have THREE Masters you can play from those boxes. Lucius, Sonnia... and Dashel Barker! So he was Captain Dashel when he was a Henchmen and now promoted to Master. I suppose that would make him Chief Barker now. Might as well pick up some more Guardsmen for the Chief! Executioners, Mounted Guards, Riflemen, and Wardens! down down down that rabbit hole! Also, you should definitely pick up a Doppleganger and maybe some Changlings for your boy Lucius. They are quite good mimics, and he can keyword them into Guild when he is leading.
  8. Here is something to consider too. The newest faction will always be the least popular on a grand scheme of things. This is because it has the fewest legacy players moving into it. Look at it this way, back in M1E, there were far fewer masters and factions then there were to day. The longer a Master has existed, the more people will have picked it up and played it. This is especially true for any masters that have legacy dating back to M1E. TT were introduced in Gen 1 close to the eve of M2E- they had a "multi faction theme" to facilitate their launch so many players ended up with a TT crew, but few played TT as a faction. simply adding them into existing crews. McCabe for Guild, Lynch for Neverborn, etc. So TT was really only picked up as a faction by newer players, as most legacy players had little incentive to buy into them outside the one crossover box. Still. The idea of cross faction masters was brilliant, as creating overlap between factions encourages expanding. But TT were still rarely announced as a faction. Gremlins were originally a small subset of outcasts, in M1E they had one Master- Sommer, and the Henchmen- Ophelia (back in those days each faction only had one Henchmen!- Lucius, Molly, Ophelia and Collodi). When Gremlins split at the start of M2E, they had comparatively few players actively collecting them. Even today Gremlins is still a relatively rare faction. Adepticon this year didn't have a single Gremlin player in the M2E sendoff tournament! I bring up this history, because we have a new faction on the horizon. Its so shrouded in mystery that we don't even know what its called. We just know that it exists, and we know two of the Masters that will be in it.- Cornelius Basse (???? / Guid) and Lucas McCabe (????/TT). So if you want to be unique, now is a great opportunity to get yourself ready to jump on the new faction wagon as close to M3Es release as possible. It will likely be the least played faction because most old bloods are too beholden to their own faction, and you will just have to share it with the collect em all fellows. Basse will release in June, and McCabe is available now. Something to consider. Just a heads up though, if you have a large Guild population at your local community there may be some migration from Guild to the new faction. Since Guild had McCabe previously, and Guild will be picking up Basse soon. The largest known overlap with the new faction is from Guild players. Many who, like me, are sad to see Lucas go.
  9. Corn

    Henchman hardcore

    I actually really enjoy HH a lot due to how quickly the game plays. It also allows you to test different team compositions pretty efficiently, as the time sunk into each individual game is really short. Like this cute little crew; Phiona Gage- Transparency, Lead Lined Coat Witchling Thrall Performer Guild Hound There is a lot of synergy to unpack there. Phiona creates scheme markers with Transparency. When a Scheme Marker is created, the Witchling Thrall gets a free attack. The Guild Hound can declare charges for 1 AP near the scheme markers, and the Performer mercenary can blow up the scheme markers with Seduction and any a failed willpower duel from that ( ) will launch an attack from Phiona thanks to "Its Me You're Fighting". I'm not sure if it would be able to stand up to a good Ryle list, but it does feel like it would be pretty terrifying in a melee brawl in the center. Especially once the free attacks start flowing, and the Performer starts turning scheme markers into debuffs.
  10. I think the Guardian is a good buy for Lucius' crew. He is a minion, so eligible for Lucius' Issue Command, the Great Sword is exceptional with out of activation movement- which Lucius has in spades and its a great pick for mimic. Not to mention Toss, which has a ton of utility for moving your crew and your opponents crew around, and Take the Hit if you need to intervene to save an important model
  11. Basing your decision around what nobody plays will always be difficult, because that is a target that moves over time as the game develops and certain masters fall in and out of favor. Like Adran said, its going to depend pretty heavily on your local community. so if that is the way you want to go, get a finger on your meta and pick based on that. One thing to consider is that in my opinion the best way to play a "unique" crew, is to get one of the limited edition crews, and build your army based on that. Those typically have some really cool sculpts, and not many people have them compared to the normal variant of the crew. If you are interested in that route here would be your choices. Dark Carnival- alternate Colette crew. Curiosity Killed the Cat- alternate Hamelin but with cats instead of rats. Unicorn Vomit and Pixie Farts- alternate Ulix except ponies instead of pigs. The Wild Ones- alternate McCabe Crew... Mad Max style (although most of the box isn't currently useable in M3E until the new faction is released) These sets are typically sold during either the Easter sale (just ended), or during Gen Con sales, and Wyrd will often have them at booths in other events that they go to. Dark Carnival and Curiosity Killed the Cat also have additional flavor pieces to fill out the crew (the Corphee duet for the carnival and the Cat Herders and Cat Princesses for Curiosity). which can help you stay in theme easier.
  12. I agree that the Pale Rider seems like a really interesting buy for a Lucius crew. He is a pretty solid beater, he has a high cost and can potentially trigger a lot of out of activation Charges with Hatred Unleashed, which could pair pretty well with Following Orders. That said, aside from Agent 46 and possibly Reid / Dopple... I'm not sure how many Elite models actually want to be in the thick of it. Pale Rider also has a pretty good gun for mimic users to borrow. The Domador also is a really interesting pick. Decay is pretty solid against hordes, can be mimic'd, and it can add a pretty decent healing for Lucius' other living members. I agree with @4thstringer that the Clockwork Rifle is a pretty good mimic target for the Dopple and Agent 46, as the Clockwork Rifle intrinsically ignores cover and Lucius' crew also has a lot of discard effects... so another Execute trigger can be scary. The other guns I would consider would be a Chain Harpoon (Hunter) for control, or some blasts on the cheap (Sanctioned Spellcaster). When going for the staggered build, do you sprinkle in things like Field Reporters (auto distracted and stagger on the camera)? Seems like it would really jive with that team for spreading Stagger a bit. Seems like a pretty fun build actually.
  13. Corn

    Henchman hardcore

    So I actually basically ran that Witch Hunter List for the Henchmen Hardcore event at Adepticon this year (although I used Debt to the Guild and Disrupt Magic). I ended up placing third overall- I lost at one of the top tables to a Ryle + Peacekeeper + Proxy + Effigy (which won the event and doesn't help with your problem ). So even though I got absolutely smacked around by Ryle. at least it was on a top table. Its a good list, just as some big weaknesses that Ryle exploits. The Witch Hunter list wins big or losses big. I think you were focusing too much on Sam, when really the crew is about getting Stalkers into combat as quickly as possible. Sam's job is to punish anything that kills a Stalker. So you use the Handler's pushes to sling the Stalkers forwards. You charge whenever you can, and Sam hangs back. Once a Stalker dies, it explodes, and you respond with a Rapid Fire from Sam, popping Debt to the Guild and wasting either their most expensive piece or their Henchmen if possible. The crew plays by converting your own losses into damage spikes from Sam and trading up against your opponent. Crews that rely on conditions will struggle mightily against 2 stalkers, and any crew that relies heavily on casting can get shut down by Disrupt Magic. This leads to having really strong match ups against Neverborn who typically play right into your style, lots of melee casters and little ranged presence or armour means your game plan goes off without a hitch (watch out for Angel Eyes... but who runs her in a real game?). Arcanists can also really struggle- outside of Cult of December. The crews biggest weaknesses are against ranged tank crews, which can hang back out of Sam's range, and punish your fragile Stalkers which NEED to get to the middle to score. Ryle is especially dangerous because he typically runs a lot of armor and healing in his crew which makes the Witch Hunters quite literally punch themselves out. As your damage spike isn't enough to kill his stuff, and you aren't able to trade up, any Witchlings who die from range and/or explode out of Sam's range are big losses. Snowstorm is also a problem. Her crew usually has a lot of healing (Silent Ones), Snowstorm is basically immune to Sam, Acolytes are also dangerous shooters who can hand out slow and damage, and the maneuverability is dizzying. Outside of those match ups though, I usually felt that I held the upper hand. So uh, if your goal is to beat a strong Ryle list, i don't think Witch Hunters will do it, but they are definitely a solid HH crew, and are a blast to play once you get the hang of it. On the subject of Ryle lists. He is a dirty dirty man in HH. He is durable, has good shooting, and is no joke in melee and has a push for good measure if he needs maneuverability. Ryle is tough for anyone to beat, and definitely one of the strongest HH crews in the game. EDIT: I also think Judge is pretty sneaky in HH with a Marshal crew. Judge- Unrelenting Leader, LLC, Recruiter, Marshal, Effigy. Judge has a big cache and is pretty durable- especially with the jacket. Without a master, Judge is free to spend his 5 soulstones on combos with blades and bullets or unrelenting leader (and each hit heals him up a bit more, although Debt to the Guild and a LLC for the Recruiter is a solid option as well), and the Recruiter can keep people alive with discards if things get dicey. The Recruiter and Death Marshal also are a huge threat to crews that rely on one or two big beaters, as if those get boxed, it can quickly make the game go belly up. The Recruiter is the weak point in the crew, but keeping him a bit further back and using Judge to attract attention can help.
  14. Well. we could consider getting... cute! Any thoughts on an out of keyword False Witness? If you can get one near C. Basse, then you just go nuts with False Claim and combo with Claim the Bounty to grab cards from your discard pile. With good timing and positioning you can spend all your good cards on Basse, then grab them back again with Claim the Bounty when you are done. Might help a bit with Card Draw issues.
  15. Any reason to leave Reichart at home? IMO, any aggressive deployment (which basically screams Frontier) is going to benefit a lot from having a couple linebackers to keep the enemy honest and hold them up while you use Follow my Path to extricate non melee pieces from the fray. Basse can do this job, but I don't think he can do it alone, and Reichart is a nice in keyword choice for the role as well. Maybe also strap a lead lined coat on Basse, a little extra bulk cannot hurt him, and he is one of your only good melee pieces. Traps are pretty slow and definitely too slow to effectively trouble shoot your lines, and Frontiersmen have a glass jaw. I also don't think you will have enough tomes in hand to keep two Pathfinders reliably summoning traps. You need at least a 5+ Tome per trap, and its you'll often want to save your face cards for important attack and defense duels rather than another trap... which can make running two Pathfinders difficult.
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