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  1. Not sure if this is your first miniature game or not but you have some great technique for the paint jobs. The highlights and low lights you did give the crew a nice scary vibe. I like it! Keep up the great work.
  2. How can I tell what address is on file for the shipping? I recently moved and I cant remember if changed the address on file for the shipping on the kickstarter.
  3. I might add that these are part of their bases and would be on about half of the bases. And they are show curtains, like a grand marque type curtain, not frilly house curtains.
  4. So I am currently working on Collodi, Marionettes, and Wicked dolls crew. I need some suggestions for what to use a curtain for their back ground. I'm alright with green stuff but for collodi, 4 marionettes, and 12 wicked dolls thats is a ton of green stuff (i also did all the wood floors on their bases out of green stuff). Just some ideas on here may get the ball rolling in my mind about how to do it. Thanks in adavance.
  5. cipher studios, 30 coin. I bought him as an alt. I think he looks good http://cipher-studios.com/2012/02/the-hiring-post-5/
  6. I do the same as bruglyother with magnets and a metal tool box. I have probably 130 models in it at any one given time and still have room for plenty more. The box cost about 35 dollars at home depot and the magnets in bulk are only about 22 cents a piece. It does take a little trial and error when looking at how strong you want the magnets (stronger magnets means the models are more secure but endure more stress when removing them).
  7. So here is my crew for judging for the end of our escalation league. I tried my best with pictures since they were just on my phone and taken in our LGS. I understand that there are 2 Joss models, one I started the league with and the other was new out of box since it released in December. I appreciate comments and critique. I really tried to stick with a “time” theme.
  8. When he charges I think I'm going to start singing the Mexican hat dance. The sculpt is a little silly. As for Sonnia I was looking forward the mask. I have her V1 crew and was deciding if I would like to upgrade, Samael is certainly a bit less "sparkly" as it were in V2. Disappointed on the mask front though.
  9. I like this story, especially when the torakage dies... again. There seems to be a theme building with him. Die every game. But I like the story, keep writing these up.
  10. Joss and the convict gunslinger. Turn one. Flank deployment. Deployment top to bottom: Primordial Magic, Candy, Kade Green circles indicate Candy, Kade, and Primordial Magic Red is Joss and Convict Gunslinger A lot of movement Turn 1 Turn 2: Kade and Joss engage near fence, Convict Gunslinger engages Primordial Magic, Candy stays in place and casts self loathing Turn 3: Still resolving combat on all fronts, no movement Turn 4: Primordial Magic dies, Candy self loathing and then run away home Turn 5: Joss kills Kade moves into ruins, Candy runs through ruins, Convict Gunslinger moves a bit
  11. This game was a 10ss match up for our escalation league, the first round. Game table was 2' by 2'. We were limited to henchmen, no masters. Deployment was flank. Scheme: Reckoning Strategy Pool: Line in the sand Distract Assassinate Plant Evidence Power Ritual Here is the story part, pictures with captions to follow. Rumors were flying around about energy surges coming from ruins to the south of the Quarantine Zone just over the walls. It wasn’t long before Viktor Ramos caught wind of these rumors. Ramos’ interests were peaked when it was said that ancient constructs were present around the site. He had been looking for more information on the first settlement of Malifaux to better understand construct reanimation. Ramos however was under extreme investigation from the Guild lawyers at the time and could not chance a personal look at the ruins. Not wanting to lose the opportunity Ramos sent his henchman Joss in his place to investigate the ruins and secure them if anything significant was found. Joss was told to keep things low key as to not draw the attention of the Guild. Joss was also charged with “losing some documents” whilst on his trip to the ruins to throw the Guild off his trail. To keep things quiet Joss decided to not enlist the help of any of the constructs that were at his disposal as they would draw unwanted attention, instead he made a stop at the “The Drunken Rose.” This was probably one of the shadiest bars in the slums district where guns for hire hung out waiting for high bidders to need “something taken care of.” Joss found a gunslinger named Fredrick who agreed to work for a decent price and set off on his assignment. Leaving the city wasn’t an issue, barely any guild were on patrol in the area so they passed unseen out of the city. It was twilight by the time they reached the ruins. A tingle of electrical energy could be felt in the air. The hair on the back of Joss’ neck began to stand on end. Joss knew this feeling all too well. Encounters with the natives of Malifaux often led to this sensation. This was not the energy that had drawn Ramos’ attention. Drawing his arc axes, Joss looked at the Fredrick and nodded to move along the right side of the ruins while he pointed one of his axes in the other direction. Without a word Fredrick was off, guns drawn as if knowing all too well what was about to happen. Joss moved quickly to the left of the ruins, before he even got a few yards from where he was standing a loud innocent giggle came from inside the ruins. There, in the middle of the ruined building, stood a little girl holding a basket. The air around her seemed to quiver and jolt with an evil presence. Joss recognized her as Candy, an evil little lost soul usually seen with her master Pandora. Pandora however was nowhere in sight. Another giggle echoed from the ruins and she vanished in to thin air. Joss kept moving and while doing so was stashing the “packages” Ramos ordered him to “lose.” Under piles of rocks, under tree roots, and in the trees, anywhere that would fit the packages of evidence and lead the Guild off Ramos’ case. During the jog to hide everything he realized that the ruins were not what Ramos was looking for and decided to ditch the evidence and leave. Joss approached a fence and stooped low to stash the last package under a small pile of rubble. After hiding the last package he turned to run back towards where he and Fredrick first arrived but was halted in his tracks by almost tripping over a small boy near the edge of the fence. Upon first glance the boy, just a toddler, was writing out something on the stone fence in a language Joss did not understand. He stood there holding his teddy bear with a blank lifeless look in his eyes while finishing the etching. Joss knew all too well there was no innocence to be had here and raised his ax to attack the boy. He swung an ax in a downward sweep towards the small boys head only to find purchase in sinking the blade into the ground. The boy moved with unnatural dexterity to the left and approached Joss’ flank. With a flicker of silver, Joss fell to one knee. Standing he felt a warm sensation, what he assumed was blood, from the left flank of his chest. He peered at the boy who was now holding a carving knife instead of his bear. Joss stepped back to try and regain his composure. He recognized the boy from a previous run in with Pandora as Kade. Fredrick was not having much more luck on the right side of the ruins. He witnessed the little girl giggling in the middle of the ruins and then disappearing into thin air as he advanced. He had fought some bizarre creatures in Malifaux before but nothing like this. He sprinted forward and launched himself on top of a fallen pillar in front of him to try and see where the girl moved to. While he stood on the pillar searching for the girl a slight hissing noise came from the other end of the pillar, like the release of steam from a train engine, followed by what sounded like flames crackling. He moved toward the sound to investigate and found an ethereal worm dancing along the ground wreathed in green flame. He remembered the stories of something like this in a book about the first breach. The first settlers found that these worms were found to give the natives of Malifaux better luck. He recalled them to be called Primordial Magic, a very old power of Malifaux. It seemed to be focused on getting somewhere fast. He leveled one of his revolvers and let a shot loose, but to no avail. The shot passed right through the ethereal being, the energies around the worm flickered and fluxed though. Fredrick leveled both of his revolvers and let loose a volley of hot lead that only seemed to agitate the worm. *click *click *click. Fredrick ran out of ammo and started to reload. Once finished he looked up to see the little girl standing and giggling in front of him. The girl spoke to him in a hollow empty voice, “Mister! You really shouldn’t play with guns, they are dangerous…” With the finish of her sentence Fredrick was overwhelmed with grief and self loathing. The thought of defending himself fled his mind and the feelings of ending things washed over him. Memories of the past came rushing back to him, the murder victims from Earth side flashed before his eyes. The reason he was brought to Malifaux in the first place. Uncontrollable depression seemed to stretch to all corners of his soul. He raised a revolver to his right thigh and pulled the trigger. The pain was immense, more intense than the feelings that washed over him from the little girl. Fredrick snapped out of that state only to realize that he had in fact shot himself in the leg, a glancing blow at the most. Fredrick looked around to see where the little girl went but she was no where to be found. He tore a part of his shirt off and bandaged the wound. Near by the Primordial Magic writhed forward trying to escape Fredricks gaze. Fredrick raised his guns again and fired a volley into the worm. In an inferno of green flame and purple smoke the worm withered and disappeared. Fredrick turned and fled toward where he and Joss split up. He turned to find Joss wildly swinging his axes at what seemed to be a blur. Joss was locked in combat with a baby that seemed more interested in toying with him rather than killing him. Giggling manically Kade bobbed back and forth getting in slashes where he could. Knife cuts now dotted Joss’ torso and legs, although nothing critical. Joss had enough. He raised his axes above his head and brought them down hard toward his target, steam blasting out of his power generator on his back. Kade side stepped the blow and began to toddle away towards the ruins. Joss would not let this abomination of a toddler away. Joss charged Kade with all the strength he had left in his being. His axes blazing with arch power Joss brought them down hard again towards his target. His swing this time landed and the baby began to scream in a long since dead language. Joss stepped back as to avoid retaliation but was instead met with a cloud of purple smoke. Kade had vanished. Joss began his walk back towards the town. He could see Fredrick hobbling to meet him from the left, a little beat up. Just then a screeching cry sounded from inside the ruins, it sounded like Candy found that her playmates had all gone home.
  12. So I am browsing the painting forums and click on the link for this one. I start looking at the pictures and realize these models all look very familiar, especially the hoarcat pride one. The I look at the person posting and was like duh... I freakin game with him. Dumb moment. I will say this again on here though for your first models these look outstanding. I'm still blown away by the ice effect.
  13. I'm looking to play at Millennium once or twice a month and for some reason no one ever shows for Malifaux on Saturday's. There are plenty of Warhammer 40k players and for some odd reason Lord of the Rings players but no Malifaux players to be seen. Are any of you out there or am I wasting my time. If your lookin for a game pls let me know.
  14. Hey. This is Pat. I met you probably 2 weeks ago at Millenium while you were playing Malifaux. I was wondering if you were gonna be in on Saturday. I have a guild crew up and painted and ready for battle. I'd like to have my first round be with you so you can fully teach me. I've read the rule book pretty extensively now so I understand a decent amount but nothing like playing the game. Just message me on here or e-mail me at patrickpaulot@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  15. Thanks Mike. I got confused when the rule mindless states that at the end of the activation phase players switch taking control of mindless zombies. I guess this just applies to zombies not in range of Nicodem.
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