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Found 8 results

  1. My fiancee just finished painting her Collette crew (looks amazing btw) and she's excited to get her first game of malifaux in. She's worried about being destroyed in her first match. Mainly because it's with me and we tend to get really competitive when we play games together. Any advice for what she can play to do well? Ill be playing gremlins (I'm soloing Ophelia) so if you have any advice against them that would be good also.
  2. Hi Clearing out some old metals and have the following up for sale Guild austringers (both versions) £15 4 guild hounds £10 for 2 Full Collette metal crew including angelica, doves and a coryphee duet looking for at least £40 -sale pending Full metal Ramos crew including brass arachnid and mobile toolkit looking for at least £30 Open to offers ideally from the UK, prices do not include postage Thanks
  3. So I am currently working on Collodi, Marionettes, and Wicked dolls crew. I need some suggestions for what to use a curtain for their back ground. I'm alright with green stuff but for collodi, 4 marionettes, and 12 wicked dolls thats is a ton of green stuff (i also did all the wood floors on their bases out of green stuff). Just some ideas on here may get the ball rolling in my mind about how to do it. Thanks in adavance.
  4. A while ago I bought a friend the Lillith box set as well as the rest of the useful models for a growth crew (Young Nephs, Shaman, Desperate Merc) and Lillith's avatar. I also let him dip into my models whenever he wants. I have most Neverborn models barring Lynch, Sorrows and the Silurid group. Yesterday I played Collette against him and he got rather soundly trumped, partly due to an unlucky soulstone flip defending against a Mannequin replacement on Lillith. What would you recommend I advise him to do to have better odds against Collette? Changing crew selection, different in-game tactics, etc...
  5. I finished this Showgirls crew about 3 months ago, but I figured you guys would like to see it. This is the most colorful commission I've ever done, and I really enjoyed that. Too much grimdark gets 'ya down. I was intimidated at first by the challenge of getting a sheer look to the stockings, but after a little reading on these forums and many trial-and-error sessions at the paintdesk, I think I managed to achieve a good result. Enjoy the photographs! I didn't get more than these two, as I was rushed to get the models in the mail. Cheers! ~BlackDog
  6. Hi all, I'm fresh from a game against collette and 2 questions came up. Can I get your feedback? Question 1: The ability to gain "use soul stone" how long does this last for? Would this go at the end of the round or if you cast in the first turn would it last the whole game? Question 2: Can 2 corfeys activate, and in the 2nd ones activation they form into the duet. Does the duet get to activate that same turn? Many thanks for your help, sorry for any spelling mistakes, I'm typing this up quickly on my phone. Tom
  7. Hey all, well I'm new both to Malifaux and to this forum but from what I can tell this would make a great "summer fling" game. Something without the huge price point to get into as a new game. That said I've been doing my research, have a basic understanding of how the game plays and something about a number of the gangs. I'll be picking up my rulebook this week and am looking to determine what my gang will be. Right now I am leaning heavily towards Pandora as I love the creepy kids (though am not huge on the woes, etc). I'm thinking I'll pick up the basic set, a doppleganger, teddy and when I can an Insidius Madness and I should be set for 35 point games (even some flexibility as I think thats over). From what I have heard the playstyle is very tricksy which seems to me to be what Malifaux is about! However I am also rather keen on the look of Seamus and the Redchappel Gang. I'm not sure what thier playstyle would be like though and am not really looking to just rush and assault. I do however really like the girls though I'm not certain what expansion options would stay within that theme. Finally again with the whole burlesque women theme Collette looks pretty interesting. However mechanical doves do little for me and from what I've heard she is all about the pair of dancing scissor handed dolls. I actually like both the girls and the mannequines but am not sure about the playstyle and reliance on one model. Anyway, as an albeit educated but none the less uniformed newbie please set me straight on all my misconceptions and I'd appreciate any feedback on if Pandora is the best choice and if not, why not. Please opinionate away Edit: Oh and as an aside... one of the very new gangs is the kids and the ratcatcher. Something about spreading disease. This appeals, but how does it play? A handful of lost kids... plus what would you possibly expand to 35 points with without breaking away from the theme?
  8. I have been a great fan of Malifaux since the first rulebook came out, and have tried out a few games using (god forbid) unpainted miniatures, but now I have got a friend into playing and painting I have at last started to paint some figures. My first choice of gang was Collette as I love the miniatures and they remind me of one of my favourite recording artists (more on that in a later post!) but my friend has chosen Ramos as his starting gang and I felt it went a bit contrary to the background to have all our battles between these two gangs, so I am also painting up a Dreamer/LCB gang as I love the fluff and rules for them. I have finished a Teddy apart from the base and some gore. Teddy with rest of gang so far. Collettes gang so far, bases built from individual planks, the details on Collettes base should give a clue to the musician in question ( a big clap on the back to anyone who can guess) I have a week off next week so hope to make some significant progress.
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