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  1. Depends on the matchup and what you're going for. Mercenary is like Nephilim in that turn 1 is getting into position for Turn 2 unless you're planning an all-in. I'm sure there's optimizations but walking a lot on T1 isn't uncommon.
  2. I'd just use the app, but if you need single cards I think Drive Thru or Warchest can PoD singles reasonably affordably.
  3. Example: Thoon takes his frozen trophy trigger, which is a once per turn trigger. Under the above ruling, if I obey Thoon, he is not the one taking the action, therefore the trigger can be taken twice in one turn since Thoon is not the one choosing or controlling the action (see "once per" pg.33).
  4. So with this ruling, how do you resolve the once per turn restriction, since according to the above ruling the model controlling it is taking and controlling the action, not the model with the ability.
  5. Disagree vehemently with this ruling, since it would also mean no obeying units out of enemy engagement ranges, among other things.
  6. They're not bad but they get stepped on by literally anything and their movement bonus action requires something to be towards what it's going to, which presents some issues in a lot of situations. Still, they have their uses.
  7. Can you say Fly with Me Alyce? Seriously though, the only correct answer for any faction, is SS Miners.
  8. Nagi21


    No, once per turn effects only apply to the model currently activated.
  9. Mostly true, but other than the outliers that are survivable, other scheme runners have one of three things: A) A way to stay alive while they do their thing 2) A way to kill something at around its own cost to force a larger reaction C) A way to lay down more than 1 scheme marker per turn The bultungin fall under none of these. It does not survive against most other 5 stone models, it does not murder most other 5-6 stone models, and while it has deadly pursuit, that does not help in laying down markers like something like leap would due to the timing.
  10. Look at the rest of the statline and their attack. They're fast, but the issue with them is dying to a stiff breeze.
  11. Zoraida doesn't have a keyword really so she's entirely dependent on your opponent. Titania can be ok, but is barely hovering the average area. Pandora is literally feast or famine. Either she wins hard or she's struggling all game, and it seems the latter more often. They all have some good matchups, but there's far too many hard counter matchups in each faction.
  12. This game is a lot of things, but balanced is not one of them. We all know how bad Guild is, and nobody hides it. NVB was barely viable pre GG1 and after the changes they've fallen into a virtual tie with Guild due to the Dashel buffs. Meanwhile 9/10 of the most broken crews are either TT, Outcast, or Rezzer. It's not completely broken, but we're far from balanced.
  13. I'd say just barely. Dreamer is great, Nekima and Titania are so-so, the rest are too specialized or inflexible to be viable competitively. Lucius I'd say is also good in a schemy pool, but he takes soooo much time to learn that the juice is almost not worth the squeeze. Rezzers would wreck him so I'd avoid that unless you're going to play solely Seamus. Guild would be good, but they're arguably tied with NVB for worst faction right now. Arcanist has some interesting matchups, but there are a handful of hard counters on both sides (Pandora smashes Toni and Hoffman, but Toni breaks Nekima over her knee every time). NVB v NVB is actually a pretty interesting matchup, but I'd avoid it for the same reason as Guild. Outcasts are probably the strongest faction right now, but they do require a little bit of finesse to use correctly (unless you're playing Levi). The guns available are going to make his life hell though. Range is a huge advantage, and they have a lot of gunfighter too if needed. Bayou is good against most of the NVB buuuut aside from Mah, Nekima is a pretty hard counter to most of them, due to the grow mechanic combined with an abundance of shove aside. 9/10 vs not Nekima, 3/10 vs Nekima. You're probably gonna wanna invest in Tricksy (Mah Tucket). Ten Thunders present the same issue to NVB as Outcasts: Versatile guns. Samurai alone counter a LOT of things in the crew, and TT have a lot of ruthless to counter even the good crews like Dreamer. It's not the worst matchups in the game, but there's a significant uphill battle in a lot of those matchups.
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