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  1. I mean... the charge caused the stampede ability so one could argue the damage suffered is due to the charge action. Arguably.
  2. Not gonna lie, this statement explains so much...
  3. I have rarely used them, however there is one situation where I've brought them successfully multiple times. They are exceptionally good for cost vs armored crews (just armored, not armored + htw + etc or armored + guns), because you can toss them in as cheap black blood bombs to plink away at models. I'm not saying bring 4, but I've brought multiple to play when I expected armor based models.
  4. Follow up question: Are Dead Outlaws actually good? Cause if so this isn't actually a bad idea to run with.
  5. Hmm... 3/5/6 vs 3/4/5 with + to damage flips (i.e. focus bonus). Not saying you're wrong... but you're wrong. 😁 I mean... she's really not a good character though. She's one-dimensional in that either you defer to her, or you get put on her shitlist. She doesn't hide her schemes well, and you can't really sit there and actually tell me you don't expect either her or Titania to get smacked in the face by the other (and spoiler... Titania is a lot scarier) eventually. Lilith at least knew the eventuality and took steps to account for it. Nekima thinks she's going to be some
  6. Yea... would be so sad for something to happen to the petulant child of the faction so she could be replaced with someone with more depth than "big sword go bonk". 😒 Her greatsword isn't even a greatsword.
  7. I've been saying Wyrd is balancing Neverborn and Nephilim around you for the last year, and nobody wants to listen, even though you are the only one keeping her even remotely relevant. She's not good unless you are much better than your opponent, in a favorable matchup, and you bring a hyper-optimized list. Also hype is overrated. Lilith was plenty hyped in 2e and now we're still waiting for her to come home and fix this fiasco. I've taken hounds before in very specific situations where I wanted some fast and disposable blood bombs. They do yeoman's work against armor.
  8. Oh I'm not saying Silurids are bad, I'm just using them as an example of something that is just mobile and can't stay vs a dedicated attack. Not bad when the model is a 5 stone runner... very bad when the model is a 7-10 stone minion or master. A lot of terrain. The problem isn't usually getting there, the problem is that 3e models are much more survivable vs alpha strike so you take way more as Nephilim than you give once you go in. Good for attrition crews, bad for Nephilim.
  9. I mean... Titania took over, Nekima took over, then the whole faction just dropped like a rock. Seems pretty obvious the leadership is... questionable lol. She can be fun, but fun =/= competitive. I mean you yourself said you had stopped playing your "God Empress" in GG1 because the only thing keeping her viable got nerfed for no reason. The minions are fun but the crew itself is really quite underwhelming, and very one trick. They melt into anything that can hold up to min 3 damage or out position them (Rezzers, Arcanists, Thunders), and their only viable strategy is a BBS bomb th
  10. It's a game of mobility + survivability. It doesn't matter how mobile she is if she dies to any kind of reasonable offense (see: Silurids).
  11. Another thing that I'm seeing missed about WtM and why it's not very good, is it isn't good vs. normal summons that summon more than one model (looking at you Sandeep), since not only do you have to yeet a card, but you only get to attack one of the god knows how many things that just appeared on the board.
  12. Ruthless is an issue for the entire faction, which makes running into TT or the like miserable anyway. Poltergeist is in a bad spot because if it gets a defensive buff it becomes stupidly good (not that stupid good totems don't exist), but without defensive buffs, the insane supporting buffs never actually get to be used in actual play. I don't expect Wyrd to make any changes to him though with their current mindset. Shooting is also an issue for most of the faction, that's just been life as NVB since 1e. 7 for a shockwave isn't that uncommon. Fears given form isn't really the pla
  13. You think the new one is bad? The original metal one has one tiny hoof supporting the entire thing straight up lol. Nekima has always been a PitA to base.
  14. Pandora's weird because you kinda have to play her in keyword to be good, and her expensive keyword models are very good. It's the cheaper ones that have real issues (anything under 7 stones basically). The rework to Misery basically left those models with little use since they don't survive well and don't do much damage unless they stick around close to the enemy. I would put her probably at the midpoint of the faction with Titania. Woe is one of those factions where either it works extremely well, or extremely poorly, depending on what the enemy can or does bring. I don't think I've
  15. The year was 2009... I got in when the owner of the game store I went to explain why it was better than Warmachine (obviously), and they had, if I can remember right, Seamus, Nicodem, Lilith, Viktoria, and Lady J I believe (probably...). Honestly I was much younger then and it legit came down to which did I like more, undead hookers, leather clad chick with greatsword, other leather clad chick with greatsword, or katana clones. I liked purple more than red... After I got Lilith I liked how she played (she played way different then) so I just kept with her as my main and filled out
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