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  1. Hello, Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find many any topics on it. I was wondering if anyone uses a grid (hex or squares) to do their Through the Breach battles and if so, what your experiences are? Thanks for any and all input!
  2. Hello, thanks for this sheet it seems like it will be really helpful! Forgive me if I'm wrong (I'm still new to Through the Breach) but it appears that the Defense Aspect is calculating incorrectly. If my understanding is correct it should be 2+ Speed or Evade, whichever is higher (barring any modifications or Talents that affect this). When I fiddle around with the sheet, it does not appear to add two to either the speed or the evade and sometimes it seems like it is doing odd things, like potentially adding the two together? Examples: When Speed=0 and Evade=3, Defense=3 When Speed=1 and Evade=3, Defense=3 When Speed=2 and Evade=3, Defense=4 When Speed=3 and Evade=3, Defense=5 When Speed=3 and Evade=0 through 10, Defense=5 I'm only passingly familiar with GoogleDocs Scripts so I wasn't able to find anything in there to help find the source of the problem. Thank you very much!
  3. I would like to see an Alt Ulix. His model is great, however it is always amazing that he has a Rg 4 Attack! Perhaps one riding a piglet (like the metal Young LaCroix or new Gremlin Crier)!
  4. Hello, sorry for the interruption of this conversation, but I was looking at WargamesVault to order these errata cards and I cannot find them on that site. Are these available as print on demand yet? Thank you all!
  5. Welcome to our organization! The Troubleshooters are an interesting box set, Toni herself has a predilection for models with the M&SU Characteristic. This is due to her Hand-Picked Men Ability. As such anything with that Characteristic can really benefit from Ironsides. She can take non-M&SU, but I tend to only sparingly hire non-unionized members. The non-M&SU members I tend to take are either support pieces or models that can benefit from Toni's You Lookin' At Me? Action. This Action gives Ironsides a lot of board control for where her crew (as well as where the enemy crew) can be. The thing to note with this is that the Target is pushedd its Cg towards Toni and then makes an Ml attack against her. That is an Ml attack, not a close combat (the claw symbol) attack. This means that Gunsmiths, or the Mages, or the Mechanical Rider that have a Ca or Sh attack that can be used in close combat (claw symbol), then they will not hit Toni. There are many options for this neat movement option, with the ones I noted being particularly useful (highly recommend the Gunsmiths, currently available as metals). The support, non-M&SU, models I sometimes take are the Arcane Effigy, Performer, Mechanical Rider (who can summon Metal Gamin, which are M&SU and has the You Lookin' At Me? synergy), Silent One, and Freikorps Librarians. There are definitely others that I take, those are just the ones coming to mind. So don't be afraid to look beyond M&SU, but those should be your bread-and-butter in an Ironsides list (they should also be your heavy hitters, as they just get beefier with Hand-Picked Men). Johan, Gunsmiths, Union Miners, and Willie are noteworthy M&SU members, but there are again others. Hope you like Toni and her crew, play around with her a lot and feel free to change up your crew. Ironsides is a bit of a finesse Master, so learning how to play her will take a while and she can be played in multiple ways. I will give the starting tip or playing her without any upgrades to start (or you can take Arcane Reservoir and/or Seize the Day, which are crew buffs more so than Upgrades for Toni herself). You'll figure out what you want Toni to be doing for you best without trying to force the Upgrades to be worth their points. Hope that helps, happy gaming!
  6. Honestly my two most used upgrades with Toni are Arcane Reservoir and Seize the day. I occasionally take Frontline Leadership, mostly because I really like its (0) action. I generally run her without any of her upgrades though. If I had a lot of minion constructs in the crew I would consider that Wave 1 M&SU upgrade that gives out Regeneration +1 (sorry forgot the name), or possibly Powered by Flame if I had the constructs. Toni really doesn't need the upgrades, most of them help her out in odd ways or make her try to do one thing and the biggest thing you will run into with her is that she does a lot of different things but she does none of them particularly effectively.
  7. Where is this happening? Excel usually works fine for small tournaments, there may be other generic tournament trackers out there that might work but I've only ever used Excel.
  8. I'm going to bump this thread simply to note that no deal has been made. If you have a snowstorm I am willing to buy it if you do not want to trade, fyi. Thank you.
  9. Hi All, I am looking for the old metal/resin Snowstorm model. I have some Limited Editions that are new in box that I would be willing to trade, or I could negotiate a price. I am located in the U.S., but am okay with shipping oversees. What I have to trade (I may have other things as well, feel free to ask about something specific, these are things I know for sure that I have available): Miss Step (new in box) Miss Ery (new in bag) Miss Terious (new in bag) Miss Demeanor (new in bag, NO M2e Card) Miss Pack (new in bag, NO M2e Card) "kissing" Perdita Limited Ed (new in bag) Smokey Tara box set (new in bag) War Rabbit (new in bag) Foil Fate Deck Nightmare Whiskey Golem (new in box) Nightmare Hanging Trees (new in box, Unsure if it has M2e cards or not, probably not though) Assorted old Metal Models (all not put together, but out of blister packs without cards) Thank you all for looking!
  10. Hey All, I just moved to Springfield, MO and I am looking for fellow Malifaux players. Anyone here from Springfield, MO or know of any playgroups in the area? Thanks for all the help! -Fancy Hat
  11. I highly recommend getting Ironsides on the table. She plays very differently than what her card makes you think. In a perfect setting Ironsides can put out a ton of hurt, in practice that almost never happens. Get adrenaline when you can, don't rely on it (note that the Adrenaline condition will be reduced by one and heal Ironsides one at the end of every turn, there is no "may" in this action, so even if Ironsides is at full health, there goes her Adrenaline, so trying to save up for one good round of butt-kicking is hard to do as well). If you are intent on using Adrenaline then Frontline Leadership is the way to go. I recommend coupling this with Arcane Reservoir to mitigate the effects of having to discard cards. I quite honestly take Frontline Leadership for the (0) Action though, it's a really good one, and makes Ironsides one of the best board-control masters in the game when coupled with "You Lookin' at Me". On the Challenge the Crowd front, I have taken it many times and wished I had given her any other upgrade, a simply Imbued Energies on her would have been better (Note with a cache of 5 I'm never really hurting on the stone front, so I always try to max out my model/upgrades spent). The problem with Challenge the Crowd is one of timing. If Ironsides is engaged with two models when she activates, she will kill one of them. That means she no longer gets the benefit from challenge the crowd. She could instead try to get more enemies near her during her activation, but Ironsides doesn't want too many enemies near her, as even with double positives, it'll only take so many tries to get her down. Also if she has activated already to bring those enemies closer then (a) they probably got a free hit off of the "You Lookin' at Me" action, which you want to try to minimize as much as possible and ( she's already activated, so even if she manages to get some Adrenaline out of it, it probably won't be enough, remember you will lose an adrenaline at the end of the turn and you also need to still hit your opponents and damage them to get your trggers off (be wary of soulstones users, preventing Ironsides' Brass Knuckles damage, especially those nasty neverborn leaders if they take their Aetheric Connections upgrade, can shut Ironsides down pretty hard). Because of Ironsides', let's call it, unreliability as a combat master, she better fits a support/board control role. You Lookin at me is very powerful, notably so on friendly models, note the actions tells the target to make an Ml action. What if they have an Sh action that has a close combat range? They don't make the attack. This makes Oxfordian Mages, Gunsmiths (who can also choose to not relent and cheat in a rams to get their defensive trigger of gaining Fast), and the Mechanical Rider (who has a whopping charge of 10" and poops out M&SU constructs that start wounded for Quell the Riot to take effect immediately!) all are great choices for that action, but sometimes taking Johan's Relic Hammer to the face is the price Ironsides needs to pay in order to get the job done. Wow, glancing back over this post I think I answered your question as well as a few (just a few) that you didn't ask. For now I'll leave you with one last word of advice is true for everything in Malifaux but, in my experience, rings exceptionally true for Ironsides. Play it on the table.
  12. On the Ten Thunders front (note I am an Arcanist player and have only gotten Mei on the table several times as Ten Thunders) the Wave 2 Leader Upgrade "On Wings of Wind" is invaluable to Mei Feng. This will give her a push at the end of the turn (great for getting out of melee if you got her stuck against something that she shouldn't have been next to, or great to push her to use her 3" Engagement range to stop people from Interacting), bt it also gives her a (0) Action and she is notably lacking in those on her own card. This (0) Action lets you push around another model. Did you screw up your initial Rail Walk point? (0) Action and push it where it needs to be. Did you jump in and failed to beat enough face, but got to cavalier in your kicking and are now out of position? (0) Action and push a Rail Walk point near you and get away! This upgrade notably allows you to run fewer constructs with Mei and still take advantage of Rail Walking. Generally I would say no more than three or four constructs are necessary, but in Arcanists I tend to accidentally place constructs, in Ten Thunder you have to be a bit more judicious in your choice of Constructs. Komainu, Rail Workers, and the Shadow Effigy are the only constructs within the faction itself and as noted above Lazarus can be hired as a mercenary (and he loves that (0) Action push to get him into position so he can Focus and fire a shot to get those blasts off). Don't forget that Mei can jump to scrap markers as well. I take the Emberling in Arcanists and place a scrap marker turn one or two in an area that Mei Feng would likely be needed (playing Turf War?, stick a scrap marker in the middle!). As some have noted above though, Rail Walking is great, but it is not Mei's only action, don't be afraid to charge with her or to just hang back and Vent Steam.
  13. First of all, a big thanks goes out to all of the players that attended! I'm glad to hear that everyone had a good time and hope to see you all for Soul Harvest IV! A big thanks also goes out to Joe and the Game Castle for allowing us to host this event at their store. Below I have posted the rankings, and I will note and apologize that the rankings announced at the event were a bit off, due to a miscalculation of Differential scores (they were ranked backwards). Below are the final scores and standings and is what was submitted to malifauxrankings.com. The rankings site should show these rankings within a few weeks. Thank you all again for making Soul Harvest III the event that harvest the most souls!
  14. Hi all, Just a brief update, I will be the TO for the event, so we are still good to go! Hope you got all your models painted and are ready for some fisticuffs! See you all Saturday!
  15. Hey, quick questions. 1. Do models need to be based to count as painted (e.g. flocking or sand on the base)? 2. Are proxies acceptable for models that are not currently released and/or should I PM photos to the TO for approval of proxies of models with rules but no miniature? Thank you very much.
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