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  1. Yup! @Dr4mis, @Nikodemus provides the technical backing to what I said. You're welcome!
  2. The player whose model caused the bury chooses which enemy model (to them) the unburied model gets placed next to. I.E. You force a WP check on my model. I fail and it gets buried. So the next time I activate that model, YOU choose which model of mine it shows up next to (enemy to you).
  3. AUG 31st 50SS M3E TOURNAMENT RESULTS First off, I would like to thank everyone for coming out and making the area’s first sanctioned M3E event such a huge success! We had players drive from Ohio, Lexington, and all over the local area to play. 19 participants in all! VERY IMPORTANT: Thank you to everyone for putting in the effort to get there on time yesterday. It was a long day and getting started on time definitely helped us all out. Secondly, I would like to thank Steve and Heroes Comics & Gaming for hosting the event and having Wyrd product in stock so we could spend our prize support so quickly! He let me come in late Friday evening to set up the tables so we didn’t waste time on Saturday, which was a huge help. I hope everyone had a fun time and there were a few things that i’ll work to improve in the next events I run to speed the admin work of the event up but I hoped you all enjoyed it and felt it the running of the event met your expectations! Alright, results after that wall of text: 1st - Gene Beeber - Ressers ($60 Store Credit) 2nd - Antonio Menendez - Outcasts ($30 Store Credit) 3rd - Mike Schmitz - Ressers ($15 Store Credit) Painted Models All Day Raffle - Brian Kovac (Wyrd 10th Anniversary Aionius Model, NIB) “New Egg, Fresh Beginnings” Award - Sean Powell (New Crew Box of Choice)
  4. ROUND 4 Strategy: -Reckoning Deployment: -Wedge Deployment Schemes: -Breakthrough -Power Ritual -Dig Their Graves -Take Prisoner -Search the Ruins One person reached out to me concerning proxies and that request has been taken care of. Tomorrow morning you will come in and go to the sales counter and pay the entry fee, then BRING YOUR RECIEPT to me and I will check you into the tournament! Store opens at 12:00 Noon and round 1 pairings are announced at 1235. Let's all be as courteous as we can to everyone else participating and be on time so we can get started! See you all tomorrow!
  5. 50SS M3E Tournament Announcement! Due to the sudden influx of players hitting "going" on the event, there is a chance we will have more than 15 participants. Should that happen, the event will extend to have a 4th round! I will flip the schemes for the possible 4th round later today and post them so that crew prep can begin. BE SURE TO ARRIVE ON TIME AND CHECK IN WITH ME SATURDAY MORNING RIGHT AFTER YOU PAY AT THE FRONT COUNTER-KEEP YOUR RECIEPT, I'LL NEED TO SEE IT TO TAKE YOUR TOURNAMENT SHEET! The store opens at 12:00 and I plan to announce pairings at 1235 SHARP. We can't wait to see you all Saturday! Drive safe! @Keeblerpowell @SparrowRose @Thedeadclaw
  6. No player cap, as this is our first are tournament and don't know what to expect. We SHOULD have done pre-reg so we had an idea BUT I didn't so yeah, Should be able to accommodate up to about 8 or 9 tables.
  7. ROUND 1... Strategy: -Reckoning Deployment: -Flank Deployment Schemes: -Outflank -Detonate Charges -Power Ritual -Hold Up Their Forces -Harness the Ley Line ROUND 2 Strategy: -Turf War Deployment: -Corner Deployment Schemes: -Deliver a Message -Outflank -Vendetta -Hold Up Their Forces -Assassinate ROUND 3 Strategy: -Plant Explosives Deployment: -Standard Deployment Schemes: -Search the Ruins -Harness the Ley Line -Claim Jump -Vendetta -Deliver a Message
  8. Grand Vizier @Kyle, for the record, @matt 's "Community Reputation" is "Huggable."
  9. Schemes and Strats to be flipped tonight! Stay tuned!
  10. Good calls, everyone! I have a lot of buildings and obstacles for blocking terrain but need to invest some time/money in making/buying some concealing terrain. How about Hazardous terrain innately on the board? (As in, aside from being created by the crews playing on the board) Do you all put a lot on there or commonly use it in your board set ups?
  11. So, when I was taught how to play the game, the person teaching me said that there "shouldn't be any part of the board where you can put your hand down flat, fingers spread, without touching terrain." In the main rulebook it doesn't clearly (that I have found) state how much terrain should be, or is recommended, to be used. We use scatter terrain to augment the buildings so there are not all too many open spaces but still plenty of room for models to move. I'm seeing pictures online of a wide range of the amount of terrain used and was just wondering what everyone's local take on that was! Share pictures and ideas! Here is an example of how I'd set up a quick game board:
  12. I suspect the hyperlink was added after.... -__- I hovered over that click here text for a good two minutes before typing up my reply. @Kyle truly is a Time Traveler, as his forum title suggests.
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