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  1. While on the merchant space can you spend multiple bones or just one?
  2. I'm with GummyGator on this one. I also play many of the "Powered by the Apocalypse" games and I just say what happens regarding NPC's based on the flow of the scene and creative storytelling. If the fated have an ally in a gunfight with them I'll simply mention what he does or how he responds to PC orders. Things like, "He dives for cover popping off a few rounds and a gremlin goes down." As a fatemaster I don't ever waste "mechanical time" with non-PC's. This is the PC's story and the PC's fate in play. I control everyone else's fate!
  3. Just picked up the game and love it! However my copy has 3 Bonesmith Merchants and 1 Millennium Tortoise. The setup rules would seem to indicate that I should have 2 of each. Did I get an "odd" copy of the game or was something changed in production? Thanks.
  4. The days of the 8-hour game session are way behind me! Our group stays in the 4-5 hour range (the price of everyone being in their 40's I guess!).
  5. Although I traditional run games for 5 - 6 players, this summer I'm running a TTB campaign for 2. For me there is something about Malifaux that makes things more personal and horrific in the small group dynamic (options become limited, resources a little more scarce, and fate steps more intimate). That being said however, the Penny Dreadfuls are definitely geared toward groups larger then 2 but with a few modifications would work fine. As far as the books go I think you're fine with simply using the core books, however the expansions are definitely worth the price!
  6. I don't play the skirmish game either but I've collected all of the books specifically for the fluff (and the great art). If you don't want to drop the money on physical copies then there is always the PDF option. Also, the main "story-arcs" of each book can be listened to on the Breach-Side Podcast (for free).
  7. Awesome! Thank you both. Looking forward to where things go from here.
  8. I'm having no luck finding this on my own so I thought I'd ask the community. Was there an announcement or recap of the Nythera worldwide event for Through the Breach? If there was it would seem I missed it. If not can someone give me a brief recap of how the event played out? I'll be running the Nythera Penny Dreadful this summer but was curious how things went for the event last year. Thanks.
  9. The paradigm in this game is quite a bit different; the FM tells players what IS happening and it's up to them to do something about that. As a FM you don't really need to wonder what MIGHT happen so you can avoid asking for flips to see if something occurs. Even in the case of an ambush you don't need to ask for Notice rolls to see who might be aware. The heroes get ambushed! If you want you could then ask for Notice rolls, with successful flips giving some additional information or maybe granting a bonus to the impending Initiative flip. On a personal note, I virtually never call for "passive" Notice checks; I just tell players what their characters can reasonably detect based on their actions and Aspects. I use Notice for when the players initiate "actively" spotting/searching or when they're looking for more information and detail on something they are already aware of.
  10. My tracking number never did work but my compy arrived today. Wow! You guys out did yourselves, what an amazing book. I agree with ORCFACE, completely worth the price of the Kickstarter. Nice job wyrd! Although I might throw my back out lugging around this massive tome!
  11. Hollow Point or Hollow Marsh? Or am I thinking of something else?
  12. Just recieved email that my copy of the hardcover just shipped. Should have it soon!
  13. Just finished my first read-through and several things jump out at me: Love tying specific lines of a character's fate to the adventure. This really shows a new fatemaster how to do it. The Complications chapter is excellent. These ideas and encounters turn In Defense of Innocence from an adventure module into a real campaign. Expanding on complications; I like the "Use When" portion. This goes a long way to helping FM's craft a meaningful story tailored to the fated. A nice mix of encounters and scenes; I think players will really need to consider their pursuits each session. There are also a couple good "red-herrings" as well as several excellent moral quandaries for the fated to deal with. Overall I look forward to running this. The only thing I would have like to see more of is maps, but since I love making them it's not really an issue.
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