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  1. Where is a good place to find an online game of through the breach? I noticed there was a mod for vassal now.
  2. Yeah got an e-mail on the 20th.. To bad the Tracking number still doesnt work : (
  3. Anyone recive there hard bound copy yet? Since they where supose to start shipping them out this week?
  4. Once again another failed promise, and a lack of communication.. Thanks Wyrd.
  5. So we where told that we would be getting out book in december. i wonder how much longer we will have to wait.. havent had an update in along time..
  6. Well I'm at that point where I'm getting a little feed up with Wyrd. Maybe an update is to much to ask for? June has come and gone.
  7. thanks Ratty. I normally use the guerrilla glue for my minis, especially my warmachine stuff. just wasn't sure how it would work with the legos
  8. Has anyone had any experience with Guerrilla glue and the new plastics? or should i go out and buy some actual plastics glue?
  9. Hmm interesting, so Hamlin's "Useless Toy" is only useful on his Black staff, and pipes.
  10. So this came up in a game the other day, and has caused an argument between a friend and me. Hamlin uses a (0) action to do "Useless Toy" Which will give him Double positive fate on all attack and defense flips during his next action. . Then Hamlin cast one of his spells. lets just say "Obedience" my friend says that this doesn't count as an attack because it doesn't have the melee or ranged symbol in the spell's Rg: . I told him it is a attack because it has a resist, and can get the bonus for "Useless toy". So the question is Is a spell without a ranged or melee symbol count as
  11. i cant stand pre measuring.. it slows down the action from my experience.. and takes the risk out of the game. Anyone that say they want pre measuring.......JUST GOT DECAPITATED BY A STEAMBORG.
  12. So a union miner activates, and moves to a piece of terrain selected for sabotage.. he interacts with the piece of terrain, then uses a 0 action to to file false claim. and bury him self.. after all models have activated, hes placed back on the board.. but not in contact with the piece of terrain.. does sabotage still go off.. the book says they just need to be in play at the end of the turn. this seems like a pretty broke combo considering its hard to stop this with a crew full of m&su models.
  13. aaaaaand now I'm a Henchman too!

  14. welcome to the boards buddy.. keep it Wyrd

  15. i hope they get to 9974 tomorrow, of before they get done today..
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