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  1. The big zombie in the mindless zombie set could make a good Archie. Stick on a couple of extra arms from one of the other zombie, make a tentacle out of GS and you're golden.
  2. For someone who has been away from the game since before book 4, this was extremely interesting. It looks like Seamus is back big time!
  3. That sounds a bit Killbill'ish? Could be fun
  4. Reva on a tiny tiny horse would be good I'd prefer an alternate Rogue Necromancy though. In the stories its described as something McMourning has worked on a long time, with lots of tweaks and modifications so there could be several earlier versions lurking, unless of course Sebastian has cleaned them up.
  5. Mollys box doesnt have a lot to offer the other masters and to make her work you need at least Seamus' and either Nicodems (horrors) og Kirais boxes (spirits). And even then she'd like either Killjoy, Izamu or Rogue Necromancy as beaters, and the Hanged, the Drowned, the Students, Gaki and more for summons. From what I've read on the forums Crooligans arent all that popular. Most people seem to prefer Necropunks. Phillip and the Nanny are good, but a little expensive. Take Phillip and the Nanny with a Dead Doxy and you have a nice card generating machine, but its rather expensive for what it does. If you decide to pick her up on your next shopping spree, I'd pick up Kirai too and a bunch of spirits.
  6. It looks like a very solid shopping list. Seamus can get use out of a Hanged as well. You're also pretty well setup to run Molly now, if she strikes your fancy
  7. For Seamus I'd get Yin ASAP, she works as a beater and there's tons of synergy. If you go with McMourning I'd suggest picking up some Canine Remains along with the extra Flesh Construct. If you want the Emmissary, you'll need Mindless Zombies as well. This is a general thing with Ressers though (maybe with Malifaux in general?), with so many dependencies and synergies, its hard to pick up just one box...
  8. Mindless Zombies for Nicodem, an extra Flesh Construct and Guild Autopsies for McMourning, Rogue Necromancy for Seamus or Molly, Killjoy for Molly, University of Transmortis for Molly and Nicodem (mainly) or spirits for Molly (you could easily spend more than 60$).
  9. Shipping crates, barricades and scaffolding. Depending on what buildings you have, you could add wooden walkways from building to building.
  10. I'll second the "where's it moving to?" question
  11. 1. Johan is rarely a bad choice, but from there its all master specific. Molly likes Killjoy and McMourning might want Performers. Tara Yan Lo might want models from Outcasts and 10 Thunders, but I've never played them (or against them). 2. It depends greatly on which masters you're looking to play, which upgrades you want to give them and how you'll be playing them. Seamus might want more than 3 Belles (but it would be rare), McMourning could very likely use more than 4 Canine Remains (1 from his box, 3 from the minion box) and definitely 1-2 additional Flesh Constructs, Nicodem (especially with the Emissary) might want 2 boxes of Mindless Zombies. You cant buy seperate Seishin, there's 2 in Kirais' box and 3 in Datsue Ba's box, speaking of the spirit ladies, 2 boxes of Gaki might be usefull. A general piece of Malifaux purchasing advice: If a master box contains the minions your after, said masterbox is almost always a better buy than a seperate minion box. Some master boxes might even be worth buying even if you have the master, since you can sell the master, totem and henchmen online, as these arent sold seperately (this might not be true these days though, but there were a lot of gaps in 1st ed. players collections in the beginning of 2nd ed.). Unless you really focus on it (be carefull not to forget your strategy and schemes) you wont be summoning all that much, so as others have said above: start with one of each
  12. Why are you avoiding Molly? You can run Horror Molly decently with the model pool you have. She love Killjoy Sybelle, Belles, Doxies, Yin and with the Emissary, Mindless Zombies too. Other than Phillip you'll also be getting Crooligangs in her box
  13. Before Guild Autopsies were released Crooked Men were my go to for ranged poisoning in a McMourning Crew, but now I'm not sure if they're worth fielding.
  14. If you want to use Mortimer as a summoner and you're worried about corpse markers, you could switch out your Crooligans for Canine Remains, who can dig up corpses for you. I'd replace Bete Noir with a more durable and reliable beater or maybe going without a dedicated beater and instead concentrate on buffing your minions. This list has 7ss to spare: Mortimer +Spare Parts - 2ss Canine Remains - 4ss Canine Remains - 4ss Toshiro The Daimyo - 9ss They could be used for a Nurse, a Dead Doxy, Sebastian or a Rotten Belle from the "support category". They could also be used for either Rafkin or a Punk Zombie in the "beater" category.
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