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  1. The big zombie in the mindless zombie set could make a good Archie. Stick on a couple of extra arms from one of the other zombie, make a tentacle out of GS and you're golden.
  2. For someone who has been away from the game since before book 4, this was extremely interesting. It looks like Seamus is back big time!
  3. That sounds a bit Killbill'ish? Could be fun
  4. Reva on a tiny tiny horse would be good I'd prefer an alternate Rogue Necromancy though. In the stories its described as something McMourning has worked on a long time, with lots of tweaks and modifications so there could be several earlier versions lurking, unless of course Sebastian has cleaned them up.
  5. I'll second the "where's it moving to?" question
  6. Body proportions are beyond me, I just think its an amazing model I'd give her a cloak though, its part of the Trapper "look". Maybe something more flowing and robe-like?
  7. I've been toying with @jonahmauls idea of an elite Nicodem crew for reckoning. Nicodem -- 3ss +Necrotic King - 2ss Graveyard Spirit - 3ss Izamu The Armor - 10ss Rogue Necromancy - 10ss The Valedictorian - 10ss This leaves 15ss for extra models and upgrades. Maniacal Laugh (+Undertaker) or Spare Parts on Nicodem would be good, the first for activation control and the second for summoning more beaters. Maybe some Unnerving or Decaying aura on the beaters, possibly Corpse Bloat on Izamu for a few corpse markers, although Mortimer could be added to the crew with either Corpse
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