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  1. I am currently living in Valladolid (Boecillo to be more precise) and I can give demos of Malifaux to any interested Estoy viviendo en Valladolid (Boecillo) y puedo dar demos de Malifaux a los interesados
  2. Hi guys I'm sure this kind of thing came up. While I was putting the Parker Box yesterday I noticed the torso from Bandido C was missing... I did open the box a couple of times before putting them together, so I have to assume it was loose or it loosened and was lost somehow because I didn't cut it. Probably it fell and I didn't notice it. Well...it's lost. Is there any way to get a new piece? pay for that just 1 model? Any kind of option? Thank you
  3. nunorod

    Parker playable?

    Hmmm ok I see. Good reasoning.
  4. nunorod

    Parker playable?

    What about Parkers, shooting cover markers? And mad dogs crate of Dynamite?
  5. nunorod

    Parker playable?

    Do you think tehre are better upgrades for specific strategies and schemes? Or do you start with what ticks your particular taste? What upgrades would you advise for parker, mad dog and emissary to start playing Parker? (learning curve)
  6. nunorod

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Hi dope, while I'm picking on your text for a quote I direct my reply more to those that say they prefer the old cards etc. While I don have an opinion regarding the size there is a concept we have to understand regarding the artwork etc. Some say "oh I don't need artwork bigger" or " I prefer the old tattered look" but that doesn't mean it's really the best option just because some of us (players and lovers of Malifaux) prefer it that way. But there is such things as "Visual culture", and even if "you" prefer it the old way doesn't mean it's the best option for the game, gamers, or Wyrd. There is also such thing as the "experience" of playing a game and the artwork really contributes for that experience as the handling of objects and tokens etc. And let's not forget market, marketing, etc. I can assure you that the bigger card and new artwork and card design contributes heavily to this new experience. I am also sure that if you picked a "new" game (new edition) with cards that don't fit this new "visual culture" Wyrd would lose in the long run just to "please" the current players. To me, personally, I am afraid that the new concept designs change the look and feel I loved in Malifaux, but that doesn't mean I don't understand the objective. It may not fit me, but I'm sure fits the game and Wyrd objectives. Again, I could just quit playing (not going to happen...) like I did some games, just because it makes me unhappy, but that is my personal option, doesn't mean they have to change the game just because it made "me" unhappy. Voice concerns, not personal opinions. Or you can voice them but don't make as it is an issue of the game. For instance, my concern regarding the new card size is: while Tarot size has it's cool aspect and the new card concept fits the new Design concept and increasing text size is good what worries me is if it is also used to add more text in to the rulesm when it shoud be the reverse, better done copy so we don't need so much text. I'm afraid that it will be used to add more text because there is more "space". I get that in my line of work all the time...
  7. nunorod

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    I would love to see a reduction in text and complexity (not TO basic though) but it looks like the text is still similar if not more complex... we will see.
  8. nunorod

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I dont think its a rumor. While I’m very positive about 3rd edition, being a designer makes me think the card decision is a wrong decision. They should work on removing quantity of text not increasing card size. Standards in these cases are important, gives flexibility. Bigger sizes mean more text, new /different binders/ sleeves, new boxes to hold stuff etc. I understand business but in this case I believe it maybe a mistake. But i won’t “die” because of it
  9. nunorod

    Monday Preview - Undercover Agent

    I agree with some of the comments. While the new artwork is good technically wise its the art directions that is bothering me. Not these models in particular but most that have come with new designs or concepts. Even the artwork itself is loosing a bit of that nightmarish feel it had previously. To my taste of course. Maybe its just a matter of me.prefering the previous artist but the plastic miniatures will reflect this newdesign style...so I am a bit fearfull
  10. nunorod

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Indeed, I do understand that part. That's what I mentioned above, Wyrd sales could/will take a hit. I believe things that were for instances, connected to Ramos, will be rearranged to fit other arcanist masters, things out of faction will be more troublesome.
  11. nunorod

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    That could indeed be a thing, because it will make people stop buying all together. If I have some "unusable" model because of faction change, I'll just trade it with my mates I'm sure they will have the same issues.
  12. nunorod

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Guys, you do realize that new cards are coming out, so the keywords will be rearranged. I don't expect anything to be "shelved" really, apart from aforementioned Masters. I think that's just "panic" speaking and I don't mean offense, jsut the way I see it. To early to know.
  13. nunorod

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    He is THE MAN, so whatever he wants 😎
  14. Thank you guys for your replies! Going to read your post ;)