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  1. Thank you guys for your replies! Going to read your post ;)
  2. Sorry If I'm starting an already made discussion. I have been out of the game for a while because of lack of players in my new area I read around that Parker Barrows is an okayish master only... I remember being super excited when the box came out... but I moved city and stoped playing as soon as it came. but the cowboy outlaw theme really resonated. But know I read he is not that good which is a shame really... what happened? is it him that is not that good? or that the meta shifted and he was a bit left drying? I remember reading also that Nell was going to be the next big thing...
  3. nunorod

    So what does Tara actually DO?

    Exactly. I haven't played for a while but I was playing Tara a lot. The messing around I can make to the opponent is just precious. Learning Tara's game comes in a steep curve. Lot's to try out. Try a specific combo one at a time. Dedicate some time to burying mechanics, then some time to fast mechanics and only later putting them together, but you can always go either way. Beasty bomb is usually too obvious, but you can make it work a few times before your oponent knows how to handle it. Dead of Winter looks a bit meh... but the -2WP in some combos...oh dear... I am thinking of Bishop... I just love the shenanigans she can pull. But it's not a easy of forgiving master.
  4. nunorod

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    Will it have solo play? In my city I don't have players and I really miss Malifaux
  5. This topic needs more photos and reports!!!! PRONTO
  6. nunorod

    Nunorod's Plog - Painting Malifaux

    ok i get what you're saying. You kind of mix paint directly on the mini.
  7. nunorod

    September FAQ & Errata

    I was being a bit sarcastic there... So can Austringers shoot while behind blocking terrain and no LOS... Kirai has to see the target which and be 6" from it is not always that easy and the target must be undead or living. I don't believe it was that OP.
  8. nunorod

    September FAQ & Errata

    So, my thing with Kirai... Was ikyrio effect that bad? Because I hope Austringers to be fixed next because they can fire at targets they can't see...at a looooong range...
  9. nunorod

    Nunorod's Plog - Painting Malifaux

    Could you show a example? Having a hard time understanding. :/
  10. nunorod

    Nunorod's Plog - Painting Malifaux

    Thank you guys! About the seishin. I don't recall the exact name of the color, but I worked around greyish blue tones. The snout and "face" I used a bone-ish like white, the body blue-ish greys. And then glazing with greens. Not grass green, but something more close to turquoise, sorry can't recall the name but it's a GW color. The other are mainly Vallejo. If you need more info I'll be glad to help
  11. nunorod

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Scion of the Void'

    Agree....more insect type... Is "it" a she?
  12. nunorod

    Parker; a Fuller Picture

    Yes that's it. One 0 it's a generic marker, you could even move the "Haze of Bullets" cloud (the one from the upgrade). So Aionus can be 6 of a marker and place it 6 away, so thr marker can travel something like 12" (more or less). Picture Parker putting a haze of bullets marker and Aionus placing it on top of enemies. Regarding the discard. When I play Aionus the first turn is basically putting those low/medium cards to use and make minions around Aionus FAST to reposition or just give them a good head start. In the first 2 turns Aionus can has an extra AP to move, so he can position forward. So I can see Aionus pulling or throwing markers to Parker and then he can do whatever he want with it. The other 0 Action only affects friendly markers which Parker can convert and Aionus can replace them ALL 2". It may be of some use. Just theory of course... can hardly wait to have the book. But Aionus, looking at the new book and it's forces, really makes a lot more sense as I expected.
  13. nunorod

    Parker; a Fuller Picture

    Am I the only one to see the awesomeness of Parker with Aionus? Drop enemy scheme markers, Aionus picks them and delivers them to parker. 5ss minion models with 2 ap actions and aionus giving them discard support for fast? Markers everywhere and Aionus 2 inch placing them for schemes?
  14. nunorod

    Ten Thunders & Resurrectionist Lineup

    I think the Blobs, Bandersnatch and Titania are what I feel are more in line with "my" fae concept for Neverborn. The minions are a bit too wood elfish (for my taste) but I feel they are some of the ones that have the most "character" for minions. "Dogs" look a bit random to me, because there were dogs already in the previous book. I for instances find the ice scream extremely funny and one of the things that create those little details for the game. I think we all are a bit tired of too generic things or we wouldn't play Malifaux. There are things one likes and dislikes, (the nit picking is really not necessary) but I think we have to agree that Wyrd made an Awesome job of all this lineups, from concept to physical products. Congratulations Wyrd.