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  1. Hi Everyone. Getting some demos up on Orco Rojo, Valladolid Come and take a peek
  2. I don't think one cannot bring Lazarus if is thinking on using him for killing. Think of him of early turn hand removal or late turn ping dmg spreader. He will of course be less valuable against a crew that spreads either from origin or because of strat and schemes. Also he can clear scheme markers and when needed be tanky because of armour, heal and extra heals from collegues. Don't forget he also provides cover if he is close by. He is support not a killer anymore. I do love the trio Laz, Hannah and Erik...but a bit expensive
  3. Had a good run with Lazarus last game. Opponent was using Lady J and crew and they stuck quite together on account of recruiters push ability. Took advantage of that and in second turn threw 2 shots of granades that affected 4 models... completely drained his hand as I intended. Didn't do it with intention of damaging but still got some damage through and drained his hand and deck quite effectively. Using Lz at start of turn helps drain hands, later in the turn helps put some damage
  4. Yes indeed I checked lter thank you another detail: while armour reduces by 2 but you take a minimum 1 shielded removes 1 but can reduce all dmg right? Lets say you take 1 dmg, shielded reduces that dmg so you take 0. Is that right?
  5. Let’s say Lazarus with a shield upgrade. He is actually “armour” 4?
  6. What about the prospector? How do you really use them, mainly for the soulstones?
  7. Also considering Lazarus for certain strats or crews where hanging in bunch is going to happen. A tough nut, shockwave to deplete hand, auto heals, Parker crew has lots of gunners in case Lazarus pushes and can hold ground. Can also give cover to close by gunners
  8. A couple of words for Convict and Wokou. The times I tried the convicts they did more work then Sue. Maybe i didn’t use Sue correctly but damn the chain in the gunslingers and the onslaught... couple of times they shot someone 5 times! Between onslaught and fast. They destroyed a big model in one activation. Doest come up always but its easier to get then it looks. I think they are just crazy I agree with you comments on the wokou. I use them to hold Lady J for some time to give me time to act. Great melee roadblocks.
  9. Hey all, starting to pick things up with a Demo Day in the store Orco Rojo. Come and take a look!
  10. Went to Dark Sphere but was lacking
  11. Hi guys! Does anyone from London knows where to buy m3E stuff? A store? Thanks!
  12. Ufff it has been a long time since I posted here... Moved to Spain and unfortunatly there is no Malifaux community here where i’m at So i made myself a henchman and am trying to get people in. With the moving and not playing Malifaux I stoped for sometime. But i’m trying to come back i ser that my previous photos links are broken Well I have been painting a couple more things. Here they are: ill share more afterwards
  13. Well one can't like all of them. Currently I'm still in the mixed feeling in regards to art and sculpts, some I really like, I think the Colette crew is wonderful and the youkou box also, but I really dislike this taylor Anna Lovelace the same . I doubt I will get my hands on the old Taylor so it;s really a shame because it's a model I really would like to add to my collection. While I do see why Taylor is like this, maybe the other one was too girly but that's what actually made it kinda fun. Well, the world keeps turning
  14. Ok got it thank you. I understood having the keyword part but not that models would be bundled together in greater numbers, so i can assume we will see similar things for others like bundling together bandits with Sue, convicts and a couple more.
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