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  1. Yeah, that's what I like about this game. Despite the power levels and tier lists you can do well with any Master. I don't see much talk about McMorning, but there's a local player in my meta who kicks butt with him. I'd imagine for someone who loves Guild Masters, that situation would be no different.
  2. In game today I was not able to change Lucas McCabe to his Dismounted side. Also, there's no option to replace Hopeful Prospects with another Minion per Welcome to the Society!
  3. If you're ever in Cuyahoga County, there's a good community at store in Parma near Cleveland.
  4. Ah, excellent. That's exactly what I wanted to know before I needed to order them. As far as Mech Infantry, they'll probably be next after I get the Gunners, Engineers, and Marauders.
  5. Getting my core box painted up and I have a few things on order (Lord of Steel, Dreadnought, and Electrocutioners if curious). I see a lot of hay made about the Rail Gunners and Engineers, and for good reason. I was wondering how many I should pick up of each. I was thinking 2, but wondered if I should buy a third Engineer. And how many Marauders? No more than 2, obviously but would I even want to field 2 at any point?
  6. Need to correct you. Hucksters are Wastrels, so they're OOK for Lynch. I believe you mean McCabe. He's the one that uses Hucksters and Desper LaReux.
  7. To add to this (since I also have an Android phone) I noticed two issues myself. 1. When building an Abyssinia Company, the free Abyssinian Assets can be selected but will not attach to the selected Unit. 2. In Game and Company, I cannot switch a card to its Glory side. It snaps back to the Standard side each time. It works fine in Cards.
  8. Too spoopy for me... Kidding. These powers look really nice. I am kind of rocking back and forth in my chair waiting for the human guise rules.
  9. I'm going to be running it this week. I'm looking forward to it. Especially since one of my players took the Death Marshal Advanced Pursuit, so it'll be interesting. Recruiter Calloway won't be happy when he goes missing for a week.
  10. Honestly, that's what the Illusionist from Into the Steam should have been. I'll be disappointed too. It's definitely needed for the game.
  11. I get what you're saying, but at some point the community does have to do some work, even if it's just through word of mouth. It sucks, but I can hardly blame Wyrd for putting their eggs in the Malifaux basket currently. Even if it's just a couple of dedicated people, the magic of the Internet can amplify the word and get people in other areas interested, making it more profitable and thus much more likely that the game will continue. Think of it not as advertising, think of it as getting in on the ground floor of the next big thing.
  12. A player in my group was having trouble finding an Advanced Pursuit he wanted, so after some thought I put this together. Let me know what you all think. Domadores Homebrew.rtf
  13. To add to it, I think to be considered Undead you have to be brought back in some way outside your own control and power. Revenants return because the spirit in the body is convinced that it wasn't supposed to die and still has a reason to roam the earth. Actually, I wonder if Revenants can be considered to be beings of pure magic, or even a particularly strong expression of the Grave Spirit's power.
  14. 12 or so then? Yeah, think that could work. I'll give it a shot next time I can get my group together.
  15. Based on other threads I read, isn't she autotake for Guild period?
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