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  1. thewrathchilde

    Resurrectionist Henchman Hardcore

    Archie w/Doc Found a Squid Today & Hulking Leap, Izamu, and 2 x Rotten Belles.
  2. thewrathchilde

    Damge reduction vs. damage prevention

    ok, got it. As I said in the Guild forum I will play it as indicated in the FAQ unless they publish something that states differently. It just seemed like a clear contradiction and something that (in the BRB) wasn't even slightly ambiguous.
  3. thewrathchilde

    Damge reduction vs. damage prevention

    I believe the FAQ entry is in error. In the section above the excerpt from the FAQ states that Soulstones can be used against damage that cannot be reduced because damage prevention is different from damage reduction. However, when you look at P. 47 of the BRB under the heading Damage Prevention it states "The player flips a single card, which cannot be cheated, and reduces the damage according to the following table:"...... bold/underline mine. This clearly states "reduce"... therefore should not be able to be used against an attack whose damage cannot be reduced.
  4. thewrathchilde

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    P. 47 in the BRB- "the model may spend a Soulstone to make a damage prevention flip. The player flip a single card, which cannot be cheated, and reduces the damage according to the following table:".....A lot of people seem to get caught up by the title (Damage Prevention) but the text clearly states "reduce"...... therefore the Queller would stop the damage reduction from a damage prevention flip. It would not stop something like a Terracotta's ability which says prevent. However, I se in the FAQ it does indeed say that stones can be used. Based on the clear verbiage in the rulebook I would think that FAQ was in error but after having seen that I will play it as it indicates.
  5. thewrathchilde

    Another week another iron chef post

    so I have seen a number of these post by you...explain the "Iron Chef" part. From the context it seems its a challenge where you have to play "x" in your crew. Is this something in your local group, other rules, etc?
  6. thewrathchilde

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I dig me some Lucius. He is one of my favorite Guild masters to play. There are some strategies- Supply Wagons and Symbols of Authority- he is just really, really good at and he is also really good at any of the interact up close schemes as well. He may not be the top master but as above he is in my top 4 for Guild and he is probably my favorite to play whether in a "competitive" game or a fun game. The Queller is another model mentioned above that I really like as well. It is almost an auto-include for me also. The ability to make it where two non-masters a turn cannot have their damage reduced is amazing. Every opposing crew may not have armor but being able to shut down the other things that reduce damage (Incorporeal, Damage Prevention Flips) as well is really nice (the look on your opponents face when you tell them they can't stone away the damage from your Enchanted Peacekeeper is priceless). And ven against lists without a lot of SS users, incorporeal, or armored models with Restraining Wand he can potentially put a couple of their key models on (-) flips for their attack duels until he activates again. Just a really good, solid, model that continually puts in work for me. I am not a Jury fan though.....yeah, yeah, yeah....I got it there is a lot of text on her card....when I first saw her I thought the discard aura for +Masks was really cool but in practice not near as great as I thought initially. Her Flail is cool and her (0) is pretty good too but as mentioned above the lack of HtK just really puts me off. Typically I run Frank and Phiona ahead of her for my Henchmen of choice and with Htk and Armor (w/upgrades) they are there for the duration and with a little healing are hard to take down without putting some dedicated firepower against them. My third choice for a beater Henchman is often the Judge even though he takes a lot of heat/hate from others- with Htk, Armor (LLC) he is really survivable as well and his Stand For Judgement is awesome as well. I usually get a lot out of his triggers also for multiple attacks. Typically though I will just run Frank and Phiona as my Henchman beaters of choice and then opt for Allison Dade, an Executioner, Ryle, or a Peacekeeper if I need another big model. In a Lucius crew Allison, a PK, and a Doppleganger hand out quite a bit of slow and some good damage to boot Honorable mention goes to the Guild Guard as well. They take a lot of hate too but I almost always have two of them in every list I play- cheap activations, expendable chaff, Def. 6 when near each other, walking SS banks for Lucius, scheme marker droppers, I always get mileage out of them. A lot of people also don't like them because of the Sh and MI 4 but even with that I get tons of use out of them. Most opponents have something they can still hit without a whole lot of support and it is oh so satisfying when they are putting in the damage (a point or two at a time) and arresting key low defense models of your opponent. They list goes on and on but that at least gives enough for someone to take cheap shots at. 🙂
  7. thewrathchilde

    So who are your iron Scorpius 5?

    w I assume Nellie, Lady J, Sonnia, and Lucius for 4 of them; who was number 5?
  8. thewrathchilde

    Henchman hardcore

    No, Finesse was to ensure that the Illuminated and Torakage weren't able to do much. I wasn’t too worried about Huggy going after Frank by himself as I had the cards to cheat at least once (twice if I had to) to protect him since Ryle wasn’t going to need to cheat to pound on Huggy’s DF 3.... I didn’t want Frank to get pounded on by all 3 though. He wasn’t going to be able to take that without exhausting all my resources. Finesse made sure the Illuminated wasn’t doing much and ended up getting the Torakage to just wander off.
  9. thewrathchilde

    Playing against a returning player

    Well..... you asked for it to not be too obvious. Think Lucius or Hoffman is probably your best bet. But I think Lucius without any real good minions synergy is probably the best. Lucius, Effigy, 2 x Guild Guard, then the worst Enforcers you can take.....
  10. thewrathchilde

    Playing against a returning player

    What models do you have? Lucius/ Deep Pockets, Surprisingly Loyal, Condescending Scribe Ryle w/Numb to the World Allison Dade w/Lead Lined Coat Doppleganger w/Lead Lined Coat Terracotta Warrior Brutal Effigy 2 x Guild Guard You could also swap Ryle out for a Peacekeeper and then drop the LLC on Doppleganger to get Numb to the World on the PK. There are some things in there that look good and you see in other lists but none of it synergizes real well with what Lucius brings since Ryle can’t be targeted by Commanding Presence, and he, Dade, and the Dopple can’t be used for issue command. However, with the Dopple and some of the tricks you do have it makes it look more serious.
  11. thewrathchilde

    Henchman hardcore

    Good catch. Will have to mention that to my opponent. Neither of us noticed it. So accustomed to master/non-master instead of leader/non-leader. In normal games it doesn’t make a difference but in HH where the boss isn’t a master BUT is a leader it matters.
  12. thewrathchilde

    Henchman hardcore

    so.... there was some discussion about Ryle above and things to run with him in HH format. I have been going back and forth between two builds- whether to run Frank as my other big model or Phiona. With Frank you get better survivability on Ryle (from El Mayor) and with Finesse he is pretty survivable as well. In this build I take Wade In and Lead Lined Coat. I played this version tonight against a Ten Thunders- Huggy, 2 x Illuminated, and Torakage and it was brutal. Turn 1 Frank put a couple of points of damage on an Illuminated, The Queller enchanted Ryle's weapons, the Effigy burned an activation and buffed Rye, Ryle smoked the Illuminated and put some damage on the other healing back some damage he had taken from ranged. Turn 2 buffed Ryle, charged in and tied his models up, flailed randomly and put a few wounds on the Torakage, and Finessed to ensure he had Huggy and the other Illumianted tied up without a whole lot of concern for his safety. The Queller repeated buffed Ryle and attempted to put Huggy on negatives (unsuccessfully). Huggy attempted to obey Ryle- failed once, succeeded once- and forced Ryle to open fire on the Effigy and hit the trigger to shoot at the Queller as well. Ryle went in on Huggy with critical strike and a moderate damage reduced him to 1 wound with the first attack and then hit the Black Joker for damage on the second (I had the Red Joker in hand but was saving it, in retrospect I should have used it on the damage for the first attack to one shot Huggy- I got greedy and thought I could do it without using the Joker). Turn 3 the Effigy buffed Ryle and then I chain activated into Ryle who put Huggy down and then finished off the 2nd Illuminated and he conceded. Worked really well. Don't know how well it would work against a Nekima crew or an Archie crew will have to try it out but with Tomes or Stones for Armor and healing from the Effigy buff it might make for a decent game. My other version (haven't played it yet) is with Phiona instead of Frank. Phiona starts out with Hard to Kill instead of needing the upgrade to get it and with LLC she is pretty survivable giving me the space for an upgrade on Ryle. Obviously 2 x upgrades on her would make her even better (Wrath of the Guild of Debt to the Guild) but I would rather have it on Ryle to give me the points for Numb to the World to stop conditions, lures, obeys, etc. I am debating which version will be better- Phiona is higher defense (up to 7) and she is unimpeded giving me greater maneuverability allowing her to use terrain better and gives me the upgrade for Ryle making him less susceptible to tricks. The Frank version makes Ryle more survivable (higher Def/WP) which gives him some protection against tricks (though not as much as NTTW) and Frank is better for tying up mid-range and chaff. I will have to try out both against the power HH lists and see what how they fare for me. I welcome feedback and thoughts as well.
  13. thewrathchilde

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    Outside of that one player and crew though Thralls tend to get a lot of mileage. I use them often/almost always and they never fail to perform. Impossible to Wound, good MI attacks with a ranged attack as a backup. Never have to worry about failing on Commanding Presence. Great target for Issue Command and dropping a scheme marker can give them more attacks too. As a bonus the Terracotta can protect them too.
  14. thewrathchilde

    Very new.

    There are a variety of ways to play Shen besides the gun line. Biggest questions to me are whether or not you take Sensei Yu and whether or not you take Yasunori. Some people think Yu is redundant and not needed others think Yu augments Shen well and let Shen serve as a mid range beater while Yu takes over the support role and let’s you get more mileage out of upgrades. With Yas it’s a question of cost; great model but almost expensive enough you could get two models instead. A sample list with both might be: Shen w/Wandering & Recalled Training, Peasant ( you get the other one first turn with a miracle), Yu w/Promising Disciple & Peaceful Waters, Yamaziko w/Hidden Agenda, Yasunori w/Smoke or Recalled Training, Shadow Emissary w/Conflux of Dawn, Low River Monk. If you drop Yu, you can get another beater (Izamu), if you drop Yas and RT on Shen you get Samurai & Sniper, or if you keep RT you get either Samurai or Sniper and another utility piece like TTB, Charm Warder, etc By no means a tuned tournament list for a specific game but some ideas similar to lists I have run.
  15. thewrathchilde

    New Ten Thunders Player

    The problem with Jorogumo and Raiders is the cost- high cost models (outside of what is required to support Misaki) cut into the number of activations. I like Jorogumo for Asami and would also run one with McCabe but in a Storm Misaki list I prefer some cheap things to fill those last few slots. Graves can give her a decent threat range also, but if you are getting that range out of her with Graves then we was walking for (1) AP then Charging so you end you with one less attack plus she isn't fast. With Yu the double push and fast gives her the cheat range with more attacks. Yes, with Stalking Bsiento and Graves you have a good threat range to kill A model and if you want to play her as a scalpel that may be enough (as I discussed in my first reply using her surgical vs. alpha strike) but if you want to go full nuclear with her then the two extra attacks are critical because typically you need to hit models with a blast multiple times in order to kill them. In the Storm version she is often getting 5 AP giving her 5 Thunder attacks and with the (+) flips from Recalled Training (and against low Def target she might be getting (++)) and/or cheating almost all of them are/or have the potential to be generating blasts in addition to their damage on the primary targets and instead of killing 1 model you are killing a lot of models. Occasionally I will even have Graves and Yu both for the additional push Graves provides which I often use to push the Emissary further to ensure Misaki gets the 5th AP ifs she is going to have to be at the far end of her threat range to strike. Nothing wrong with playing her with Stalking Bisento- I like it as well and it can make for fun games and might be easier for some players. The Storm version is definitely more all or nothing but I think also has a lot more pure destructive power. With her ability to place the blasts within 8" of her it is very difficult for someone to spread enough to keep you from being able to get quite a few models of their crew and if they do it just lets you concentrate on sections of their crew with all of yours. Either way against a lot of crews they are losing a huge chunk of their crew between turn 1 and the beginning of turn 2 and it's really hard to recover from that. Obviously there are some specific crews or counters that work well to mitigate it, but most crews are in a lot of trouble if the Misaki player plays it right.