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  1. If you want to get technical, Mah's upgrade for the Emmissary provides suits to the initiative flip. Honestly, Somer(and by extension his skeeters), Lenny, Earl, and Old Major are the only ones really to do it. But at the same time, avoiding bad suits is only really a thing on a handful of models (Piglets, war pigs, bayou gremlins, and Gracie are the only ones with a potentially detrimental trigger that comes to mind) Gremlins are pretty much the only faction with that much "Have a free suit" as an available action. It's the only one that can give it to other models that I'm aware of. It's very VERY strong, probably the strongest feature in our faction. It probably shouldn't be spread around too much.
  2. Incredibly nice and useful as always. It's always useful to see the finished product from various angles (And see what problems you've had putting them together) when assembling my own. Honestly, with the exceptions of the tongues, I didn't have any problems with these guys. They were really nice and easy to put together... For gremlins models.
  3. Surprisingly lower than you'd think! 54 card deck, with 21 cards that will cause weak damage. ~37% of a weak card per flip, or a 63% chance of moderate+. Chances of flipping 2 63% chances in a row is ~39%. So around a 60% chance of hitting for weak damage with a single negative. Goes up to around a 75% chance on a double negative. (Note that this is assuming a full deck with replacement, and ignores the Red joker's unique rules. These numbers can and will vary wildly over the course of a turn as you flip. These numbers will never actually be right, but should always be in the general ballpark.) @Omenbringer There's a reason I called it my "Favorite dumb list of dumbness." it's not supposed to be good, it's supposed to be HILARIOUS. Really bummed that it doesn't work now though. If I wanted a good list, I wouldn't hire a pigapult.
  4. I made this list before that erratta and didn't think about that at all. That's unfortunate!!! Hrm, I guess I'll have to head back to the drawing board to make something dumber.
  5. Favorite dumb list of dumbness: Zoraida Pigapult Stuffed PIglet x6 Papa Loco Scion of the Black Blood Sparks Bayou Gremlin Papa activates first, gives the pigapult to damage. Sparks activates next, giving the pigapult Fast and giving something packed explosives if there's an enemy nearby. Pigapult activates reckless (for one damage) Bacon loads (heal, gain concussed) Ditches 2 card to remove a condition (From scion of black blood) You now have a shoot 6 3/5/7 damage model with to damage and 4 AP. With the potential to be hitting a sparks target for an extra . Delete whatever you want from the board. Meanwhile, Zoraida and the Bayou Gremlin wander around the board earning VP.
  6. For resers, except maybe Mcmorning, my answer is always going to be Ulix. He brings a lot of large tanky units to the battlefield, capable of standing on top of corpse markers and blocking your line of sight to them with their 40+mm bases. To avoid Willpower problems, Ulix will need to take the Liquid Bravery upgrade and forgo using his healing 0 action. This means additional slop haulers will be necessary for summoning purposes. And you may think that summoning is a bad idea with Ulix, since additional piglets on the field just gives Reva more opportunities to ruin your day. But due to piglets innate tankyness (6df, 3-5wp depending on closeness to Ulix) they're often going to live much better against Reva and her crew than most other models. With their ability to interact as a 0 (bring old major with corn husks) they can also score most schemes very easily. They're ESPECIALLY strong if accusation, Tail em, or Mark for death are in the pool, although killing things you've marked can sometimes be a difficult task, especially vs. Ressers. Piglets can also dish out slow if they can connect with a tome. Considering how many attacks a single piglet can get out in a round (and how many piglets you can have out) Most of the enemy crew should be slow and unable to really accomplish their objectives, either schemewise or murderwise. There's nothing quite like a Tailed Accused Slow Reva surrounded by a couple piglets that just refuse to go down. I'll typically send a piglet to kill the first corpse candle, have old major stand on its corpse, and then ulix will sit next to the Major summoning piglets for as long as is reasonable, leaving the piglets to accomplish most of the point scoring. If some enemy is foolish enough to try and rush into the Ulix ball, then they will be murdered by the Sow. Rezzers are tanky, but a Sow with multiple plus flips to attack and damage will chew through pretty much anything it can hit. It's worth mentioning that Gracie is a TERRIBLE choice for this list, for one she doesn't get the WP buff from Ulix, and for two Reva can ignore her armor (or Vincent can make everything ignore her armor) Gracie is just free bacon against a Reva list. However, the problem with Ulix is it all comes down to your positioning. Putting Ulix (and his summoning pigs, and the piglets he summons) in the wrong spots can lead them to charge the wrong things, ending up far away from a place where they can be useful. Or accidentally create a corpse marker next to everything important that Reva will use to obliterate. Reva vs. Ulix really does come down to who is the better player. Which I suppose is as it should be. (I played an Ulix vs. Reva game at a big 40+person tournament recently, and my opponent only managed to kill 2 of my models, both of which were summoned piglets. I won that game too. One of the most fun games I've ever had.)
  7. Personally, my "introduction to gremlins" purchase list is Ophelia's Box, Somer's Box, and a pack of Slop Haulers. It gives you the flexibility to run either Somer or Ophelia in a variety of differing playstyles and you'll be able to play at a fairly competitive level. The total price point will come in at just under $100, which is pretty good for the variety of different crews you'll be able to put on the table (at least, compared to other wargames) From there, almost any gremlins model you can purchase will be perfectly fieldable in either one of those crews. Somer has a plethora of pig related abilities, and Ophelia plays quite well with most of the elite models in our faction. Heck, if you want to get into other masters, most of the models in those boxes play really well with Mah Tucket, Wong, or Zipp. So you'll be looking good no matter where you decide to go in the faction. I would, however, recommend staying away from Zoraida, Brewmaster, and Ulix for the time being, as those masters require a variety of models that don't necessarily synergize as well with the rest of the gremlins faction. They're good, don't get me wrong, it's just that the cost of entry to field an effective crew with them is higher from the raw $$$ standpoint.
  8. First, there are only 8 cards (including red joker) that can get that trigger off and hit the TN. That's 15% of the deck. In a hand of 6 cards from a fresh deck, you have an approximate 60% chance of drawing at least one of those cards. Assuming you relent (Which you probably should) you'll be flipping 3 cards. The chance of flipping a non-weak card out of a full deck is 63% So the chances of flipping 3 non-weak cards is around 25%, making the chances of flipping weak damage around 75%. So you need a 60% chance followed by a 75% Chance, giving us a 45% chance of being able to successfully summon a piglet on any given turn. Now, this is assuming a full deck with replacement, and I didn't account for the black joker, so these are not 100% correct numbers, and the percentages will vary wildly throughout the turn as your deck approaches depleatedness. But that's a rough ballpark for trying to summon with Lenny. It is very unreliable.
  9. What it seems you're both looking for is a variety of competitive builds. One way to accomplish that is by focusing heavily on Master synergy, such that every master has their own pool of models that they pull from and there's often no real good reason to branch out into another masters pool. This means that instead of one gremlin build to rule them all, there's 8 gremlins builds, one per master. This isn't necessarily a BAD design philosophy, but it does have flaws depending on how heavily its applied across a faction. What Wyrd seems to have decided to use instead of that is Strategy/Scheme synergy, wherein certain models inside a faction (including certain master abilities) are better suited for accomplishing certain goals over another master/model. A Whole slew of bayou gremlins is good in interference, but probably not a great choice in something like Collect the Bounty. What's more, they've tied it very loosely into a synergistic system in order to allow players to accomplish these goals in a variety of ways depending on their own playstyle. Of course, this also has its downsides. The easy one to point out is that now versatility is valued more over most stats, and models like Burt Jebsen can just take over every list in every masters crew because they're just that good/versatile that you want them in every list as opposed to tailoring a crew for a specific scenario. For example, Frame for Murder is very often in scheme pools now, and gremlins have a hard time not giving their opponent 2 points because our faction only really has access to one CC, and that's "Death." This is great for models like Bayou Gators, that are essentially 5 point paralysis dispensers (I mean, they could use a buff to become GOOD at it, but shhhh not the point.) as that gives us the ability to lock down potential frame targets and deny the opponent points while not having our faces punched in. Good for every game? Hell no, gators are a huge investment compared to just murdering a thing. But situationally useful models (Where those situations are known during the hiring phase) is a good way of accomplishing the variety that y'all are looking for. I'm sure there are other tools in Wyrd's belt for ensuring competitive variety. Synergy among keywords isn't the end all answer, although I suspect it WILL play an integral part in that solution.
  10. By no means is a pigapult neccessary. The Pigapult is a good model, particularly in a few specific strategies or schemes. However, it has some downsides. The main problem is, if you're using stuffed piglets as ammo, you're going to be firing at Shoot 5 and be unable to cheat your damage flips. (This is due to an ability on the stuffed piglets card. Took me weeks to realize how that interaction worked and why the pigapult was balanced.) Sure, you have a 24 inch range that ignores cover and line of sight. But any def 6 units (like masters) are going to avoid the damage you're trying to throw their way. An AV 5 unit, ESPECIALLY one that costs 8 stones plus 2 stones per turn you plan on shooting, is going to be very hit or miss (literally) There will be games where the cards all come up your way, at which point the pigapult is insanely effective and feels SUPER overpowered. The thing is, statistically, those games are going to happen a lot less often than the games in which you activate the pigapult, fire off 3-4 shots in an attempt to delete something off the board, and MAYBE hit one thing for 3 damage. Now, if your buddies are running crews with DF 4 models, that's a different story, and the pigapult is going to perform well there, especially if your opponent is relying on things like hard to wound. Min damage 3 models loves hard to wound tanks. But something with armor 2 like Gracie or Azamu is going to be a poor pigapult target. But while DF 5 is the average, DF 6 is what most people will bring, as they're trying to be above average. So yea, it's a good model, it's repositioning capabilities are strong, but its damage capabilities are over blown, making it not worth the points in the majority of games you play with it.
  11. Of course. It's a useful model. Almost every model in Gremlins will succeed in certain circumstances. Even bushwhackers work decently well, if next to lenny in a crew full of other shooting models. There aren't really any BAD models in gremlins. But the Emissary doesn't competitively do things that we cannot accomplish for less cost with other models. Most factions would love a 10 point 3inch melee 6 3/4/5 model. Armor 1, hard to kill? Movement shenanigans? That's great for them! But for gremlins, if I want something dead in melee, I take Francois or Gracie. 3/4/5 is all well and good till you start whipping out 4/6/8 models. I'd say the emissary is more survivable than similar gremlin options, but we can heal our other good melee candidates. Which means it is simultaneously less good at killing AND less good at living. It's on the cusp of being a usable awesome model. If it's master upgrades had just been a little more interesting, it could have been a contender. But they weren't, and it isn't. You can take it in a game, and have fun, and have it do some cool stuff. But no matter what cool thing it does, no matter how much you Win because of it, there is another model you could have brought that would have allowed you to win better.
  12. Wong's Glowy ability gives the magical condition to a unit, and his Ooooh Glowy upgrade gives buffs to models that have the Magical Condition. Before Swinecursed, this just meant that you picked one unit to be good, and if you brought the upgrade that unit got to be really good. Since wong was the only source of Magical. Now, however, Swine-cursed have Magical built in. So they're always decently good, but when Wong is the leader with the Oooh Glowy upgrade, they get a buff, in addition to the other unit that wong makes magical.
  13. He's a 10 point melee beater in a faction with better more synergistic 10 point melee beaters. He can't be healed (Gracie/mancha) he can't be given fast (Whiskey Golem) He can't do... whatever it is swampfiends do (Bad Juju) Just as a standalone model, he's not QUITE worth it. With the buffs for the master specific upgrades... he's still, for the most part, not Quite worth it. Which isn't to say that it's bad. I have trouble thinking of another model with a 3inch melee, it has a huge variety of re-positioning shenanigans both for other models and self-pushes, as well as a solid 3/4/5 damage track. It can even get out slow. But it's main problem is that its upgrades are kind of boring. Ulixs upgrade gives it a push on pigs in a list that can already get a lot of pig pushing. + Flips on bayou 2 card from Somer is nifty, but it's only marginally better than +flips on attacks. I can't even remember what Ophelia's upgrade does, which goes to show how interesting it is. The best upgrade is Mah Tuckets, which allows her to get 2 chores abilities off, giving you a very high chance of geting +1 ML if both mah and the emissary are still alive. It's a little over-costed, its in a fairly competitive niche, and doesn't bring anything Super Exciting for most masters. It's not a bad model, I run it every now and again, but there's almost always better ways I could have spent those 10 points. If you're on a budget, and looking for something that'll make your game fun and interesting, the Emmissary can do that. If you're lacking piglets/war pigs to run with Ulix, then I think you'll have more fun with those. If you don't already have Ulix, well, Ulix is probably the better buy. If you're looking for more power and to tournament on a budget, then you should probably look to spend your money elsewhere.
  14. Ophelia has 2 problems. One is that Somer deals as much damage as she does in most situations, and has better support options than her. Toning down Somer (in any way) Makes Ophelia a more compelling option. She, like most of the problem children in Gremlins, isn't a BAD master, she's just overshadowed by our good masters. The second problem is that all of Ophelia's cool tricks and support options require Kin, of which most are mediocre. Raph/Rami/Pere all could use a little touch up defensively to allow them to see more play. I like the idea of changing thinkin' luck to a different suit, but you have to remember that there's a gremlin sub-section for each suit. Bayou's may hate Crows, but pigs LOVE them for healing flips, so changing it to crows would probably just shift Somer's power builds towards a pig heavy tankier list. Similarly, Tomes are common on the good triggers for most of our constructs and casters, which'll just make Lightning Bugs see more play with somer. Not saying it's a bad change, I really like it, it's just... it more rearranges Somer's power as opposed to straight reducing it.
  15. I think you've made solid purchases and put together a crew you can have a lot of fun with. You're not the tippy top most optimal going to win all the tournaments now, but you'll be holding your own in most games and once you get the hang of it probably having a blast as well. Sparks is a good expansion point, as was mentioned, and having those Bayou Gremlins will go a long way towards scoring points and actually winning games while the rest of your crew gets sloppily drunk. I approve greatly of this list.