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  1. The main boon which Brewmaster has in Gremlins vs. 10T, is Trixibelle. Once brewmaster gets into the middle of the enemy crew, keeping his Drinking Contest up is key to keeping him alive. Being able to cheat initiative (insuring you can activate Brew first and turn on Drinking Contest) is a huge boon. And that's ignoring the rest of Trixie's kit, which is already pretty good outside of brewmaster and even has additional poison synergies. A lot of gremlins players experience difficulties playing Brewmaster, as he's not really focused on killing models. Murdering enemy models and having low defenses is a running theme in the majority of our faction, so I suspect you just haven't seen him played particularly well. Even being played perfectly, however, I feel that there are more than a few crews that Brewmaster just isn't going to win against, which makes him significantly less of an attractive option than generalist masters like Somer or Wong. For some people, who only focus on tourmanet play, that'd make him not worth playing. (Same with Ophelia or Mah.) But I think there are good matchups for Gremlins Brewmaster that make him AMAZINGLY fun.
  2. This idea intrigued me, so I built a quick (probably bad) list. Wong (a gremlins luck + explosive solutions) Sammy (ooo glowy) Sparks Lazarus <Magical from Wong> Swine cursed x2 Mechanized Porkchop The trick requires 2 6's in hand, one of them a tome (although sparks is a henchman so you can stone for it if necessary) Mechanized porkchop walks and places a scrap marker. Sparks consumes that, makes Wong a construct, and gives Lazarus fast. Lazarus can then shoot 3 times with Wong's Lightning Jump ability, a Cast 7 ability with +1 damage. You have the 2 swine cursed for scheme running and/or bruiser work, while Sammy is there to jynx anything really dangerous. Is it good? almost certainly not. But it sounds like a REALLY fun time. And if Lazarus doesn't kill everything, Wong gets a second shot!
  3. "This Makes No Sense" is a condition applied to the Gremlin Crier. If an enemy Gremlin Crier stands next to me, then its "This Makes No Sense" condition will ignore My "This Makes No Sense" condition when scoring strats and schemes. If "This Makes No Sense" is being ignored, then does that mean everything else suddenly counts again? It's a Paradox. It's a dumb paradox, and it's easy to solve by just saying "except for this condition" which is probably what was intended anyway. Nitpicky, like you said, but a valid point nontheless. Its interaction with Accused/Marked/Spotted is interesting, and does seem to disadvantage the gremlin player, meaning that using this model's unique ability requires a little more thought and strategy. I'll still probably hire this model, it's good.
  4. Well think of it like this. As it is currently, if I'm playing against my opponent who brings one of these, He's inevitably going to use the Swap against me and I'll be losing after the flip. Wanting to know whether I'll cheat or not, I will ask "What happens if I lose?" The answer, as its currently worded, is "We play a little luck minigame and then I either get to draw 2 cards or switch places with you." Which... What? Hand me their card, now I have to read this whole paragraph and correctly interpret the intention of this ability. I, personally, can do that, but as this thread has shown not everyone else is capable of understanding what they've given us. I'd much rather it be simpler, and based off of a mechanic already in the game. "I either get to draw 2 cards, or switch places with you, depending on whether the final duel total is Even or Odd." explains the entire mechanic, so I don't need to look at his card. It's quick, I can understand it immediately, and can get back into the game without having to whip out my rules lawyer glasses. I have no problems with the ability mechanically, I just don't want to confuse people and slow down games, especially since most tournament games I've seen don't end before time is called.
  5. What if they changed it so the Swap's action is based on the final duel total? This forces your opponent to think Triply hard about cheating, as they're not only using a card, but also letting you draw a card, but ALSO potentially changing whether you can get the swap or the card draw off.
  6. "After resolving this ability, this model suffers 1 additional damage" Meaning that they're 2 separate damage packets (one while resolving the ability, one after), meaning Lenny won't help you here.
  7. Diving charge on a model which can charge as a 1 action means they can charge the same target twice. If you bring something with a large engagement range (like Ulix or Mah) Then they can easily get 4 attacks. Considering their high ML and decent damage track that seems like a recipe for OP disaster.
  8. Pig Mah Tucket is fun, but lacks the tools to deal with most of pigs weaknesses. Bigger pigs that can deal damage (The sow, porkchop, boars, etc.) All lack survivability and Mah doesn't have any real way to bring that. Slop haulers will find themselves unable to keep up with the pigs charging, thus forcing you to rely solely on eat your fill and crow triggers for healing. And without somer or Old Major, reliably getting crows is significantly harder. On the other end of the spectrum, your smaller pigs (piglets and stuffed) aren't really going to be accomplishing much in the damage department, even if they are ML 5. Regular piglets aren't really good at their support role on their own, wanting old major's Corn Husks or Somer's Suits or Ulix's summoning (or all 3 if you can swing it.) And stuffed just... well, their melee attack has never been their threat (although ML 5 to prevent units from just walking away is nice.) Basically, it forces mah to run an Alpha strike list (Which is what the above list is) Throwing in as many big powerful pigs as she can and charging them into enemy lines hoping to kill anything that could kill them back. Which I've found to just not be that likely. You'll have spent too many cards getting the slingshot off, your opponent will likely still have a full hand, and there are a plehtora of enemy models in most factions that can survive a full charge attack from the sow, only to turn around and murder it in response. Fun? Yes! Capable of winning you games? Almost certainly! Will it win you MOST Games? Absolutely not. (Somer pigs is ALSO a hilariously fun list, and I'd recommend you try it.)
  9. Diving charge and pigcharge is a really big deal. Bowled over is a good trigger, and thanks to diving charge they're guarneteed 4 shots to get it off, from whatever position will push the opponent in a useful direction. Plus, 1/2/3 + poison is good. Also anti-scheme running on crows which you can similarly make sure you're positioned correctly for. Like, yes, that crow could remove your scheme marker if you're not careful, but really with diving charge and a 7 inch charge range it's almost never going to come up unless that's literally your only option. And it only goes off on success. A 4pt model that can dish out slow at AV5 is similarly great. Denying an expensive model its AP is huge. If the range was any higher I'd call it OP. I think dropping scheme markers with them is a trap. It takes an AP, takes 2 wounds, and it takes a 7. Yes it ignores all the usual scheme marker problems (4" deadzone, engagement, etc.) 50/50 success chances on a flip just isn't reliable enough to send them as scheme runners, as they'll be pulling cards out of my hand that I need elsewhere. It might be interesting to bring them with Mah and some Akaname. ML5 for Poison+1, at a guaranteed 4 attacks (and only requiring a 6 to drop a scheme marker) comboing into akaname's poison shenangins could be fun. But that's a REALLY glass cannon build. But... ya know... gremlins. Just gonna have to live with DF/WP 4/4 models.
  10. The Swap works as follows: First, you have to beat an enemy model with a WP duel at AV 5 (Which is technically using your WP stat, important because he's a minion and there's a general Leader upgrade for gremlins that can give minions +2 WP. Also I think old Cranky can give +1 WP. So AV 5-8 depending on nearby model buffs.) If you beat your opponent with the WP duel, Your opponent decides whether they are willing to waste a card to try and prevent you from doing a thing. Either way, you get to do one of two things. You either get to draw 2 cards, or place a free scheme marker in base contact with the enemy, before swapping places with them. The caveat is that your opponent can try to throw off what you're trying to do by discarding their card. If they play an odd, you're going to get the opposite effect of what you wanted. If they go even, you get what you wanted. Unless you try to PREDICT Them, and play the opposite of what you want, and.... well... it's all mindgames at that point. It's not too terribly strong, since it's a fairly low cast vs. enemy willpower, and you're not even guaranteed to get what you wanted out of it. But it's something for them to do at range 12, which allows them to potentially zip around the map just as fast as other more reckless gremlin models.
  11. Blech, Actions vs. Abilities. Right. I'm paying attention to these new cards I swear!!! I'm just so excited. So what abilities do we have that ditch cards? Sammy, Bushwhackers, Mah Tucket, Brain, Emmissary with Mah tucket's upgrade... that's all I've got off the top of my head without looking through my cards.
  12. Yea, I feel like the Crier is specifically the answer to Mah Tuckets card draw problem. "Oh, you can just spend 7 stones to not lose cards everytime you try to use an ability? OKay yea I'll take that."
  13. Flying pigs are the offensive counterpart to piglets. While Piglets basically serve as df6 tarpits that you can flood the board with, Flying pigs are the more offensive version. Ditch all the defensive stuff that makes piglets good, and substitute it for offensive utiliity. Poison on their damage, better triggers, diving charge, etc. And unlike Tomes which end their activation and have to hit with AV 4, Flying Pigs can apply slow at will without a trigger, and at AV 5 vs. Willpower. What's more, it's technically a WK Duel, so Ulix's Totem Penelope gives them +1 to that making it cast 6. At a 3 inch range with re-positioning triggers. And pig charge diving charge is just too good not to use. They can end up anywhere they want to be, and drop scheme markers anywhere they'd like. I kind of want to play a Mah Tucket game with just Mah and a ton of these guys. Maybe the emmissary. Maybe a slop hauler. And then just a bunch of ML5 1/2/3 undead pigs. Really though, the reason I think they exist, is to give taxidermists a place in an Ulix list. They synergize with Ulix (as he can heal them, give them free ML actions (which includes them dropping a scheme marker) and his totem improves their slow giving abilities) much better than stuffed piglets ever did. Ulix wants a taxidermist for flight reasons, but it's always been hard to justify because what ELSE does the taxidermist bring to the table for 7 points? Now the answer is "he can summon flying pigs"
  14. Use him for pig movement. Activate a piglet or Old Major, double walk it forward with Ulix tagging along. Activate Ulix, Sooey (hope you don't flip black joker and die immediatly) and whalla, all your pigs have moved up the board significantly and are ready to get into the action! Bring hunting bow with him, and you're probably going to be in range of a shot in the rear with whomever pulled Ulix Up-board. Or you could bring clobberin' stick and have him draw some cards. Synergizes with Sammy because it triggers her own card cycle.
  15. Somer Encouragement allows Somer to benefit from the Family tree allows Somer to use his AP for murder while letting Sammy summon up to 2 bayou's per turn Pig feed similarly allows Somer to use his AP for murder while she does pig shenangins. Not really relevant since I'm the only human being who runs Pig Somer seriously. Ophelia Threatenin' Gun on Sammy allows her to give Ophelia an extra AP, and Ophelia's built in offsets the minus flip if you need to shoot something. Jug Rocket on Sammy allows her to place Ophelia anywhere within 8 inches, and then Ophelia can use her 0 to pull Sammy into base contact with her. Extra positioning ain't bad for a pew-pew turret like Ophelia. Hooch Ignitor allows the Pig-a-pult to launch Ophelia across the board (Ophelia is the only height 1 master), and then have sammy remove paralysis from Ophelia so that she can activate that turn. Requires you to already have Sammy wherever you want Ophelia to be. On the plus side, Ophelia can use her 0 on the PIgapult to pull it around with her. Which has given me an idea for a HILARIOUS and BAD list. Ulix Hunting bow gives sammy a Shoot 7 attack that can be surprisingly damaging. Also, she can recieve rams from Lenny, allowing her to shot in the rear pigs much easier than Ulix can. She's also a hencheman, so she can still use stones for it like Ulix could. Clobbering stick can be useful for card draw if you're trying to summon with Ulix, but Ulix usually gets the cards he needs and Old Cranky is generally more useful. Combining Sammy and Old Cranky and Clobbering Stick is 100% overkill, but also 95% hilarious. Husbandry means you're only going to get 2 piglets out per turn, but it allows for pigs to flow from Sammy while Ulix gives big pigs free attacks. Useful in a combat oriented Ulix list that still wants some summons. Wong Ooh Glowy on her so that wong can take his other Limited upgrade is a tried and true tactic. The plusflips for Wong are really nice. Zoraida Animal shape is nice for when you want to have a super cool teleporting scheme runner, but also want Zoraida to hang out and do stuff like Obey and Bewitch and things. Crystal ball is a fun upgrade too. Zipp Zipp also has limited upgrades and I suspect that'd be HILARIOUS. I don't have his cards in front of me though and I can't remember what they do well enough to provide insight. I THINK it'd work well though? Brewmaster He has upgrades? Mah Tucket You could give Sammy Armor+1, or Bounty. Neither are good choices.