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  1. November FAQ

    How will the new FAQ change the below FAQs? 24) If a model moves (or is Pushed, Falls, is Placed, etc) 0" (zero inches), does it count as having moved? No. Same answer for Pushing, Falling, Placement, etc. 140) If a model is targeted by a Charge Action and Sidir uses By Your Side to intercept it, but would not be within range to be Charged, what happens? Sidir successfully uses By Your Side and is placed into base contact, becoming the new target. Then, if the Charging model cannot end the Charge within range of Sidir, the Action ends with no further effect (note that the AP has already been spent).
  2. Get Gourd Contest!

    "Teddy was in a toy room, bright and full of joy. He saw the woman clapping, and he smiled and clapped too. She must be a mummy.." D is for Doomed, Sentenced To Die, E is for Endless, Death To Defy Facebook Post
  3. Broken Promises PDF

    I can confirm!
  4. The Pumpking's Moot (San Diego)

    Las Angeles will have players carpooling to this event The Pumpkinsmoot on 10/21/18. If you would like to join but need a ride please contact me and we can organize a carpool option. Click this link to find out more information about the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/182247872319572??ti=ia
  5. Josh,

    I will be in LA for a work trip the week of Sept 18th.  I will NOT be able to bring my crews, but would love to get a feel for the local meta as I am sure it is a bit different from here in CO.  What time and night do you all play out there and do you think someone could loan me a NB or OC crew to use for the night?



    1. Thimblesage


      It was great to meet you. Glad that you made the long drive! thanks again for the fun game and dissolution. Next time I'm in CO and would love to see your group

  6. Hello Southern California Malifaux and tabletop players. WE"RE AT IT AGAIN! Malifaux will be present at Gateway 2017, (Strategicon) September 2nd-3rd with several events and lots of local players ready to have a great time. We will have well crafted demo's and open-play tables in the afternoons and a GG2017 Henchman Hardcore Tournament on Sunday. If you and/or a friend have been interested in Malifaux then please stop on by. Demos are FREE and all models and materials will be provided. There are 5 scenarios in the demo which will take you step-by-step through every mechanic of the game. Each scenario will take about 20 minutes and you can play as many or as few as you wish. For those interested in the Henchman Hardcore we will be hosting a Gaining Grounds 2017, July 2017 Errata Henchman Hardcore tournament starting Sunday at 12:00PM, registration starts at 11:30. more details in below links. There will be some 'Open Play' tables with available Mats and Terrain available to play. This is a great way to brush the dust off of those old crews and get back into the fun. Facebook Web Page Strategicon Web Page
  7. Come on by and get a demo! we are running many events in October, check it out. Emerald Knights San Diego Tournament
  8. Come on by and get a demo! we are running many events in July, check it out.
  9. Unstitched Rules

    So the Unstitched rules have been unavailable for some time... does anyone have a downloaded copy of it? the weblink has been down or over a year I think.
  10. Yin's 'Gnawing Fear'

    Thanks Undertaker, I wish I was as succinct as you. To back this up here is a call-out box from the rule book, Pg. 31
  11. Yin's 'Gnawing Fear'

    Not in any way, if a model with the Gnawing Fear condition makes a Ml attack targeting another models Wp, it is not a global Wp duel and would not receive negatives. Yes, the Gnawing Fear condition reads "all duels" not "this model's duels" however the Wp stat is the resisted stat and doesn't make it a Wp duel for the attacking model.
  12. Master Timing Chart

    Also, Under 5: v. 5. "Apply effects that multiple the damage" Should this be 'multiply'? like the Dumb Luck trigger? would it be better written "modify"? or is that too ambiguous.
  13. Master Timing Chart

    So according to the general timing in the rules, triggers resolve before abilities if they have a timing conflict. However, there are several passive abilities that don't have specific timing and that negate triggers. E.g. Does this mean that if there were at some point a passive trigger would it mean that it would resolve before passive abilities? does the "breaking the rules" callout box come into effect? Speaking of this callout box, would it at all be beneficial to have a clause somewhere in the timing chart to the effect of "In the rare instance that two special rules contradict each other, the more specific of the two rules takes precedence." I know the idea is to resolve all ambiguity with a chart that has no loose ends but just in case, might be a nice clause.
  14. Damage Negation

    In the rule book under the "poisoned" section there's this line; "During the Upkeep Step, any model with the Poison Condition suffers 1 damage that may not be reduced or negated." came up in a game where there was discussion of what "negation" actually was. It's not actually a mechanic in the book and in all 9 Malifaux books, (old and new) and the FAQ I could only find 4 instances. 1.5 Core rule book "Fast negates slow" M2E Core rule book: "... reduced or negated" also, a second time in the fluff Shifting Loyalties: "Arcane Emissary Negation: After damaging an enemy, the target gains the following Condition for the rest of the game: "Negated: This model loses all non-Station Characteristics." So is negation just a fluffy literary choice that's ambiguous, or does it have some mechanic I'm missing...It's not reduction, not prevention.... what are your thoughts?