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  1. Thank you for summarizing the process. This was my initial take too but it seems sort of off so I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one seeing this interpretation.
  2. Hi, just came across an interaction that I'm not sure how to resolve: If a model with the Excorcism trigger ("Target must have a Summon Upgrade attached. The target is killed.") declares it vs a model with a Demise that replaces it what are the results? AFAIK the relevant examples are a summoned Mounted Guard or a GG2 reformed Ashes and Dust. Is the model being killed considered a game state that carries over to the replaced model or is the killing of the original model considered resolved at the point in time where the replacement model comes into play?
  3. I think Sparks' change is a pretty solid buff tbh. He gets to treat models as constructs with Now Yer A Robot allowing him to both Command Construct them and heal them for 2 with the wrench wo a TN. Also the Pack With Explosives trigger is going to be absolutely massive in a couple of KWs. Pigs, for instance, can effectively ping 3 times unresisted when you combine PWE w Stampede and Reckless. And as fun as the Bombs In Yer Belly upgrade was, it was a mechanic that mostly required your opponent to either be unaware or actively play along to get solid mileage out of. Now it may actually see tab
  4. That Hold Down is going to be massive for Levi as well (more stat6 irreducible damage attacks? Yes, please). The Brawler is also well suited to protect both Waifs and Levi himself, at least from ranged attacks, so I think I'll be using him in Amalgam a fair bit.
  5. PM sent, thank you! And you might just be right, I play Freikorps pretty frequently.
  6. Sorry to poke you @dzlier but this is still an issue for me. I can't reenter any active games and as such cannot delete them or mark as finished. I'm reluctant to delete and reinstall the app as I think there's reason to believe that the issue won't go away since I'd want to connect the app to my forum name on reinstall. I understand that you're a busy man so I'm not asking for any fixes on the app itself but do you know if there's anything I can do on my side to try to get this fixed? Cheers!
  7. I've encountered a weird bug several times now: Sometimes the "In Progress" section just gets greyed out and I can't see any of my active games even if I start or join a new one. Sometimes it fixes itself when my opponent changes stuff or abandons the match, other times it just seems to correct itself after some time. Any idea what this can be? I'm on Android and logged in with a forum account.
  8. Your last question is my follow up question from the original post (mine was poorly phrased), so I'm pretty curious myself
  9. Another variant: You obey a model with Academic Zeal to kill one of your own models (of at least 5 ss value), elect discard the upgrade to summon a Transmortis Minion but there's no room for the summoned model to place so the summon fails but the upgrade is discarded. Would that be a legal sequence of effects?
  10. I agree on both counts but wanted an outsiders' opinion on it. IMHO point 1 not entirely clear cut since I'm not sure that the effect text adheres to the cost/effect syntax of actions on cards and in that case his would be a case comparable to taking an attack action without a valid target, ie. you declare your use of the action but since there's no valid target (in this case Transmortis minion of low enough cost) the rest of the effect fails to resolve.
  11. If a model with this upgrade is obey'ed or otherwise forced into taking an action under an opposing model's control (Brin's Misdirected Rage trigger, for instance), and that action kills an opposing model (ie. one in the obeyer's crew), could the obeyer use the effect on the upgrade? Since the effect occurs within the context of the action and not after resolving the action I'm leaning towards yes. Obey (and most other control effects) specifies that you cannot take an action that summons other models but this is an incidental effect of the upgrade, not the action. Follow up question: Can
  12. Ok, I think I've pinpointed where I read this action differently from you: You seem to be reading the action as something that partially resolves at the time the action is declared then "pauses" and finally resumes at the start of the next turn. My reading is that for the action to completely resolve you decide its effects at the time where the action is declared, then those effects are added to the game state to be executed at the start of the next turn, a bit like the lingering effect of Vasilisa's Needle And Thread if the target doesn't discard a card in that it's an effect that's not
  13. I don't know if this will clarify my point of view for you but I think we differ in what we view as the scope of Scrapyard Mines' effect. If the only time you evaluate what type of Marker the Pit Trap is at the moment that you declare the action and trigger then I agree with your interpretation. OTOH If the Marker type keeps being affected by Scrapyard Mines throughout the entire action then you have 2 more options: The Marker type will be treated as whatever type you treated it as at the moment of declaring Into Space, resulting in the trigger producing Scrap At any poin
  14. That's reasonable but in that case I'd argue that Wong's player has a choice of which type of marker to drop.
  15. Thank you for your reply. I'm open to me making a mistake here and this is not a hill I want to die on but I don't think the mistake I'm making is the one you're pointing out. I consider the marker being dropped by the action as literally the same marker that was removed. However I don't think the game somehow "forgets" that for the pupose of this action the player has elected to treat that Marker as being of the Scrap type and the type is what's being referenced in the trigger text. Either way I'm fine with both outcomes and it's not something I'd argue in a tourney, I just wanted to be
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