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  1. It's nothing to plan around but IMHO it's a strong option if the opportunity arises to say, kill off some squishy models that otherwise would be hard to get to (backfield Changelings, many totems, things that rely on either stealth, incorporeal or defensive triggers to stay alive). The main thing that makes it differ from Ramos' exploding constructs is that the game state is quite unpredictable for your opponent to read or plan against: Vs Ramos he knows that during Ramos' activation, if he is within range of either constructs or scrap markers then he's in danger of getting some pulses onto him. Vs von Schill there is literally nothing except Trunky being within 12-15" of something that indicates if this is coming. What I described is the gist of the maneuver, there's plenty of other ways to pull off the killing Trunky part. And I personally don't think needing a 7 and 5 high cards and some specified suits or SS is a big price to pay for a 4 damage pulse situated basically wherever you need it. I don't think you could reliably get that much value for cards or actions with comparable use of plain shooting actions if you can guarantee at least 2 targets wo armor, esp. considering that the highest card in hand you need to pull this off is a 7. Just remember that this will be a one time play per match. You're not looking to set it up, you're looking for your opponent to put himself into a position where you can hit a couple of squishy or damaged targets. In many cases it will catch people completely off guard and if they play around it then you've technically lost nothing since it requires almost 0 setup and only units on the board that you'd field anyway. Will it win you games by itself? Probably not. But it's a potentially effective gotcha, a tool in your (explosive) toolbox. And it costs you nothing to field, so why not be aware that it is something that you can pull off unresisted with a 7 as your high card?
  2. Oooh, that's pretty sweet. Another way to do it t1 is to add Vasilisa and use her Pulling the Strings to make the BBS take another bonus action. That way you get even more focus onto your other models as well. The only thing I'm concerned about is giving up a lot of initiative and movement turn 1 to make this happen but you can get some absolute bargains SS wise.
  3. That would work as the movement comes from an action the model itself is taking.
  4. That is correct. The flip is still subject to damage modifiers/limiters from sources like Hard To Wound or Cruel Disappointment, though. The logic behind this is that the model whose action/ability is the source of the damage flip is the one that gets to cheat it.
  5. Add to that the fact that you can move Trunky ~15" (using place) and detonate him with two actions from von Schill wo Trunky even starting von Schill's activation w the Land Mines upgrade on him and it's actually a pretty flexible and high powered AoE with few real counters. Goes like this: Von Schill activates, does the Load Up w crow trigger on Trunky. Trunky pushes 2", attaches Rocket Boots, places within 6" and discards a card to swap the Boots for Land Mines. Von Schill charges Trunky who relents, hits him w Clockwork Arm and the Pull trigger. Trunky takes 1 damage and is placed within 5". Another unit with LoS to Trunky gets a free shot at Trunky to kill him and trigger his demise. Ideally Trunky is at 2 health before this chain of events starts or you'll have to fire with a model in step 4 that has easy access to 4 damage on a shooting attack (Rusty Alice comes to mind), or you could add a pre step with attaching an upgrade via Load Up w crow trigger to either a Librarian or Hannah within 6" (2" push + 4" range) of Trunky who could then use Siphon Power to deal 1 to him when using the action on the upgrade. Fun times!
  6. I am also severely underwhelmed by the Firebranded. For key models in the keyword the Burning condition is already a resource, adding a 6 SS model whose main utility is based on spending that resource and has attacks that are mediocre at the very best, will not help you much. I'd get a medical automaton or Oxfordian mage OOK before looking at these guys tbh.
  7. Not entirely sure about that. If you are of the opinion that they absolutely need the Lucid Dreams engine going from turn 1 then I agree, otherwise I think there's room for quite a bit of OOK models, esp. given the great variation among NVB versatile units and secondary masters.
  8. I'd use Alphonse LeBlanc instead: Big beater than can potentially toss up to 3 models of up to sz3 10". Perfect for when you need that express bacon delivery.
  9. You literally quoted the post where I told you how: Hog Whisperer uses his Pig Sticker attack for the mask trigger on the Sow. The trigger, Stick'em, let's a beast take any non-bonus action without the "no named model restriction" that Obey and Herd'em has.
  10. She is very good in her own right in Neverborn, esp. since healing is somewhat scarce. Lucius bringing in Agent 46 that can copy Twist Reality off of Serena, getting a stat 6 on it and making the enemy unable the cheat against the attack is plain nasty as getting the Hole in the World trigger off becomes really easy, allowing you to mess with your opponents placement.
  11. Get the Soulstone Miners too, they're amazing.
  12. It doesn't. There was a fair bit of talk about this one during Beta combined with Thoon while he didn't have the Once Per Turn limitation on the Frozen Trophy trigger. People mostly ignored it after Thoon got the limitation but it's fairly potent if a little vulnerable to key pieces getting taken out. Guessing that it doesn't generate much of a buzz since Dead Man's Hand is expected to not be allowed as part of the Gaining Grounds rule set when it arrives.
  13. I don't think Titania has won or been pivotal in any major 3e tourneys so far so you might have heard wrong She's pretty straightforward though, so I guess there could be a conflation with regards to her being easy to play at a relatively high level compared to some other masters. Outside the box I'd definitely recommend Doppleganger, Changelings and Investigators and you'll need at least one solid beater to copy attacks off of and I'd be tempted to go with the Rider if you're only getting one big model. Serena Bowman could also do some nice work with a Lucius crew IMHO. If you're looking for big minions to order around I'd get a pack of Nephilim, they might be worth paying OOK tax for w Lucius. You can expect a crew that will need to plan their actions and activations pretty thoroughly, that has a big potential for both card draw and focused damage due to being able to activate the same model a lot of times during the same round. The crew's weaknesses is that they're often going to rely on a couple of key models to get the heavy lifting done and there's quite an amount of moving parts that can be taken out to make things a lot harder for you.
  14. I'm not really swearing to the Hog Whisperer but I think the main draw for him is the Stick' em trigger on the Pig Sticker attack, allowing you to take any non-bonus action, including summoning with the Sow. Combined with Tools For the Job you can get a LOT of stuff done with this guy but if you want healing then he's obviously taking back seat to the Slop Hauler.
  15. Tbh that sounds legit amazing for schemes that involves dropping scheme markers (Foul Gift) or just being in a specific spot at the end of a turn. Great idea!
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