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  1. You're very welcome. I view Grooty as a bit of a specialist pick as I find him pretty squishy, esp. against shooters that ignore concealment and he can't hold his own against beaters at his own cost. Could be huge with the right strat, ie. Plant Explosives and Corrupted Idols (which is a big Zoraida specialty even without him), or the right scheme pool (basically anything that requires a model or scheme markers in specific places) but could also do very little vs a good opponent. He can pull off a pretty nasty trick with Wicked tho: If he's engaging an opponent's model, you can obey that model to disengage. This allows Grooty to get in an attack where you control both the offensive and defensive flip and you don't have to move the model out of engagement range since the push resulting from the disengage can be 0".
  2. In both your crews you are including models that you should be summoning; in the first you're starting w Gupps and in the second you're starting with Stitched. Both of these should be left out of the initial crew IMHO, leaving you soul stones to spend on other stuff. My take on your lists (based on your purchase list) would be something like this: Zoraida (6SS Cache) Bad Juju (9) - Inhuman Reflexes (2) Spawn Mother (8) The First Mate (9) Gautreaux Bokor (6) Silurid (6) Will o' the Wisp (4) Spawn Mother's role here will be to try to get her hands on a 6+ of Rams to use w soul stone to be able to keep her first egg in play while spawning a Gupps model. Next turn she will pop out a second egg and then you can expend both eggs to get 2 more Gupps. After that she becomes a beater and you've effectively got her + 9 SS worth of Gupps. Bad Juju + Inhuman Reflexes should be a massive threat wherever you put him on the table and will probably give First Mate some room to do whatever needs to be done. Remember that you can use the Voodoo Doll to prick your Bokor for 1 damage to give him Fast and try to keep him in range so that you can heal Juju and/or First Mate as needed (that will become immensely frustrating for your opponents). 2nd list is a bit of a bother to make improvements to because I get the feeling that you want the puppet theme going. Still, I'd remove the Stitched Togethers and let Vasilisa summon them from Voodoo Doll scrap or dead Wicked Dolls. Zoraida (6 SS Cache) Hinamatsu (9) -Inhuman Reflexes Vasilisa (8) Wicked Doll (3) Wicked Doll (3) First Mate (9) Silurid(6) Will o' the Wisp (4) You will still get to play with the dolls but you keep some Swampfiends at hand for drawing LoS through Eyes In the Night and scheming + the Wisp for Voodoo Doll shenanigans. As @Hawkoon said above, keeping a healthy cache is pretty important for Zoraida in general since there will be a lot of pivotal points in the game where you need stones for her various triggers and the First Mate will make good use of some as well. I also agree that ideally you'd want some way to move Zoraida around outside her activation to make sure that she can pop out the Doll on a juicy target. In these crews the Wisp will have to do that job with lures.
  3. And that's why you grab Zoraida as a secondary master, then you can Obey BBB to calculate (potentially twice) before replenishing your hand from your freshly hottified deck
  4. This is how it starts! Congratulations on your new addiction
  5. Just want to say that I still use and really appreciate your app @dzlier. Thank you!
  6. Re: First Mate: I have yet to see a combination of strats and schemes where he wouldn't be effective so I'd say yes. He's very mobile, with stealth and evasiveness to boot. Also given a bit of help with cards or SS he hits like a freaking truck if need be.
  7. Ludvig has it right: Get a box of Stitched Together if you're getting Vasilisa. If not then stick with the Swampfiend theme and get Amphibious Assault. They're both good but summoning Stitched in w Vasilisa using Voodoo Doll scrap has got to be some of the most cost effective summoning in the game atm. None of the models you've listed are useless by any means but if I were to drop a single item it would probably have to be Waldgeists. But get the Gatreaux Bokor, you won't regret it.
  8. I've found myself using McTavish and Waldgeists very sparingly and have lately mostly used Vasilisa instead of Spawn Mother with Zoraida. You might perhaps want to swap out a couple of those to get the Zipp box for The First Mate as he is all around awesome and at least one Gatreaux Bokor for the healing and extra Obey. Disclaimer: McTavish seems to have gotten a bit better since last time I played him, you might want to hang on to him.
  9. Absolutely, but I'd prefer to just use the charge + stampede (no attack) to inflict the damage myself, otherwise you run risk of using cards to cheat, getting too much damage in on the damage flip etc. Obviously subjective, tho. You do you
  10. You can farm a decent amount of glowy tokens on your Swine Cursed (or anybody w Hard Knock Life) with a Squealer. Frenzied Charge + Stampede Reckless = 3 glowy tokens + 3 damage on each Swine Cursed + 4 damage on the Squealer, then heal them. If you really want to go whole hog (hurr, hurr) w Ulix, just add more Squealers.
  11. Indeed. Their best use is obviously in your own crews that generate scrap or put out fire or poison, but there's a niche for them as enemy condition dampeners vs some other crews too. If you're facing something that puts stuff on your models and you've got a low tome on hand you could always target yourself and get a nice piece of scrap instead. I wouldn't necessary recommend them vs McMourning due to Rancid Transplant tho, would end opp being a really weird condition ping pong match.
  12. Anybody keeping half an eye on the open beta forums will probably be tired of hearing me say this but the OM is pretty amazing in general. The condition removal is pretty ace but also bear in mind the trigger "Elemental Transference: Either remove a Scrap Marker in base contact with the target, end Slow on the target, or reduce the value of the target's Burning or Poison Condition by 2. After resolving, either Drop a Scrap Marker in base contact with the target or the target gains either Slow, Burning +2, or Poison +2." Note the "after resolving" part. This means that given a tome, even a 1, you can put Slow on any target that is either in base contact w scrap or has a Burning or Poison value at 2+ unresisted since it goes off even if the attack misses. That is pretty strong in crews that juggles these mechanics or vs other crews that use them.
  13. Nope, that wasn't me. But you've nicely illustrated that your main motivation for these posts is to get your points. Congratulations on your previous points.
  14. I have no "opinion" about what you think. There will be objective differences in the power levels of both isolated models and synergies in any game. You are entitled to your opinions about them but the way you engage with any kind of suggestion as to how to deal with stuff seems to be very defensive and not open to the results stemming from anything other that your initial proposal, in this case that Titania's power set is OP, in any way. This is not the only thread where you have argued like this and it won't be the last. Suffice it to say that I disagree with you and that I find engaging you directly in arguments to be an exercise in futility on my part. Whether that is a fault on my or your side is not for me to decide.
  15. We are presented with the following options: Believing that Titania is "overloaded"/overpowered based on Whodares' single, self admitted poorly prepared match. Believing that months of open and closed beta play testing didn't show evidence of her power set being overpowered, as well as the reported competitive M3E tourney players have not identified her as anywhere near broken or auto take(in fact I can't even recall seeing her on the lists of the 3 major tourney results I've skimmed, but Zoraida and Dreamer appears as frequently successful Neverborn masters). The prime argument for 1 would be that competitive tournament players have somehow overlooked the potency of Titania's powerset. But Whodares' main complaint is that it's too easy to set up because the interactions are found as part of the isolated abilities and actions found on Titania's card so I guess that's pretty improbable. Personally I'm sticking with option 2.
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