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  1. That's a message we've been receiving quite loud and clear for some time.
  2. He probably also means the My Loyal Servant trigger on VS himself, Juggernaut on Laz which Hannah can copy, the construct specific healing from the Engineer action, the Survival Skills trigger on the Freikorpsmann and the fact that both VS and the Freikorpsmann has the Survivalist ability which boosts the healing they receive. Not to be a dink but you seem to have decided that the M3e Freikorps is just all bad compared to M2e and your posts are just reflecting your opinion without even considering opposing viewpoints. They are in a good spot. Play them, but play them to their strengths.
  3. Yes, that basically was my question but in reverse
  4. Does this imply that he cannot be unburied by the effect that buried him since that is an enemy effect and involves placing him?
  5. Seems like you have found a way to get around the problem locally then. Just don't try to force your particular solution onto metas, players and tournaments that actively seek to play the game as the pick/counterpick and play/counterplay game that M3e is (way more than M2e).
  6. As a Zoraida player I can tell you that the obvious counter play to Obey is concealment. Zoraida isn't really fond of having to spend 2 actions to get an Obey off (Focus to counter negative from concealment). Ideally you have models that provide an aura of concealment so that you can cover Z's own beaters too, since the TN of Obey is 14 it makes Obey w relent really risky (need to flip a 7 or better on 2 cards). In general, use the terrain to your advantage or bring your own terrain (preferably blocking), Z is not happy when she has to spend her actions walking. Also make sure to remember that you can relent attacks from your own models when they are being Obey'ed. That means that you will most likely only suffer min damage. Try to eliminate her key pieces or at least make her work to Obey them. Then there's the specific tech pieces with abilities like "Hostile Work Environment" etc. They are pretty few and far between but well worth it against Z if they're available to your faction. Does this change the fact that she is incredibly strong in Corrupted Idols and Plant Explosives? No. But it does provide an amount of counter play. She's definitely not invincible, even in those strategies, and I think the current 3e tournament records provide enough evidence to say that she's not broken.
  7. Competitive tournament performance should be the sole origin of erratas and esp. nerfs IMHO. These forums have been full of predictions about different masters being completely OP and then something like Kaeris, Tara or Dreamer (which was absurdly enough decried as weak by some to the point of shrieking when anybody even mentions Stitched ) comes in and wins several tournaments as solo masters or at least mains. I don't think forum consensus amounts to much because the really competitive players *are* looking at everything; presuming that stuff has gone under their radar is just that: Presumptuous. That said things aren't set in stone by any margin yet and the metas have yet to shake out. I wouldn't be adverse to an indirect nerf to Obey to change the wording on either Obey itself or the strategies to prevent models from taking Interact actions defined by the strategy while being controlled by the opposing crew.
  8. It's worth getting the Zipp box just for The First Mate. Don't get me wrong, Zipp and his crew are awesome in their own right, but The First Mate is probably among the objectively best single models in M3e atm and he has some amazing synergies with Z due to having the Swampfiend keyword. He'll earn the 3 SS extra compared to a regular Silurid back in every game you pick him up in. Don't just take my word for it, proxy him into your next Z game and check it out for yourself.
  9. The wording on both parts, ie. summoner and mimic, are near identical as that in 2e. There's very little reason to believe that they will change anything about the interpretation in 3e.
  10. Are you sure about this? I thought the restriction that keeps Mimic etc. from working on most summoning actions was the "doesn't attach upgrades" and "non-master" parts? I have been interpreting "listing a model by name" the same way as Ogid. Edit: Searched and found the relevant FAQ in the rules forum and you're right.
  11. Minion heavy is absolutely viable with the Freikorps although that would IMHO put an even greater value on Hannah's Arcane Reservoir due to the card hunger stemming from both Shouting Orders and some minion specific abilities. And Hannah is great value on her own to boot.
  12. I agree that you don't bring him for killing, but you can't bring him for much else either. 2 attacks per turn to generate relatively easy simple duels that requires 7s to go off is pretty mediocre unless your opponent actively A. Clumps up or B. Summons smaller, low hp models. The scheme marker clearing anybody in your crew can do with the grenade belt, the Librarian and Hannah can even Siphon Power to get the suit. The Cover part doesn't come into play a lot in my experience and for it to do so (and in general) Laz needs a lot of attention from VS to get into a good position or keep up with the guys he's supposed to give Cover to. Is he bad in himself? No. But the opportunity cost to bring him along and support him when you're already packing Arik and Hannah 99% of the time is too high, IMHO.
  13. I'm still pretty convinced that the Wanted Criminal on a Librarian (which you wrote about in another thread) is a contender for the best 2 SS investment in the game due to Swagger and them gaining an engagement range from it.
  14. Sorry for editing my answer like that, just realized that my answer was intended to reflect the usefulness of the rocket launcher on those guys in general, not just through the Give 'em Hell trigger. Still a big thing to be aware of for those using VS.
  15. Yes, that's true but you can still get solid use out of the launcher on the model's own activation. Less flexibility/awesomeness during VS' activation but still pretty good.
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