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  1. Barmution


    I don't think it's very OP given the limitations. Attacker has to have a Sin Token, make the second attack and then he is still in control of both the attack and defense flip and doesn't have to declare triggers. It's basically an alternating close combat action sponge that possibly forces a discard of a low card.
  2. Barmution


    At least you asked when you were unsure. That's a recipe for success in the long term right there
  3. Barmution


    It literally says the opposite.
  4. I think you have to take into consideration which other models in the keyword/crew that compete for the same resources. Having a spread of trigger suits leaves you with options for your high cards across your turn. Execute on a crow is good in a crew that's already hungry for rams elsewhere. Not saying that direct comparisons in general or these specifically are meaningless (haven't even checked tbh), just that there's other things that factor in when you look at the units in a crew building/synergy context.
  5. Barmution


    Page 28 of the rulebook under Killing:
  6. I meant that the previous version was the von Schill of your dreams. If you can play him and show that the damage nerf really hampers his crew then you might get it back. And there will be a lot of changes. I think it's unreasonable to demand that they disclose the reasons behind every one of them, I actually think it's better for the open beta forums that they don't since it would only entail a flood of posts disagreeing with the listed reasons.
  7. And that's what open beta is all about. Play your matches, put in your reports. If you can make a good argument based on them you might just salvage the von Schill of your dreams.
  8. Just the Rocket Boots Upgrade by itself makes the crew incredibly versatile. The Freikorpsmen can now reliably scheme and hit WAY above their pay grade. The crew is relatively resilient and has some real stars among their Henchmen and Enforcers as well as a nice assortment of minions that can fill different roles. All in all I think they are in a great spot in 3e now and I can't wait to play them more. I think focusing on the damage that von Schill himself might be a dead end, he's not supposed to be that guy any more and he does his other stuff very well IMHO.
  9. Ah, good point. I'm pretty sure that the new wording is there avoid you from being unable to declare the triggers via Crushed Ego but not meant to imply that you get access to the triggers by regular means. I'd be happy to be wrong, tho. In any case it needs a clarification.
  10. Nope, the suit has to be in the target's duel total.
  11. It's also possible that it was increased because she gets her totem for free.
  12. Barmution


    I played Arik with the previous ruleset yesterday and I would definitely pay 10 SS for what I got and I think that reducing the cost of Lazarus puts them both in a cost vs performance place. @I'm a Teapot! is entirely on point with Arik and Hannah having massive synergies and I'm not sure that I'd ever hire the one without the other in a Freikorps crew. Bear in mind that I'm pretty inexperienced with the Freikorps yet so my impressions might change.
  13. Will be trying out hiring a Bushwhacker into Bayou Zoradia. The Pit Trap potentially allows the Voodoo Doll itself to apply damage and Injured during its own activation.
  14. I have a faint hope that they're going to rework it into something that at least is somewhat useful. The current ability with the updated rules for Stunned seems pretty underwhelming to me.
  15. Same as we went through above: EitN only triggers on her non- actions.
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