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  1. It's already covered by the general rules: If nothing else is stated it takes effect on success.
  2. Can't argue against your experience but I know that if I faced Lady J that defense trigger would shape my way of playing against her. I might be too conservative a player to take advantage of the actual probabilities.
  3. I'd argue that it's not situational at all: It's a deterrent for your opponent taking pot shots in melee, they're forced to go in big if they have to cheat first after the flip and you can be close to certain that they will be putting in a big card if they elect to attack her so you can play a card that's just high enough to ensure a -flip, not try to make them miss you. I guess we have different definitions of situational.
  4. Yes, that is correct.
  5. @Caedrus: Just to clarify; I'm not saying that you are wrong, I'm just saying that there's an argument to be made for keeping the current wording. It's probably historically hard to say when the majority of people started to call revolvers revolvers as the words pistoleros, gunfighters and gunmen doesn't distinguish the type of weapon used but they're still commonly associated with people using revolvers. I do agree that the word revolver evokes more of an old west feeling as you say, though. I also appreciate the effort you've put down into making this list but I think clarity and consistency across models is more important if we have to choose between the two. I don't recall who but somebody had the idea of attacks and abilities both keeping their generic names and getting a unique action name as well (like Peacebringer (Light Pistol)) and I think that would be a decent, if wordy, compromise.
  6. The etymology of revolver is a shortening of "revolving pistol," the disambiguation is fairly modern. Wyrd has several historical legs to stand on if they elect to keep the word "pistol" in their attack names.
  7. Nothing bypasses armor unless the effect explicitly states that it does but remember that armor can't reduce damage to less than 1 so Poisoned Fate would do 1 damage per cheated flip to an armored model, regardless of it having Armor+1 or Armor+3. When I tested her as a secondary master w Ulix she did a fine job. She was costed at 16 (15+1) but the main difference was that she was able to draw LoS through all friendly models, not just Swampfiends. I think her value has somewhat decreased due to the last change since she's know more reliant on being moved around, preferably outside her own action. I could still see uses for her, esp. in crews like Ulix where flexibility in model placement and order of activation can be a big plus, but in general I think the changes has made her more of a pick in a list specifically designed for her.
  8. I'm pretty sure that I'm allowed to find that unreasonable as well, but tbh I don't really think the comparison is relevant since you are then comparing keywords. From a summoning perspective it gets a bit more iffy since you have to take the whole keyword into consideration. Also bear in mind that both Widow Weaver and Vasilisa are capable of summoning these buggers outside of the Nightmare keyword. Zoraida even provides Vasilisa with scrap via the Voodoo Doll.
  9. It doesn't cost you the weak card if there wasn't a weak card among those 3. The way it works now is that you get a bonus if you either get a low card or a very high card along with 2 others you don't want to remove. I think it's on the strong side now, for sure. If you get that 13, or even a 12, you are 90%+ sure that you can do 3/4/5 unresisted onto a target. That's especially massive vs soft targets that rely on -flips or high stats to avoid damage.
  10. @kaintxu If your starting hand is comprised of 2 out of each of weak, moderate and severe (close to the statistic average) and you're doing the Lucid Dreaming straight away your odds of not getting any weak cards on a single try is about 37%. Each time you do this it becomes less likely due to you having less moderates and high cards left to pull. It's not an accurate simulation but if you'd retained these odds on all 13 uses, only getting 3 weak cards out on those 13 tries is about a 4/1000 chance. In all likelihood this number is far too high due to repeated attempts in the same turn having even better odds at removing weak cards. I think it's pretty reasonable to say that you were freakishly unlucky.
  11. As a big Pandora fan (and Zoraida for that matter) I don't think the current wording is neither currently good for the game nor futureproof. As it is I don't even think that limitations on triggers, enemy only or the no attaching of upgrades or naming of models is sufficient to weed out potential exploits or rules conundrums. My vote is for a redesign or just to go back to using only the damage track of the targeted model with her own suits activating triggers on the Self Loathing attack itself for Stunned and potentially a couple of other options.
  12. That would set them apart in a good way, agreed.
  13. Not sold on the Firebranded atm. They have very little going for them compared to Oxfordian Mage except Embrace the Flame. After the OM got Elemental Transference on their Elemental Bolt (that triggers after resolving) they are just so much better than the FB (healing mantra for elementals, Arcane Conduit for condition removal, Elememental Transference for exchanging conditions on enemies and friends) that I'd be hard pressed not to pick the OM every time. So Oxfordian Mage + Magicial Training and Carlos is a really solid core IMHO.
  14. That wasn't my point. I find him a great addition to Wildfire and he's definitely not hard to remove, my point was that he actually pulls his weight to the point of him being worth focusing which isn't something a lot of 6SS models can say. I was just using him as an example of how well the new Opportunist/Misery mechanics can work out given the right circumstances.
  15. To see the full extent of the effectiveness of the new Misery, play Iggy in a Wildfire/Kaeris crew. With the amount of irresistible burning you'll be putting out people will have to focus him or face some pretty terrible consequences.
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